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The Food Craving Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Red Starr, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. The food thread had a babby ;^)

    A common problem among people who are either pregnant, bored, or are generally foodies by heart: Cravings. Have there been cravings in your life lately in the world of food? Post them here! Are they weird? Delicious sounding? Did someone else on the forums have what you are craving? Lets find out~

    A common craving I have is Lasagna, but lately I've been dying to have some Cheeseburger Macaroni. How about you guys?
  2. >Posts weightloss thread
    >Food craving thread pops up


    I usually crave fast food. I can't get enough of my plastics.
  3. Actually I don't see anything bad about this. I'd use this thread to imagine all the food I can't eat, so it's all good.
  4. gimme gimme chicken tendies, be they crispy or from wendy's

    No seriously, I'm craving chicken strips right now. Send help.
  5. Now I want strips too fuck

    I suppose they're healthier than like nuggets or something
  6. Wow, I'm not a foodie and when I crave something I'm never bored.

    I must be pregnant.

    I crave weird stuff like spaghetti bolognese, spicy chips and milk

    Yeah, I'm definitely pregnant.
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  7. Can I help come up a name for your baby? How about Pineapple Pizza? I think that's a nice name.
  8. Conversely, most of the meat I eat recently is chicken. I want some red meat dammit.
  9. My child would never be that flat and round. I think Spicy Chicken Wings sounds a lot better.
  10. ive been eating tons of cheeken

    am i gregnant
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  11. Amusingly, I just ate spicy wings for dinner. I wonder if there's a connection... :thinking:
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  12. Also, I tend to be a stress eater. Combine that with anxiety and you get me randomly having cravings for specific things like Domino's boneless chicken.

    Which by the way is extremely good.

    Would still kill to have a steak or a burger from a non-fast food restaurant though.
  13. ^^^^^

    I'll also crave anything I see and slightly like
  14. I just had lasagna so all is well in the world.
  15. Still craving tendies. Please, send help.
  16. Now I'm craving chicken tendies.......

    Kill me please.
  17. Like a true Canadian, I am now craving a Tim's breakfast.
  18. I'm craving dat Big Mac


    ...Or at least a Medium Mac? :c
  19. I'm craving exactly what I will be making in 45 min. Spaghetti with meat sauce. I don't make the sauce from scratch but I add onions and season the chop meat before it gets fried up and tossed in...so yummmmm. Also my garlic cheese bread isn't half bad. 42 min to go!!! Dinnnnnerrrrr!!!
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  20. Here comes my craving for meat on a Friday during lent.

    Please save me.

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