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♥ THE FACES OF EEBIT: REVIVAL♥ [Romantic Comedy]

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Jonno, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. A soothing air of familiarity and warmth filled Eebit’s bones as, immediately, from one end of the portal to another, he felt the results of his revival having fully come to a head.

    His resplendent, blond locks were bright and full of a resplendent light, his snow white skin as soft and as plush as the pink of his pursed lips, an athletic, toned physique and the radiant blue of a pure ocean to be found in his eyes, unvarnished by the negligence of mankind…

    Eebit was once more in the prime of his beautiful youth, and as he retrieved his golden rod from off of the ground, using a dash of his remaining magic as an elder to shrink it back into its original size, placing it back into his pocket for the time being, he looked out before his audience of potential suitors once again. Meager in size compared to his previous outing in the initial dimension in which the Faces of Eebit tournament had existed under his watch, a tinge of disappointment pervaded the tower for all but a singular moment until his eyes, catching direct contact with those who remained before him, noted that much more passion in their eyes – and with that, the soothing warmth of a newfound confidence shook his bones once more.

    He looked over the horizon, past the Tower of Eebit with his all-seeing eyes within the Land of Cherished Moments, and, noting the beauty of the valley which he had once long abandoned, a previous regret which he had long-held within his heart shattered as he had finally returned. He exhaled, deeply and with great vigor and inner meaning, and, extending his golden rod once more, embraced in both hands as he twirled it about like a topmost member of the color guard as he was. As the goers-on below clapped and whistled for him in his beauty and supreme talent, he bowed, and, with a graceful leap, came from the chandelier upon which he was perched to greet his potential suitors face-to-face.
    It was then that a true familiarity took hold of the tower.

    "Hello, my absolutely beautiful potential suitors, my name is Eebit, and I will be your host, as well as the ultimate prize in this spectacle that shall forever be known as the single greatest event to ever doth occureth within thine universe of universes: the Faces of Eebit Tournament of Tournaments!" 

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ​

    Your knees begin to buckle as the charming bachelor approaches you, decked from top to bottom in a radiant garb only befitting a king of such a realm as the Land of Cherished Moments. Indeed, you cherish the moment that he brushes the back of his hand against your cheek for one fleeting opportunity, metaphorically turning you into mush. As you begin to think all too much about what would happen if you had quite literally became mush and if that would disqualify you from the Faces of Eebit tournament, Mr. Tibee looks you in the eye and winks, saying, “We are all lit in our heart of hearts, my dear,” before disappearing with a snap of his fingers.

    To think that, at first, you were a bundle of confusion, love, and lust that wasn’t quite sure where your journey would take you when you had first walked through the tower’s twenty-foot-tall doors. In that very instant, you were imbued with a confidence that this was the one and only man who had swooned you so in a one-on-one interview over the phone not long ago, and that the opportunity of a lifetime was beholden to you and only a select few others. You felt special, as you should feel, to compete against others in such a hallowed hall for such a hallowed individual’s heart.

    Beyond all manner and means, you were attracted to him like nothing else, and you didn't care who knew. All of your closest family and friends even had to stave off their own intrinsically desperate nature for Eebit to congratulate you on the opportunity. You think back to them for only a moment, knowing that they are watching back home, salivating for the shining golden locks and eyes bluer than the Moon River that the young beauty maintains so perfectly. The smirk on your face is simply impossible to take off at this point—you're the one with the opportunity here, and you will do absolutely anything to be the single person that he chooses to be his one and only.

    Once he departs, the room fades to black, only to have its light restored but a moment later, revealing the entirety of the Tower of Eebit's main floor. To the right, there is situated a door with a sign encased in gold reading "Bikini Lounge." You smile, knowing from the phone call that you could receive Eebot .007 massages there, though you truthfully are just waiting for the eventual massage by the one and only true Eebit in the flesh. Though the Eebots were exact likenesses of him, you know in your heart that their mechanical endowments can never equate to the real thing.

    Suddenly, a collection of Eebots, dressed in a variety of outfits ranging from “Sexy Farmer” (a straw hat and overalls), to “Wild Child” (nothing but some tribal paint and a grass skirt), and even a complete replica of Eebit’s 2013 cosplay of Frozen’s Elsa, come together in a line, dancing and singing along to a special performance of a familiar song as it fills the arena. Before they begin, they speak out in harmonious unison as the stand in near-militant formation outside of the Bikini Lounge: “We were meant to serve. If you would like us to accommodate you in any fashion, whether it be drink, food, massage, or more, please let us know!”

    With a wink and the smile, the robots began their incredible routine of song and dance to welcome you, and like Eebit before you, a soothing warmth fills your body as you realize that this is exactly where you below.


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