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RESOURCE The Croitian Conlang

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Red Starr, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. ~Croitian~

    Croy-Shan: An old language derived from the ancient 3 dominant languages of the Croitia [Croysha] frontier in Southern Syelsumoia.  

    [Oh god I gotta clean all this up?]
  2. RE: The Croitian Dictionary

    ~Vocal Things?~





    Syllable Splitting, accents, and accent rules:

    -Rule for [size=x-small]ö : Second tonic syllable + ending in i or a [/size]

    [Fill in things here.]
  3. RE: The Croitian Dictionary


    -Namne [Female, woman]
    -Nana [Girl, girl child, little girl]
    -Tiputnen [Male, man]
    -Tipuna [Boy, little boy, boy child]                                      
    -Luavot [Friend]                    
    -Vetsöli [Place]                  
    -Tuoten [People]                      
    -Puttik [No]                    
    -Huya [Yes]                      
    -Rupetsuten [Have]
    -Tsalon [Tavern, bar, social place]
    -Hazhiton [Because]
    -Gjipututna [Profession]
    -Aukare [Belonging]
    -Laitun [Hello, greeting]
    -Yaluti [Goodbye]
    -Viden [Make]
    -Ekii [At]
    -Sayel [Unity, together]
    -Sumoii [Protection, cradle]
    -Nigen [Meet]
    -Kolupoata [Again, repeat]

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