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that feeling when you just cant stop making vague tweets about people

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Kells, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. that feeling when you do exactly what this other person is doing BUT THEY DONT LIKE IT ohohohohohoho
  2. ok serious time! (assuming this thread doesn't mysteriously get deleted in the next few minutes.)

    you want to know why I made that twitter account with the sole intention of retweeting what you said? because passive-aggressively shitting on people, without naming names, but making it really clear who you're shitting on, is not cool. it's even less cool when people call you out on it and you get upset and even more passive-aggressive with them. so yeah, i decided to play ball. 
    but oh! it's only OK if you're the one being passive-aggressive, apparently nobody else is allowed to call you on your shit or do the exact same thing back to you. so now im being a little more direct.

    cut the crap. stop vague-shitting on everyone in these forums. we can see it. so even if you're not directly tagging people or naming names, we know you're shitting on us either way. if you "actively dislike" so many people, why do you stay here? it's clear the vast majority of users do not agree with your world views. and deciding to add those people to your shit-list as soon as they vocalize the fact that they disagree with you is really fucking immature. especially when people initially try to be pretty civil when they explain why they disagree. until a few hours ago i really didn't have much of a problem with you but vague tweeting about how "there is now +1 person on ZEJ who you dislike" lol pls. how can you be surprised that that would make me just a liiiitttle bit angry?
    blocking everyone who does something that you don't like is not going to get you very far.

    anyway whatever im done so peace out l m a o
  3. Let me get one thing clear: you didn't like her being passive-aggressive about the Heterosexual Pride Day thread bullshit, so you decide to reciprocate? This is why some men like making fun of women. It's like being in a pit of fucking vipers with you two taking shots at each other.

    Now, admittedly I didn't really like the way she worded some of the stuff she posted on other sites (I mean come on, if you're going to do callouts at all, do it honorably), but at the same time, making a Twitter account just to do a single PA retweet of something she posted to try and make a point makes you no better than the way you perceived her. It certainly won't convince people to subscribe to your argument. This is ZEJ, not tumblr, and sometimes I like to naively think that Twitter users are somewhat above this type of passive-aggressive opinion-shaming bullshit, but unfortunately I'd be dead wrong.

    We're all adults here, so talk it out like adults instead of reducing yourself to this bullshit.
  4. Being honest here, was it immature? Absolutely. But the point being made was, if you want to dish it, don't start making a fuss if it comes back to you. The tweet thing was pretty harmless, no mean words, no insults, etc. Just making a point. 
     Obviously I don't want this to keep spiralling down into some sorta dumb passive-aggressive shit storm so I'm happy to leave it as it is here so final statement. Don't talk shit about me on Twitter when (before last nights twitter thing) I've done nothing to warrant it. The other people who have been passive-aggressively tweeted about have done nothing to warrant it. Twitter is public, we can see what you say, why would we just turn a blind eye when it's happening? If you need to vent, find a place where the content is password locked or private etc. Seeing you shit on my friend is not going to make me happy. So here's a direct post I guess??

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