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Share your neat photos!

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by The Kakuzato, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Just a thread for sharing photos you've taken if you're like me and don't feel like making a personal gallery thread.

    I just made the thread since I took this picture and thought it
  2. Wow, Nate. I'm honestly thoroughly astounded that no one had thought to reply in this thread yet! What a great idea for a topic, and what a great way to start one with the amazing focus on the beads of water upon that leaf! Beautiful. Mine doesn't have nearly the same amount of artistic depth to it, but I digress. Here's a picture of my friend Gabriel Ayala performing a set at the Steam Pump Ranch in Oro Valley, AZ:
  3. [​IMG]
    This was the sunrise yesterday morning.  Even more beautiful in person.
  4.  [​IMG] 

  5. So apparently there was a big ice storm last night in my hometown (it didn't hit where I go to university, even though that's only an hour and a half or so out). It stayed cold enough to coat the world in a beautiful, thin layer of ice to give it an ethereal, underwater-esque look. I got a couple pictures because I thought it was really cool and pretty.



    When the sun hits that ice-covered tree just right

  6. Really beautiful photography there, @Starrie. If you don't mind me asking, who is the subject of the photo (if you don't mind me asking)? It's intriguing to me since its filter implies that it may be an older photo, and I'm into the history behind stuff.

    Speaking of beautiful people, @Eebit has inspired me once again.  :5 Well, he and @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter! Here's a small album of photos from a trip I'd taken a bit over a month ago to one of our local state parks: http://imgur.com/a/AbDhZ
  7. My sister took this photo of a surprise bloom for our baby saguaro this morning.

  8. So pretty <3 What camera do you use btw? It seems nice.
  9. @Starrie - I use a Samsung WB35F and it works wonders for me. You won't get an amazing picture from it in the dark, or pretty much at all in a dark, enclosed space (see: indoor concert venues), but it takes pretty great photos out in the daylight. As for the baby saguaro, believe it or not, that was just taken by my sister with an iPhone 6. No idea how that managed to turn out looking so good, but hey, #nofilter. :}
  10. >Iphone

    >Tfw your ipod takes pictures worse than 3DS'
  11. Friend took this photo of his bandmate and I in the green room during one of his shows. 

    Zac showing off his fine dancing moves, me showing off my fine face of encouragement for such an event :5, and a neat overall shot with that lens.

  12. I'm still really digging this back-shot of my friends' band I'd taken during one of their shows last month. 

  13. Found this picture of another band that played the same venue back in November that I'd also taken from a back shot. Not quite as pretty with the lighting or even straight, but man, I love these guys and thought it turned out decently, anyway. The girl on the far left is one of my best friends - definitely the best I've made in this industry. The band is called the Accidentals and they're all stellar people.

  14. The old courthouse in downtown Tucson.

  15. The sun-set was pretty cool the other day.
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  16. Aside from knowing that I seriously need to invest in a higher quality camera down the road, I thought that you all might like this shot that I took a few days ago at a concert at one of our local national parks. It was a pretty chill time overall, and I should have an article coming out in the paper about it soon, too! In the meantime, just look at dat scenery. Yowza.


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