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CONTEST Shadow's Contest #1 ~ Character Creation

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Shadow, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Hello, and welcome to ZEJ's first Statistical Roleplay Contest, held by yours truly. This is a Character Creation Contest, which means contestants will have to create a Statistical Character as their contest entries. The specifics are the following.

    - Level 7 Character.

    - 18 Stat Points to distribute.

    - 6 Skill Points to spend.

    - Equipment Boosts should be left blank (Except for Accessory) so I can fill them later. However, Range, Element, Added Effects and such other properties should be noted.

    - Base Stats should be left blank. You will fill them with the allocated Stat Points and resent the sheet to me after I have filled them.

    - All Profiles MUST be sent by PM.

    Do NOT post in this Thread. Instead, contact me via IRC if you'd like to participate, or simply send me your Character Profile so I know you're in. Post your Profiles in this Thread ONLY when I tell you so.

    That's all, and have fun~
  2. ANNOUNCEMENT: Deadline is this Saturday. So hurry up!
  3. Alright, sorry for the delay but...


    Please post your Profiles, everyone~
  4. Name: Peter Marino
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Level: 7
    Next Level: 0/??
    He wears a tall chef's hat and apron over his white suit. He has brown eyes, high cheek bones and a somewhat-crooked nose. No one knows about his hair because he always wears the hat.

    Profession: Baker [bake]
    Bake: Use action to create item: Mystery Loaf*
    Weapon: Large Oak Spatula
    [+4 ATK]
    Armor: Baker's Apron
    [+3 DEF / +1 SPR]
    Accessory: Bag of Flour [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Dough!

    + Pointy Loaf: An elongated loaf of bread is cooked firm and then expertly cut to be pointy. It is then thrown like a javelin. 40% Piercing ATK damage; High chance of Wound; 3 Cells; Neutral; 14 MP

    + Salty Pretzel: An over-salted, overcooked pretzel is lobbed at the target, causing blunt-force damage and spewing salt into existing wounds. 80% ATK damage; does an additional 60% damage if the target is afflicted with Bleed; 3 cells; Neutral; 8 MP

    + Sticky Dough: A glop of dough is dumped on the target, making it impossible for him to move. Target Cell becomes a Dough cell, there can be no more than 2 Dough cells in existence; 2 cells; 9 MP

    R-Ability: Here's one on the house: When Peter deals damage to a target with an A-Ability, the target gains item: Mystery Loaf*
    S-Ability: Dough Boy: Peter wraps himself in spongy dough. Decreases Basic Attack damage dealt to and from Peter by 50%
    S-Ability: The Mystery Revealed: When Peter uses the Mystery Loaf item, he never receives negative effects. If a negative effect would be selected, the item fails instead.
    X-Ability: Baker's Dozen: 13 bread loaves are baked into world-record sizes and then dumped on the field. 150% Piercing ATK damage; 13 randomly selected cells with damageable occupants [characters, constructs, etc.]; it never targets Peter; Neutral

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 35
    MP: 30 (Bag of Flour +5)
    ATK: 9 (Large Oak Spatula +4)
    DEF: 7 (Baker's Apron +3)
    INT: 2
    SPR: 6 (Baker's Apron +1)
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Baker Job +0)

    Skill Points: 0

    Dough Cell: marked with {D}. A character must use his/her Act before exiting a Dough cell. After a character escapes a Dough cell, the Dough cell is removed.
    Mystery Loaf: When used, it may either regain 10% max HP, regain 10% max MP, Deplete 10% max HP, Deplete 10% max MP, decrease one random stat by 10% for 2 rounds, or increase one random stat by 10% for 2 rounds. [total of 6 potential effects]
  5. Name: Acro
    Age: 3 Months
    Level: 7
    Next Level: 0/24
    Acro is a Caucasian with spiky hair which takes the color of whatever "chrome" he is in at the time, as well as his eyes and any equipment worn.

    Profession: Chrome Kight: A man made supersolider with the ability to change powers themed vaguely by color.
    (Job Upgrades are extra colors)(May "chrome shift" at any time using an action command.)
    (Current Colors: Crimson, Teal, Violet.)
    Weapon: Wavesword: A sword with a close range Energy weapon attached. (+2DEF/+2SPR(Optional INT BA)
    Armor: Nano Suit: A high tech Mecha suit.(+2DEF/+2SPR)
    Accessory: Cyrus' Sapphire: Restores 10% Current MP every turn.

    A-Ability: Seal magic: A magic style preformed by making magical markings.


    +Technique Seal "Berserk fury": Acro glows with a crimson markings, and makes a succession of rapid strikes. 100% ATK damage. Hits 3 times. Adjacent cell. Neutral. 6 MP.

    +Technique Seal "Vale strike": Acro glows with a crimson markings, and preforms a Vale infused attack. 100% ATK damage. chance of "Glitch". Adjacent cell. Neutral. 6 MP.

    +Technique Seal "Infinite rage":Acro glows with a crimson markings, and becomes filled with offense aiding rage. No damage. Bestows "Berserk". Self. Neutral. 8 MP.

    +Technique Seal "Mana slash":Acro glows with a crimson markings, and attack's the foe's mana directly. 100% ATK damage to MP. Adjacent cell. Neutral. 8 MP.

    +Bonded Seal "Man to man":Acro's foe glows with crimson markings, and turns into stone. No damage. High chance of "Seal". If "seal" succeeds Acro is inflicted as well. Adjacent cell. Neutral. 10 MP.


    +Summoning seal "Directional flame": Teal markings appear in midair before Acro and shoot out a jet of flame. 120% INT damage. 3 cells. Fire. 8 MP.

    +Summoning Seal "Restoration energy": The area around Acro glows with airborne teal markings that use a healing energy on him 100% INT healing. Bestows "Regeneration." Self. Neutral. 12 MP.

    +Summoning Seal "RC bolt": Teal markings appear near Acro, and a ball of energy appears. Summons "energy wisp" on an Adjacent cell. Energy wisp has 4 Movement and deals 100% INT damage to whoever it crosses or whoever crosses it. Lasts 3 turns. Neutral. 8 MP.

    +Bonded Seal "Thunder lock": Acro's foe glows with teal marking, causing him/her to be held in place. No damage. High chance of "Paralyze". Adjacent cell. Lightning. 12 MP.

    +Summoning Seal "Mana Geyser": The ground below Acro's feet glows with teal markings, and unleashes a jet of mana. 100% Int MP healing. Self. Neutral. 7 MP.


    +Bonded seal "Magical branding": Acro's foe glows with Violet markings that cut into his/her skin leaving nasty markings. No damage. High chance of "Wound." Adjacent cell. Neutral. 8 MP

    +Bonded Seal "Poisoned Blood": Acro's foe glows with Violet markings, which send poison directly into his/her body. No damage. High chance of "Poison". Adjacent cell. Neutral. 8 MP.

    +Bonded Seal "Flesh Ignition": Acro's foe glows with Violet markings, which sets his/her skin aflame leaving bad burns. No damage. High chance of "Burn". Adjacent cell. Fire. 8 MP.

    +Bonded Seal "Mind eraser": Acro's foe glows with Violet markings, causing him/her to lose the ability to think clearly. No damage. High chance of "Confusion". Adjacent cell. Neutral. 12 MP.

    +Technique Seal "Space dissonance I": Acro glows with violet markings, allowing him to walk anywhere regardless of distance. No damage. Moves Acro somewhere else. Takes Move command. Self. Neutral. 4 MP.

    R-Ability: Aura Shift: When hit by an elemental attack, Acro may choose to become resistant to the element, he may only have one resistance at a time however. This resistance is added AFTER the skill deals it's damage.
    S-Ability: Quick Chrome: Chrome shifts no longer use an act command, however this only works once a turn at the START of that turn.
    X-Ability: Unleash Vale: Let's free the corrupted mana, which causes odd things to happen 100% piercing INT damage to all foes, and the atmosphere changes to something else.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 40
    MP: 40
    ATK: 10
    DEF: 6
    INT: 2
    SPR: 6
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 (Chrome Knight +1)

    HP: 40
    MP: 40
    ATK: 2
    DEF: 6
    INT: 10
    SPR: 6
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 (Chrome Knight +1)

    HP: 40
    MP: 40
    ATK: 4
    DEF: 9
    INT: 2
    SPR: 9
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 (Chrome Knight +1)

    Skill Points: 0
  6. Name: Kristoph Palmer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Level: 7
    Next Level: 0/24
    Kristoph is a fairly young man with a scraggly, rough beard accumulated from many weeks at sea. He is a well-tanned white man due to his sailing exhibitions. He dresses as though he were almost plucked right out of the mid-1800s (he was), wearing a red sailor’s vest - which has been modified to have properties of a ballistic vest - over top of a white undershirt. He wears a captain’s hat as well due to being the captain of his ship in his home time period. The pirate captain is truly a large figure, having put on muscle weight over the years of being trained for piracy, and also giving him the beginnings of a respectable beer gut from ‘sampling’ the wares of the local bars while his ship was docked.

    Kristoph’s face is quite angular, displaying weariness from his earlier years of being a sea-faring man, as well as his more recent years of rigorous training following the conclusion of the Tournament he took part in. His eyes are a mysterious, mesmerizing violet colour, with a strange splotch of red on the top corner of his right iris. Beneath his eyes are deep lines of exhaustion, though he would never openly admit to being tired to anyone. His cheeks and jaw are very pronounced, giving him a brutish appearance. His hair is a neatly kept chestnut-brown colour; the style of which contrasts his unkempt beard of the same colour.

    Profession: Sailor - The one who claims this profession is a gifted navigator of the great seas. [Equipment: Cutlasses]
    - Ravager - Kristoph’s trusty cutlass of a heavy weight and power. It has been an enforcer of the pirate’s own methods. [+4 ATK / Water-elemented BA]
    - Basic Pistol - Kristoph’s secondary method of attack. A gun is a suitable weapon for a pirate. [+4 INT / Range: 4 Cells]
    Armor: Sailor’s Vest - This snazzy vest has been modified to not only look stylish, but also has the properties of a ballistic vest. [+3 DEF / +1 SPR]
    Accessory: Tappava Perhonen - A trident dagger that Kristoph pawned off of a merchant. A useful counterattacker, and an excellent confidence booster. [Ravager Hit Count +1]

    A-Ability: Water Manipulation

    + Hydro Shelter: Kristoph condenses the water in the air to solidify as a barrier of liquid water around himself. Bestows Protect / Inflicts Wet on opponent who attacks user for the duration of Protect’s effects. Range: Self. Element: Water. 18 MP.

    --- Aquatic Dispersion: Kristoph changes the form of his barrier, dispelling its effects and harshly causing it to explode outwards, enabling the possibility of catching anyone near enough off guard and harming them. 80% ATK Damage. Dispels Protect from Kristoph / Chance of Drown on occupants of Adjacent Cells. Range: Adjacent Cells. Element: Water. 10 MP

    + Liquid Propulsion: Kristoph uses the power of the water in the air to accumulate and propel him forward in his attacks and his running, boosting his already above-average speed. Bestows Haste, Increases INT by 10% for next turn. Range: Self. Element: Water. 10 MP.

    + Monsoon Cleaver: Kristoph channels the Mana of the environment into his blade, leading to a powerful slice of his blade charged with Mana. He follows this up by manipulate the water in his opponent’s body, literally drowning them inside out in a flurry of water and nature combined. 120% ATK Damage (first hit), 100% INT Damage (second hit). Chance of Daze. Range: 1 Cell. Element: Nature / Water. 9 MP.

    + Drought-Ending Typhoon: Kristoph calls upon an intense crashing storm to end a seemingly endless drought that may be plaguing the lands or ‘quenching’ the thirst of his opponents... when truly, he is harming them both. 110% INT Damage. Deals double damage if target is inflicted with Burn or Severe Burn. Range: 3x3 Cell AoE. Element: Water. 12 MP.

    + School of Bulletfish: Kristoph draws his pistols from their holsters, firing ridiculous amounts of bullets directly in front of him towards an opponent. 110% ATK Damage. Chance of Wound. Range: Straight Line. Element: Neutral. 11 MP.

    + Soothing Mist: Kristoph gives the combatants of the battle a moment’s reprieve as he manipulates the water in the air to transform into a cool mist that coats the battlefield, giving healing properties. Bestows Regen on Kristoph’s Team, Boosts everyone’s Evasion by 5%, Temporarily overrides current Atmosphere (5 Turns). Range: Atmosphere. Element: Water. 24 MP.

    + Noxious Gas: Kristoph condenses the pollution in the air into the space surrounding his enemy, causing them to choke and inhale the toxic gas. 90% INT Damage. High Chance of Poison. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Wind. 9 MP.

    + Going Down With the Ship: Kristoph channels his Mana to cause the battlefield to temporarily resemble a ship, which cracks directly in half as though it had come into a collision with a rock or other large object. The ship drops the enemies in the water to drown, and eventually be forgotten... 100% INT Damage. High Chance of Drown. Range: Area of 2 Cells. Element: Water. 23 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    S-Ability: Dual Wield: Kristoph is able to wield two weapons at any given time when equipped with this ability.
    X-Ability: Drowned Dreams: Kristoph summons a large blast of water in the area surrounding him, which lashes out as an enormous tidal wave outwards towards the boundaries of the stadium, crushing those who happen to be in its path and possibly rendering them unconscious for the tide to carry them away... 150% ATK Damage (Surrounding Cells) / 100% Piercing ATK Damage. Effect: High Chance of Sleep and Doom. Range: All Enemies. Element: Water.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 30
    MP: 40
    ATK: 7 (Ravager +4)
    DEF: 5 (Sailor’s Vest +3)
    INT: 6 (Basic Pistol +4)
    SPR: 5 (Sailor’s Vest +1)
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Sailor Job +1)

    Skill Points: 0
  7. Name: Mattly
    Gender: Male (Assumes male form with cloths.)
    Age: Created 30 years ago
    Level: 7
    Next Level: 0/10
    Mattly is a combination of millions of dollars and millions of hours spent of making Mattly. He is a clear white blob that is able to change his color and his shape of his body at will, his appearance ranges from his natural form, to anything that is within his ability to shape shift.

    Profession: Mattly V.1-Mattly V.2-Mattly V.3-Mattly V.4
    Weapon: Extension Power 7 [+2 ATK / +2 INT] (Range is 2 cells)
    Armor: Spiked Shell [+2 DEF / +2 SPR] (Effect: Opponents who attacks with a range of 1 cell away have a chance to receive 5% HP damage)
    Accessory: Infusion bottle 15: This was given to Mattly to make his movement smother and more harder to hit. (+5% Evasion)

    A-Ability: Transforming and battling.

    +Human: For three turns, Mattly changes his structure to assume human characteristics . Damage%: none Stat: INT. Effect: Mattly reduces Int and Increases Def by 50% and changes element to neutral. Range self; Element Neutral 4 MP. (Transformation)

    +Ice Lizard:For three turns, Mattly changes his structure to assume a Ice lizard characteristics. Damage% None Stat: INT Effect: Changes basic attack to the element of Ice. Minus 1 movement and plus 10% evasion changes element to ice. Weak to fire type moves. Range; self. Element Ice. 10 MP. (Transformation)

    + Fire Fish:For three turns, Mattly changes his structure to assume a fire fish characteristics . Damage% None: Stat: INT. Effect: Mattly's evasion is decreased to 0% and all attacks get a +2 cell range (except structure abilities) Changes element to fire. Weak to thunder type moves Range; self. Element fire. 14 MP. (Transformation)

    +Thunder bird:For three turns, Mattly changes his structure to assume a thunder bird characteristics. Damage% None. Stat INT. Effect: Movement gets +2 and Int gets doubled. Changes element to thunder. Weak to ice. Range; Self. Element Thunder. 36 MP. (Transformation)

    + Element Beam: Mattly fires a beam that corresponds with his element. Damage 140% Stat INT. Effect: N/A. Range straight line of cells; Element: (Corresponding element or neutral if no transformation). 12 MP.

    +Transforming Wiz: : When Mattly uses a "Transformation" Move within 3 turns of another "Transformation" move, the second's MP is reduced by 50%.

    +Mental Regeneration: Active:At the start of every turn Mattly gains +5% of max MP.

    X-Ability: +Split personality: Mattly, for three turns is able to switch between any of his transformations and able to use element beam. The cost of magic is gone for two turns and element weaknesses disappear for three turns also. Damage% None. Stat INT. Effect Gives Endless for two turns and Haste for three turns. Range; Self Element Neutral.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 40
    MP: 50
    ATK: 9 (Extension Power 7 +2)
    DEF: 3 (Spiked Shell +2)
    INT: 4 (Extension Power 7 +2)
    SPR: 2 (Spiked Shell +2)
    Evasion: 3% (Infusion Bottle 15 +5%)
    Movement: 2 Cells (Mattly V.1 Job +1)

    Skill Points: 0
  8. Name: Aniu
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Level: 7
    Next Level:
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Profession: Forest Spirit [Airborne Switch] [Intangible Switch] The one who claims this profession guards and protects the forest it calls home, using wit and fang to drive off any unwelcome visitors.
    Weapon: Spirit Fangs [+2 ATK / +1 INT] [Chance of Wound] [Level-Up] While these fangs seem spectral and indeed may deal a small amount of magical damage, for the most part their offensive properties are physical.
    Armor: Golden Aura [+3 SPR] [Level-Up] A dazzling aura that surrounds this magnificent wolf, the sheer force of it impeding magical assaults.
    Accessory: Broken Chain [+5 MP] An old chain attached to a heavy spiked collar around Aniu's neck. While the collar had absorbed and suppressed Aniu's magical capacity when the chain was whole, now that the chain has been broken, some of that stored power is now leaking out, returning to its rightful possessor.

    A-Ability: The Forest's Protector

    + Spectral Fang Slash: Aniu lunges at his opponent in Material form, slashing at them with his fangs and making sure the wound is deep. 120% Atk damage. Chance of Wound. Aniu must not be intangible. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Neutral. 6 MP.

    + Wing Sweep: Aniu sweeps one of his wings at the legs of his opponent, attempting to knock them down. 120% Atk damage. Chance of Immobilize. Aniu must not be Intangible. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Neutral. 7 MP.

    + Spirit Strike: Aniu seems to become a simple blur as he darts to an enemy in full-on Spirit form, striking at their unseen aura with his own dazzling aura and potentially damaging it in addition to its owner. 120% Int damage. Chance of Curse. Aniu must be Intangible. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 13 MP.

    R-Ability: Prevention as Protection: Every time Aniu evades a status infliction, he gains Immunity status for the rest of the turn.
    -- Shining Aura: Aniu's aura can become so vibrantly bright that it partially blinds the foe when they look at him- thus, Aniu gains a 10% increase to Evade for three turns upon activation of this S-Ability.
    -- Painful Memories: Remembering his days of bondage and being the slave of the one who had put that blasted collar around his neck can put Aniu into a mindset that forces him to fight more mercilessly, honing his skill so that never happens again so long as he can fight. When this S-Ability is activated, Aniu gains a 20% boost in Atk and Int for three turns.
    X-Ability: Flight of the Lupine Protector: Aniu takes to the skies, spreading his huge gold-and-white-feathered wings, then selects his target and unleashes upon them a powerful gale stirred up by those magnificent wings- and perhaps aided in force by Aniu's innate magical talent. Following this, he dives at his unfortunate opponent while their defenses are down and rams into them, landing nearby, ready as ever to fight. Two hits. 75% Piercing Int damage, 75% Piercing Atk damage. Knockback 3 cells(First hit). Aniu lands in a cell adjacent to the target after the second hit. Range: Infinite, set. Element: Wind, Neutral.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 30
    MP: 35 (Broken Chain +5)
    ATK: 7 (Spirit Fangs +2)
    DEF: 5
    INT: 7 (Spirit Fangs +1)
    SPR: 5 (Golden Aura +3)
    Evasion: 7%
    Movement: 2 (Forest Spirit job +1)
  9. Name: Sheena Rogue
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Level: 7
    Next Level: 0/24
    Sheena is a black haired girl with Sapphire Blue eyes, that stands at a height of 5'5". She usually ties her hair up in a pony tail so her hair won't fly in her face.

    Profession: Celestial Archer: A long-ranged fighter that uses the energy around them as their weapon.
    Weapon: Crimson Bow: A long Crimson-colored bow that is able to fire at far ranges. [Range: 3 Cells] [Requires: 1 CE] [Chance of Daze] [+3 ATK / +1 INT]
    Armor: Dark Armor: Thin dark-colored armor that spans around the upper and lower body, also being used to blend with the shadows. [+2 DEF / +2 SPR]
    Accessory: Celestial Mark: A pendant that has a Sapphire Gem embedded in side of it, being passed down throughout the generation of Celestial Archers. [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Celestial Energy

    + Celestial Power: Sheena draws the mana around her to use it as power for her attacks. [Summons 1 Celestial Energy]

    + Blind Strike: Fires two arrows, made of Celestial Energy, that swerve around the opponent before striking them in their back. 120% ATK Damage. [Chance of Daze] [Requires: 2 CE]. Range: 3 Cells; Neutral. MP. 10 MP 8 MP.

    + Celestial Orb: Fusing together two CE, becoming an orb of energy, and fires it at the opponent. [Requires: 2 CE] 120% INT Damage. Range: 3 Cells; Neutral. 8 MP 6 MP.

    R-Ability: Energy Restoration: When successfully attacked by an energy-based attacked, Sheena gains 1 Celestial Energy Counter.
    - Swiftness of the Archer [Active]: Grants +10% Evasion Boost and +1 Move.
    - Celestial Boost [Active]: Skills that require Celestial Energy have their MP decreased by 25%.
    X-Ability: Celestial Blessing: Creates a barrier made of Celestial Energy around her and allies around her, while also restoring all 50% MP. Range: 4 Cells Around.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 40
    MP: 30 (Celestial Mark +5)
    ATK: 6 (Crimson Bow +3)
    DEF: 5 (Dark Armor +2)
    INT: 6 (Crimson Bow +1)
    SPR: 6 (Dark Armor +2)
    Evasion: 5% (Swiftness of the Archer +10%)
    Movement: 2 Cells (Celestial Archer Job +1) (Swiftness of the Archer +1)

    Skill Points: 0
  10. Lateness due to internet trouble

    Name: Nositch Muraki
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Level: 7
    Next Level: ??/??
    Profession: Meteorlogic Phenomena: The one who claims this profession can control the strange events that happen within the atmosphere.
    Weapon: Thunder Whip: With a single crack of this whip, a bolt of lightning is sent flying at the opponent. [+4 INT][Range: 3][Element: Thunder]
    Armor: Caelusian Robe: [+4 SPR]
    Accessory: Wing-Laden Armlet: An armlet with wing-shaped insets. [+5 MP]


    + Instability of the Crow: Nositch creates a stream of cloud that goes straight toward his opponent, then creates small whirlwinds that disrupt it, causing a cariety of strange shapes. 100% INT Damage. Reduces the opponent's SPR by 10% for 2 turns. Range: 3. Element: Wind. 8 MP.

    + The Morning's Glory: Nositch blasts the opponent with an unusually high-density shelf cloud. 120% INT Damage. Knockback of 2 cells. Range: 3. Element: Wind. 10 MP.

    + Sky-Borne Mother of Pearl: Nositch creates a strange, highly-reflective cloud that is made of highly acidic compounds over his opponent, then drops it down, engulfing his opponent in the misty poisons. 120% INT Damage. Chance of Toxin. Range: 4. Element: Wind. 14 MP.

    + Brightened Sundog: Nositch freezes many parts of the air around his opponent, engulfing them in an illusion of many bliding suns. 130% INT Damage. High chance of Blind. Range: 3. Element: Ice. 13 MP.

    + Targeted Inversion: Nositch creates the air to become highly varied around his opponent(Flavor text would be better but I lost my original doc). 130% INT Damage. Chance of Burn for 3 turns. Chance of Freeze for 2 turns if Burn fails. Range: 4. Element: Wind. 11 MP.

    -- Horizon of the Fata Morgana: Nositch extends the inversion outward, causing the opponent to become assaulted by strange mirages. 100% INT Damage. High chance of Confusion. Range: Set. Element: Wind. 9 MP.

    Meteorologic Dismissal: Once per battle, Nositch may remove any atmosphere effects in the battle.
    Jetstream Empowerment: When activated, all of Nositch's Wind-based abilities have the base power increased by 10% for 3 turns.
    X-Ability: Cumulating Thundersnow: Nositch creates a rolling thundercloud over the arena, which causes a drove of snow to fall on his opponent, after which each is struck with a bolt of lightning. 2 hits. First hit 50% piercing INT Ice damage with high chance of Damp. Second hit 50% INT piercing Thunder damage.

    ~ Stats ~
    HP: 30
    MP: 45 (Wing-Laden Armlet +5)
    ATK: 2
    DEF: 5
    INT: 9 (Thunder Whip +4)
    SPR: 6 (Caelusian Robe +4)
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Meteorlogic Phenomena Job +1)

    I'd like a round of brofists to the winner of the contest, FLIMZY AKA FLEMZY AKA MAGICBRO!! The idea for the Chrome Knight Profession was simply brilliant; and combined with a varying pool of """Form""" Stats and wide Skillsets for them, this makes an awesome and original Statistical character which can quickly adapt to a given situation with relative ease. Congratulations!

    Now, for the other entries.

    Ziolang's Entry: The Baker was a quite unique choice for a Profession, and the Mystery Log-creating Job Property is an interesting character mechanic to use. However, the sheer amount of available Skill Points spent in adding another S and R-Abilities made this character have only three available skills, which, for a Level 7, is quite low and reduces the character's potential.

    Eebit's Entry: Krystoph's a dual-wielding powerhouse with offensive capabilities of both close and long range, with an Accessory that further increases the Basic Attacking probabilities in his turn to a devastating 3 for 11 Damage each. Furthermore, he possesses a wide arrange of Skills he can use to quickly turn the tides of a battle to his own favor. If it weren't for Flimzy's character idea, this would definitely deserve the golden medal! (second place for you bitch)

    Vero's Entry: Quite honestly, I expected something better regarding the Transformations. Skills that "act" as "Form Switches" tend to have high MP Costs due to the fact they are directly modifying the character's Stats and are treated as such. Besides, that leaves no room for specific Form Skills your character could use and merge different strategies and Skill types into a single, balanced character. Also, by focusing too much on HP and MP values for Stat Points distribution, you left Mattly's defenses completely unattended, giving this character a "glass blade/cannon" feel to it. Better luck next time, and take this into consideration!

    Jason's Entry: Again, like Zio, despite the character concept having great potential, 6 Skill Points were used for a S and a R-Ability, once again limiting a character to three skills for such a high level--merely 3 Levels away from a Job Promotion. Moreover, the "Shining Aura" S-Ability could have easily been transitioned into a Skill (Or Link Skill, even!) to give more variety. Normally, I would have declined this character since it has two versatile Job Properties for a first Profession, but since you happened to balance this by giving Aniu an interesting "limiter" of Intangible and no-Intangible requirements for Skills, I as a GM would have approved of that. The third place goes to you!

    Fallen's Entry: Well, what can I say? I believe that, during your attempt to make the Celestial Archer have a cool gameplay mechanic of some sort behind her, made the character actually worse. I understand the goal was to make Sheena be able to acquire "counters" of some sort (In this case, "Celestial Energy"), but making the BASIC ATTACK require one places a huge boundary between what this character can and cannot do. Two of the three Skills at Sheena's disposal (What's with CoU and the lack of A-Abilities?) require two Celestial Energy Counters, which means she'd have to get attacked with INT twice to gain both CE via R-Ability, use up two turns with Celestial Power, or a combination of both. Nice try, but you should think in the actual metagame when making a character!

    Nate's Entry: naetbro yyyyyyy!! ;_; The Profession idea is EXCELLENT, but the way the character is done is why this hasn't gotten the first place. Turning a Statistical mechanic characters rarely use or tamper with--that is, Atmosphere--was brilliant in your part, but I expected for Nositch to have Atmosphere-altering Skills with maybe Subskills that would benefit for any given Atmosphere that is being set.
  12. I suppose I agree with that. The reason why I made a second S-Ability, though, is because I just could not come up with two more As. I could think of one but not two. Oh well, at least I had a blast making the guy =D

    Next contest =x
  13. We should have a giant SC style free for all now. Or maybe a new contest where we have to work under some silly ruleset. Or you know, both.

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