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Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by CodasterTheDisaster, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Earth, 1840. What was coming to be known as the Victorian Era was in its early days. Standard of living and culture were on the rise, and the general consensus of the people was that England could only become a better place to live. Technology was beginning to rapidly advance, and steam-powered machinations started to become common. However, the unthinkable happened--society came to a sudden and brief collapse. Seemingly out of the blue, meteors pelted the surface of the planet for several days. Some hit cities, some landed in the country side, and others were lost in the oceans. For years afterward, survival for the human race was difficult. Many people eked out a living however they could, living by whatever means necessary just to survive.

    Nearly thirty years passed before civilization started to recover, and when it did another event happened that would change Earth forever. The large meteors split open, and people started coming out. They were not regular humans, though.
    No, many of these people seemed to come straight out of myth. Centaurs, harpies, kobolds, lamia--the list goes on. Dozens of new species were introduced to the new world, and were met by mixed opinions. The planetary newcomers came to be known as 'extraspecies', and many were subject to violence and prejudice by humans. They were forced to live in slums, or build their own cities and villages far away from humans. Other humans, however, made attempts to coexist peacefully, sharing technology and culture and supplies with them.

    It wasn't until 1875 until humanity realized that not all extraspecies were friendly, or willing to cooperate. One of the meteors that landed in the ocean somehow washed up, spilling forth a species of ravenous,  violent creatures known as Taihou. They were slightly larger than an average man, with dark grey skin covered in jet-black chitin, and an insectoid mouth full of razor-sharp fangs.

    As more and more of the Taihou appeared, spreading across countries and continents, all but the most well-fortified human settlements became unsafe. Humans and the peaceful extraspecies were forced to coexist for survival.

    It is not 1877, and you are among the humans and extraspecies forced to work together. Perhaps you desire coexistance, or maybe you only tolerate it out of your own survival. 


    Here it is, you guys. The long-awaited(?) monster girl RP. With quintessential post-apocalyptic and dark fantasy themes, as is classic Cody-style. As per usual, I don't require any sort of character sheet, but if you want to make one, that is entirely up to you. I'm going to have a list below that has some of the species available for character race. You can suggest or make more if you want, but I need to see them before hand for approval. 

    Some notes:
    -This is a hybrid steampunk and dark fantasy. Yeah, I know. I always make dark fantasy. Shut it.
    -Technology level is what you would expect for a steampunk-era RP. However, technology is scarce outside of large cities.
    -Something about violence here, iunno. Probably blood and guts  are going to be involved so warning I guess
  2. Adlet:
    A species with the lower body of a dog, and the upper body of a human. They also have dog ears. They're close to the same height as humans, and run extremely fast, as well as having better hearing than humans. In addition, they are very smart. They are a friendly and loyal species, much like domestic dogs. There is a wide variety of skin color and hair color, which matches their furry lower bodies.

    A race of nomadic, noble humanoids that have the lower body of a horse. Their skin color ranges from pale to very dark, much like humans. As far as compared to human ethnicity, they appear to be western European, Mediterranean, or African. Their hair color generally matches their horse-part coats. Centaurs are known to be skilled warriors, though they are noble and honorable, rather than brutal and vicious, like many other extraspecies. It is not uncommon for a centaur to have a 'master' or 'lord', since after arriving on Earth most had no idea how to survive, and the humans that offered help were seen as saviors.

    A species that looks like a pale, gaunt human with red pupils and razor sharp teeth. They are shorter than humans, standing at an average of 5ft. Hair is usually darker shades of brown or black. They move and react faster than humans. Many humans have found their looks and presence off-putting to the point that they have begun using Cucuys as a way to threaten children out of misbehaving.

    A tall, lithe species that seems to look almost identical to humans. The one chief difference between elaph and humans is that elaph grow large antlers from their temples. Elaph are, on average, six to seven and a half feet tall, and very thin. They have very fine, slender features, and almond shaped eyes. Males and females alike seem to grow hair only on their eyebrows and head. Their skin tone is fair to lightly tanned. Their eyes are generally hues of green or brown, and their hair is either some shade of brown, or a reddish color. They also have elongated ears. Elaph are known for being very graceful and have a calming presence. Many describe their appearance as ephemeral or angelic.

    Harpies are another race that is exclusively female. They look like young women, usually quite petite. They have wings instead of arms, and falcon-like or parrot-like legs from mid-thigh down. They tend to appear either Asian or European, with matching feather and hair color.

    Kobolds are small, almost childlike in appearance and have very little differences in appearance from a human. They have animal ears, such as that of a fox or cat, and sometimes their fingertips end in claws. They have a wide variety of appearances and have hair and skin colors of almost every human culture on the planet.

    Similar to centaurs, lamia are humans with the lower body of a snake. Lamias are an all-female race, requiring a human male to breed with to produce offspring. It is unknown how the species existed prior to coming to Earth. Their skin seems to be either pale or light brown, with multicolored scales similar to that of regular snakes on Earth. Their hair tends to match the primary color of their scales.

     Large humanoids with a goat's head. They stand around seven to eight feet tall, and tend towards being muscular, even in females. Their bodies are also covered almost entirely in fur, ranging from brown to black to grey. They view individuals outside their species as inferior, unless the individual is able to prove themselves to be equally strong. Many times, centaurs get along well with Fomorians, but for the most part fomorians would just as likely pillage and brutalize a village than make a peace offering. Fomorians live in tribes, led by the strongest warrior of the tribe. Society for fomorians is heavily based around the strongest warriors of the  tribe--which is why most are hostile to humankind, but will cooperate to a degree with mixed-species settlements.

     A race of tall, lanky slavering creatures generally associated with Werewolves, due to their bestial features. However in truth they can vary from the hulking representation of modern lycanthropy, to a thin, lanky creature, almost ghoulish. All Garou have fur, long claws, and tend to live as scavengers, however larger Garou have been known to hunt. Generally speaking, they are a species of skittish creatures with only a base intellect for language and simple puzzle solving. All Garou are quick, strong and have a large amount of stamina. Their hearing, smell and danger senses are also acute. They heal rapidly as long as they have calories to consume and emit a chattering noise as their native vocalization, but have been known to speak simple sentences. They can use tools, but are generally seen without. They enjoy eating infants or other offspring that cannot fight back for sustenance. Garou do not live in groups, unless they are taken in by another species.

    Sirens typically appear to be beautiful females, when in reality they are an asexual reptilian race. They are able to change the shape of their body by consuming members of the species they wish to consume. Combined with their beautiful appearance, sirens also often have lovely, almost ephemeral singing voices that hypnotize humans that hear it. Once close enough, sirens will shift to their natural appearance and devour their prey. The DNA that lies within the consumed prey is then added to the siren's sexual organ, which produces offspring from the parents DNA, and the DNA of any consumed prey. This makes sirens very selective of who they consume when they decide to produce offspring.

    The torso and  limbs of a Taihou are similar to that of humans, however the head is completely different, and taihou also have scorpion-like tails. Their skin is a dark grey, and plates of jet-black chitin cover their bodies in multiple places. They have thicker plates around their fingers and toes, giving them vicious claws. Their heads are somewhat insectoid, like a mantis's head; large eyes on either side, and a compound labium. There are also extremely strong mandibles on either side. Their mouths are full of razor-sharp fangs, and their highly aggressive and brutal nature makes them extremely formidable in combat. They seem to be moderately intelligent, but only communicate with other members of the species. They form small clans, and build a sort of 'village' together. They subdivide into small groups for hunting or war, and for communal duties such as raising young and building nests. They are highly terrirorial, always looking to expand and add to the clan and will even fight, kill, and eat rival clan members. 
    Little is known about behaviors and physiology of taihou, except what has been observed by scouts.

    Species suggestions are always welcome, but this is what is available as of now.
  3. *bursts in like there's no tomorrow* LAMIA yesyesyesyes
    Cody gets the Medal of Honor in Astounding Plot-ness, I express interest.

    As for more creatures maybe an Adlet? The word apparently also refers to mythological creatures that are basically dog-satyrs. So humans with doggy legs, maybe a tail. Ooh, maybe doggy ears... Shit now I kinda wanna ditch Lamia's and be an Adlet I'm so confused...
  4. 19th century Earth is rather intriguing. I'll certainly keep my eye on this.
  5. 19th century, friendo
  6. Ahahaha, I counted the wrong way! I knew it was one number some way, but it seems I got it wrong, my b!
  7. It's okay, you had the century -1 instead of +1 so its understandable
  8. I will do this intriguing RP, for I am just that kind of bro - and had no prior reason to come to this thread other than my own doing so - do not question it.
  9. ;)
  10. If this is still open I'd love to join in.
  11. It is I'm just in the midst of trying to rewrite the post that Google Chrome stole from me

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