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Recrudescence [Strategy + Out of Character Thread]

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by CerberusLycan, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. You know what this is.

    ~ Current Iteration: I ~

    Iteration I
    <Tinesia Arenaria, the Dragonsinger>
    <Roulnorok, the Shadowsong>
    <Fariah Hariden, the Voltic Hunter>
    <Matra, the Priest of Graiin>
    <Gable Claret, the Ballerina/Astronaut/Fairy/Doctor>

    Next Update: March 4th (Saturday)
  2. Alright, it's officially started.

    Almost two weeks after I intended it to. (@Ziolang, I'd like Nita's profile as soon as possible if you're as close to finishing her as you say. There's no problem getting Nita in here if her profile's submitted before everyone else has situated their Units. Probably wouldn't accept her after that, though)

    To reiterate, Recrudescence is a sister statgrind to Recursion. While Recursion's self-contained worlds comprise 4-6 Stages, Recrudescence's will routinely only comprise of 2, meaning boss battles are that much more frequent. Recrudescence will host Recursion's Corpse mechanics (KO'd Units leave behind a Corpse which cannot be Occupied, and which is destroyed on being brought to the Overkill threshold). Unlike Recursion, however, Recrudescence does not have Gold or Experience; Equipment is upgraded every few Stages, and on completion of a Stage, Units will always Level Up. Units that are KO'd, since there is no Experience penalty, will likely incur other penalties, such as loss of X-Levels, and also run the risk of experiencing Permadeath if not revived before the end of the Stage.

    As you can observe in the Enemy Profiles, an SI field has also been added to the Innate Properties of a Monster's Species. SI is on a scale of 1-5, indicating the savvy of the AI. Species with an SI of 1 likely have little to no strategy, and primarily Target Units based on mere proximity. Species with an SI of 5 have optimized strategy, and will likely do everything in their power to maximize their likelihoods of achieving victory, including focusing on and eliminating priority targets, evading attacks or hazards which are able to be evaded, and overall acting as smart as a rival human (or perhaps even more intelligently than that). If an SI of 1 can be equated to brutishness, an SI of 5 can be equated to omniscience (and will thus likely be all the more rare). The majority of Enemies will be somewhere in the middle, having some rhyme or reason to more nuanced or deliberate behavior, but by no means acting in an optimal way. What does SI stand for? No idea. I like to call it the Sans Index of how bad a time you're going to have, myself.

    And lastly, this Stage is indeed a crossroads-- there are four different possible bosses waiting depending on which direction you choose at the end. If you all decide on a direction beforehand, it'll make it easier on me to have a profile ready when the time comes.
  3. Hey if we want, we can have Farah move to F8 and have Tinesia cast Galante on everyone. Either way, Roulnorok is probably going to cast Furioso on Yelnats.
  4. There, I moved her to F8 and gave her Static Electricity. Why? To start lighting up lampposts of course!

    and please don't leave her side, hunters hunt in groups and mooch off their mp
  5. Ya'll think I should attack the shrubs to see how exactly they "interact with Fire Eleme" or wait?
  6. I say do it. The worst that could happen is it becoming alive and OHKO'ing everybody
  7. I'm gonna light up the Eastern Lightpost and while you guys take care of Yelnats, alright? I don't see the point in lighting the one he's at since you guys are all there...
  8. It's too late now, but I feel like Attack would have done you more good that the lampposts. Particularly since the enemies are so squishy, a status effect or what have you from the lamp post probably won't get insane mileage.
  9. So this will have already become apparent by the appearance of @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter's profile in the Profile Thread after our period of inactivity, but Zuzia will be replaced by Gable effective immediately. We're on the first Turn of the battle, and Zuzia hadn't affected the Enemies yet either. I'm still not exactly sure what my policy will be on replacements in the Recursion/Recrudescence statplays, but in this case I have basically no reservations about it. Hope this will get Recrudescence rolling again!
  10. Well, that came out of nowhere! Welcome to the team! may inactivity not kill us
  11. What a great start. RNGsus has abandoned us already.

    Well, I'm gonna abandon Alichor and move over to Gable and light the lamppost at the bottom since it apparently "smites monsters" and Gable needs some help. There are three allies grouped up at the top there so I think you guys can take care of the two at the top right and we'll handle the ones on the bottom left.
  12. Assuming Roulnorok's attack hit, that should have Perfect Killed Yelnats.

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