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Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. The year is 2121.

    Humankind had reached its peak, flourishing into a golden age of technology. With new discoveries in medicine, people lived for so long that it was often joked that immortality had been achieved. And somehow...

    Humanity's thirst for knowledge knew no bounds. When the "Flow Project" was introduced, the future looked even brighter...

    And then, it began to rain.


    The year is 2122.

    All remnants of civilization has been destroyed. The Great Storm, as they called it, wiped out the marvels of humanity, sparing only a few. Those who remained, none yet old enough to call adults, had no choice but to search and scavenge for food and shelter, only for some to die trying. Nature had reclaimed the land, covering the earth with its unseen horrors.

    But the Storm did leave the survivors with one final hope: the Flow. It lingered in the air, turning the sky into a sickly green. A simple thought was enough to control it, with different results for every person. Sometimes it seemed as if it had a mind of its own. It was everything that humanity wished for, and more.

    With nowhere else to go, those survivors roamed the earth, fighting the dangers of Mother Nature with the assistance of the Flow. And, on the horizon, an emerald tower rose up from the ashes of civilization...


    Reaching Salvation reboot, anybody?

    Unlike Post-Acer from the old Magnolia days, we'll be resetting the timeline and start from the very beginning with this one, so you don't have to be familiar with RS to join! So yeah, the thing.

    If you guys want as well, you guys can go ahead and claim Flow powers. But Wind Manipulation is taken, bro. If you have any questions about the Flow or anything else, just come at me. Just know that the Flow's effects will be different for every person, so yeah.
  2. You know I'm in. Powers... still a WIP.
  3. Me! (I'm Moon with a name change, btw)
    Would it be possible to have flow powers involving electricity...?
  4. do something weird bruh

    Yup! Your Flow can be anything, as long as you balance it out and it's not overpowered.
    (When I say anything, I mean anything. For example, in the original RS timeline, we had a blood bender and an illusionist, but also a portal master (like Portal 2 portals) and a guy who could see relationships (the whole red string thing). Be creative as you like or be boring like me.)
  5. Certainly interesting. I was interested in post-acer but I had absolutely no idea what was going on with it so I stayed away from it. Maybe I'll hop on this if I can get my pile of projects and papers cleared away before this takes off.
  6. I'm in too. I don't know what powers I want yet though so I'll update later. Regardless, I'm in.

    Edit: Changing my mind while I can. WIP
  7. Interested~

    I don't know what I'm gonna do for a power yet though!
  8. Clairsentience... with smell.
  9. Haha- this makes me want to change my power now!
  10. Things have been posted, go do the thing
  11. Little late to the party, but I'll join with fire manipualtion and generation.
  12. I am interested as well actually! Something along the lines of water manipulation or... I guess something more along the lines of plant control, like poison ivy esqe.
  13. Ya imma go with plant control lol
  14. Ooooooh shiny reboots. Coins my intrest. I'll have to think of what I want.
  15. I'm interested, hopefully i'm not too late. I'm going to go with the power of transmution, the ability to transform materials into other materials of equivalent value. 
  16. I think Transmutation is already taken by an NPC according to the information in a different thread.
  17. Oh great, its almost like I didn't go ahead and create an entire character based around the subject already. Glad I can use that character

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