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Reclamation Profile Sheets and Info Thread

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. OOC Thread
    IC Thread

    2122 CALENDAR

    The Story So Far:
    In the year 2121, humanity had reached a peak, flourishing into a golden age of technology. Soon after the very hopeful "Flow Project" was introduced, a deadly storm covered the earth, ripping apart every trace of human development, sparing only a few. It wasn't just rain: earthquakes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions had their hand in destroying everything. The Great Storm, as they called it, raged for several months, until finally clearing up to reveal a sickly green sky.

    The year had passed into 2122. Nature had reclaimed the land, filling the earth with her unknown horrors. Those few spared by the Storm were too young to call adults, with none of them being over the age of 18. Their chances of survival would have been hopelessly small if it weren't for the Flow, a mysterious substance that lingered in the air and could be controlled with just a thought. Each person found that they had a Flow ability unique to them. With these new powers, they had a fighting chance against the unseen horrors that await them...

    As winter approaches, an emerald-green tower is erected in the distance...
    Upon reaching the tower, the small group of survivors are greeted by a parasol-wielding woman named Anya. She invites the survivors to stay in the tower in exchange for completing tasks; however, before she could elaborate, a man by the name of Thadius drags her off and chastises her for talking too much. The survivors are given a choice of whether or not they should stay in the tower. Since there's not much going on for them out in the wilderness and because the tower is probably the safest place, they decide to stick around.

    It is soon revealed that the adults are planning something they call "The Acer Tournament" in order to create a utopia. The winners of the tournament will become the leaders of the utopia. However, some kids see it as some sort of scam. Richard Brightwood speaks up against the adults and punches Vanthus. Vanthus decides to punish the boy by attacking him back, slicing him several times with a sword. He teleports Richard out and the boy is swiftly disqualified. The main group decides to work together against the adults in secret and to avenge Richard for Roxanne's sake.
    The contestants face their first challenge, which is headed by no other than Vanthus. They were to find orbs within crates. However, when Claire first finds an orb, it is snatched away from her by a young boy who can manipulate shadows. After completing the challenge, the group confronts the boy, but don't get much out of him as his shadow does most of the talking. Malik tries to shoot an arrow at the southern cabin, but it turns out to be protected by some sort of force field?
    Day two, the contestants are challenged to find pearls in the tower's moat. Sometime midway through the challenge, the rest of the adults disappear, leaving Anya to watch over the contestants. According to Thadius, it had something to do with Vanthus.

    Character Sheet:
    Age: Because of plot reasons, please keep your characters 17 and under. (Also Addlez is going to go ahead and take the liberty of playing the oldest character also for plot reasons, so please try to keep your characters younger than him.)
    Birthday: Optional. You don't have to come up with one unless it's relevant. Note that the RP will span (in-universe) from late November(11/25)-early January.
    Appearance: Pictures are okay.
    Personality: Optional...
    Your Character in Six Words or Less: ...Or you can just do this instead of filling out an entire personality section.
    Flow Power: A list of taken Flows will be placed below. Make sure that your Flow is balanced! It's actually recommended that you have the cons outweigh the pros.
    • Addlez Note: Inexperience is not a weakness. Neither having is your character not know what their Flow even is. For a Flow to be considered "balanced", the weakness/con/restriction must be directly related to your character's Flow, not your character themselves. If you're not sure if your character's Flow is balanced enough, don't be afraid to PM me!
    Other Skills: If you take your character's Flow away from them, what will they still be able to do?
    History: Only if you reeeaaaalllyyy want to fill this out.
    Other: Misc. stuff that you feel's worth mentioning.

    List of Taken Flows:
    NOTE: If you want to jump in and use a Flow the same or similar to one that's already on the list, then please PM both me and whoever RPs the character with the Flow you want or similar to the one you want. If they're an NPC, then you only need to contact me. We'll figure out something from there.
    • Wind Manipulation - Marcus Hickson ( @ShadoeMayari )
    • Clairsentience (with smell) - Richard Brightwood ( @Rose )
    • Body Manipulation (Healing Touch) - Malik ( @blackoutEquinox )
    • Hunger Empowerment - Riley Arc ( @"Gold Dullahan" )
    • Fire Manipulation - Abal Nightengale ( @lordodonnel )
    • Plant Manipulation - No Character Sheet Yet ( @MoshiMordio )
    • Lunar Energy - Zein Tsukiri ( @CodasterTheDisaster )
    • Animal Bonding - Clark BeastSpeaker ( @JimSchot )
    • Clairvoyance (with taste) - Roxanne Brightwood ( @Rose )
    • Particle Manipulation - Claire Holiswill ( @Silver )
    • Weapon Transformation (Butterfly Knife) - Sydney De Sangue ( @"Gold Dullahan" )
    • Shadow Manipulation - Amir Reese ( @ShadoeMayari )
    • Persuasion (Compelling Voice)
    • Spatial Distortion/Manipulation
    • Transmutation
    • Mental Projection (like mind reading, but instead of hearing the thoughts the user and anyone else sees them as illusions)
    • Flow Negation
    • Flow Boosting/Gifting
    • Mind Reading

    If their name is bold, it means that they have already been met by player characters.
    • The eldest of the adults (he's pushing thirty!) and presumably their leader.
    • He is described as kind-looking and very clean and professional.
    • The Acer Tournament is presumably named after him.
    • A man who appears to be in his late 20s who has a mechanical arm and dresses and looks like an evil scientist, complete with a goatee. He seems to be very no-nonsense, from what could be taken with his interaction with Anya.
    • He's a muscular guy with many tattoos all over his body and he kinda looks like a stereotypical biker gang member (maybe not an American biker, probably closer to bosozoku; yes, he has a pompadour). He's older than Anya, but younger than Thadius. His tattoos span his torso, arms, legs, and the left side of his face.
    • He hangs out in the armory a lot.
    • His Flow is Spatial Distortion, shown when he teleports the food and tables into the main hall and later teleports himself and the rest of the adults out.
    • He's the one who disqualifies Richard when he steps out of place.
    • A pink-haired woman with caramel skin who carries around a pink parasol. She certainly looks adult-like, appearing to be at least in her early 20s, but her expressions and mannerisms are more of that of a child's.
    • She first appears to Riley as an "illusion" of sorts, appearing and disappearing in a blink of an eye.
    • She greets the survivors as they enter the tower, introducing herself as one of the "masters" of the tower.
    The Crow Masked Adult
    • Presumably female, judging by their voice, but one can't really be so sure.
    • They are covered from head to toe with black robes and wear a crow mask. The only hint of what may be behind all that are some long strands of pale white hair that go down to their feet.
    The Mysterious Girl
    • A strange girl that Richard and Riley encounter in the elevator. She is young, no older than five years old, and wears a pure white dress. She claims to have lived in the tower for a very long time.
    • Her Flow is unknown, but Riley's flower appeared to react to her. She also "recharges" Claire when she shows up and controls a mop remotely.

    Areas and Maps
    There is a large field with an emerald green tower smack-dab in the middle of it. The tower is surrounded by a moat, with six drawbridges connecting it to the rest of the area. (However, the south bridge appears to be in disrepair.) There is a large, grand door on the northern side of the tower (maybe try knocking?), as well as a less grand, blue door that leads to the Armory and Storage on the southeast side. There is also a cabin of sorts south of the tower, but it is LOCKED and inaccessible.No matter how far you try to walk away from the tower, it seems as if you'll never actually get that far... Even if you walk for hours, it seems as if you can't go outside a hundred feet away from the tower. How peculiar.

    According to Vanthus, the makings of the utopia is up to the north. To the east are mountains and an active volcano. To the west is a dense forest, and to the south is a lake with an island in the middle of it. However, due to some odd circumstances, you can't check out those areas for yourselves.
    The door opens to a grand hall with checkerboard flooring and (usually) no furniture, unless it is time for meals, whereas long tables with benches are placed around a large table that never seems to run out of food. On the south side, there are stairs that lead up into the higher floors, and fully functioning elevators on the west and east sides. There are two doors on either side of the stairs, one blue and the other red.The blue door leads to the Armory and Storage Room. Residents of the tower are free to take whatever they want from storage, but can only check out one weapon at a time from the armory. The armory has various weapons: swords, knives, crossbows, spears, etc.. However, there are no guns or any more modern weapons to be seen.The red door leads to the Training Room. It is a spacious, well-lit room with mats, training dummies, targets, etc.. Residents of the tower can also take some of these training items outside if they wish.The elevators each have a dial with different colors on them. Turn the dial to choose your destination.
    • White: Main Hall
    • Red: Training Room
    • Blue: Armory and Storage Room
    • Black numbers: Living Area floors
    All the living area floors are formatted the same. Elevators on the west and east sides, stairs to the south, and rooms to the north. There are ten rooms on each floor, making a total of one hundred rooms. In the center of each floor is a lounge of sorts, with couches and tables dotting the area.Each room has a bed, a closet, a bathroom, a window, and a small kitchen. There is also a phone on a nightstand that can be used to call the Storage Room for any items the owner of the room  may need (but you cannot order weapons over the phone).

    The door numbers, from left to right (X=the floor number minus 1):

    Apps on the bracelet:
    Maps: See above.
    • 07:00 - Room doors are unlocked
    • 07:00-09:00 - Breakfast, main hall
    • 09:30-11:00 - Challenge, Training Room (Mon-Fri only)
    • 11:00-13:30 - Lunch, main hall
    • 18:00-20:30 - Dinner, main hall
    • 22:00 - Curfew, room doors are locked
    • Attacking your Game Masters is strictly forbidden. So is attacking your fellow contestants outside of the challenges.
    • Destroying any properties of the tower, including these bracelets, will result in immediate punishment. Properties of the tower also include its walls, locked doors, windows, and weapons in the Armory. Any consumables in the Storage Room are fair game.
    • Attendance is mandatory during challenges.
    • We have a very strict policy in regards to curfew. Please return to your room before 22:00 and remain inside until the next morning.
    • More rules may be added if necessary.
    • Marcus Hickson: 35
    • Amir Reese: 31
    • Richard Brightwood: 0
    • Roxanne Brightwood: 32
    • Malik: 25
    • Riley Arc: 37
    • Sydney De Sangue: 20
    • Abal Nightengale: 3 (Day 1)
    • Zein Tsukiri: 29
    • Claire Holiswill: 11 (Day 2)
  2. Name: Marcus Hickson
    Age: 17
    Birthday: December 9
    Gender: Male
    For colors, lots of brown and yellow.
    Your Character in Six Words or Less: Calm-ish fellow with some responsibility
    Flow Power: Wind manipulation. He can’t actually “create” wind, but his Flow is primarily messing with the direction of wind that already exists. If the air is still, then his Flow won’t work at all.
    Other Skills: He’s a stronger-than-average fellow, but probably not the strongest. He’s also pretty proficient with polearms.
    History: LOCKED
    Other: guys it’s hasta but older

    Name: Amir Reese
    Age: 10
    Birthday: June 5
    Gender: Male
    But yeah he's basically Ken, except with darker skin and blue eyes.
    Personality: Split between himself and his shadow: one is timid and shy, and the other is spiteful and brutally honest.
    Your Character in Six Words or Less: Really just a kid, though
    Flow Power: Shadow Manipulation - Amir can manipulate his own shadow and give it some physical form, from having it grab at people from underneath him to having it fight as his clone/double. His shadow can't stray too far from him and is at full power only if it stays beneath him. He's also weakened by bright light and can't use this ability in complete darkness.
    Other Skills: He fights mostly by charging at people with a shield when they're being distracted by other things.
    History: He had lived at the tower since the first Storm ended.
    Other: look at this cutie
  3. Name: Richard Brightwood
    Age: 15
    Birthday: March 11
    Gender: Male


    Your Character in Six Words or Less: Awkwardly tries to sniff you
    Flow Power: Clairsentience, which is basically the power to be able to detect information about a person or object with the senses. His involves smell. He can only retain the information gained for fifteen minutes though, and he'll only detect information from the past year about you.
    Other Skills: Because he sniffs a lot of things he can cook to make up for sniffing you. He also can do ballet.
    History: I'm too lazy to do this right now so to quote a debate friend of mine "suck my ass"
    Other: Plot twist Rose is playing a male character.
    I guess he's kind of dead now lol what an idiot

    Name: Roxanne Brightwood
    Age: 15
    Birthday: March 11
    Gender: Female
    Your Character in Six Words or Less: People taste good. I like them.
    Flow Power: Clairvoyance, able to be told by taste. Yes, that means licking you. She can only hold the info for fifteen minutes, and can only tell you the future about the next 24 hours.
    Other Skills: She knows a lot about history and a lot about famous artists. She can do some karate too.
    History: 2lazy to do things 
    Other: Twinsies!
    She has Tachycardia, which is an irregular heartbeat that is too fast. If her heart works too much, she becomes dizzy and faints. She'll recover for the most part, but she's screwed if it's more than what she can handle.
  4. Name: Malik
    Age: 16
    Birthday: Jan 14
    Gender: Male
    Underneath the cloth, he has shaggy brown hair that covers his ears, brown eyes, and tanned skin. the rest of his body has no fat, so he has a smaller frame, but is still strong. The horns, feathers, and fur are from animals he's brought down. 5'8"
    Your Character in Six Words or Less: Well, I can't cure Death.
    Flow Power: He can heal wounds by touching the wound; has to be skin to skin contact. He can't heal himself and if he tries it only makes the wound worse. It also takes time to heal people. The more serious a wound, the longer it takes to get fixed.

    Other Skills: He has sharp eyesight and is really good with a bow. Decent with his knife and tomahawk, and good at hunting.
    History: He got a cut on his neck soon after the storm began and tried to heal himself, which resulted in the loss of his voice and a gnarly scar.
    Other: Misc. Eh.
  5. Name: Riley Arc (CODENAME: Omega Gay ThunderLord of Swords and like... Gayness.)
    Age: 14 (See what I did thar)
    Birthday: ---
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Average height with tanned skin, her hair is black and reaches her shoulders- matching with her dark eyes. Sometimes in the intense sunlight- her hair and eyes seem to be brown in color. (Also me!)
    Your Character in Six Words or Less: Relax, I'm still alive- Haha!
    Flow Power: Her flow makes it so that instead of being stronger when she has energy from food and such, she is faster, stronger, and more alert with hunger. She still needs food for survival and often balances her need for food and her increase of power by eating half of what her comrades would normally eat before battles. (Hunger Empowerment)
    Other Skills: Roller skates and climbs things
    History: Has done some things she regrets- like killing, for one. But she's sworn off killing without reason, and she hopes to live a life of normality- even if the current world isn't exactly normal.
    Other: She gay- hella. Doesn't know of her flow yet, actually- and it kind of hasn't been 'activated' yet either, so she doesn't really get that empowerment from hunger yet. Will continue to call Richard "Dicky" no matter what- same for "Speary" and "Umbrelly"... Will probs call Roxanne mostly by name out of respect- thought mostly because she's too shy to call her by a nickname all the time. Her butterfly knife is named Sydney and is her freaking baby- dun u tuch her.

    Name: Sydney De Sangue/Bellarosa (CODENAME: Swim Level- Mermaid)
    Age: 16
    Birthday: ---
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Tall and skinny, though you'd never be able to tell under her long, billowing black cloak. Her hair reaches her waist and is generally messily covering parts of her face.
    Your Character in Six Words or Less: I will not stand for cruelty
    Flow Power: Weapon Transformation (Butterfly Knife)
    Other Skills: Swimming
    History: (Not enough time now)

    The Story Behind Other Riley, Told As A List ( O!Riley, in which O=Other):
    -Deceased, but would be Sydney's age if alive
    -Riley's [DUH DUH DUUUUH-] older brother.
    -Back when Sydney was still "Sydney Bellarosa", she was part of a rich family- so were the two Rileys. O!Riley and Sydney met one fateful day at a ball-esque party thing- Sydney tripping over herself as she was that way before, o!Riley being manipulative, blah blah- To this day Syd doesn't know the "true" o!Riley.
    -O!Riley would torture and punish Riley so she would get stronger, as he hated weak people (Which includes Sydney!)
    -Sydney, btw tries to get her legs to work because of O!Riley.
    -So Sydney has never met Riley, but one day- after her legs are adequately trained and she thinks she's ready for confessions, she heads to the Arc family home.
    -At that point, Sydney/O!Riley are just freaking 14, Riley is 12.
    -She goes, O!Riley greets her (inwardly panicked b/c Riley is just passed the door- beaten and bruised)
    -Two thugs who had been watching O!Riley, as they suspected he would get a high ransom, see the Bellarosa girl and are like "Well look at that- Two for the price of one!"
    -They attack the unsuspecting teens.
    -O!Riley is quickly dispatched. They come for Sydney. Riley is watching numbly from the doorway and rushes to attack them- with O!Riley's falcata that he had left behind when he was hurting her.
    -The men die, Sydney is frozen in place. Riley looks to her brother, spits on his face. This Riley is not kind- she does not laugh, she is the copy of her cruel brother, only missing one thing: His ability to fake a charming disposition.
    -She looks to Sydney, and for no real reason other than the fact that she knows this girl, lets her leave.
    -A few months later Sydney is wandering through a town, when she catches wind of an orphan named Riley Arc.
    -She has this weird feeling in her chest- like relief and fear in one- and rushes to Headmistress Wintra's Orphanage.
    -She finds Riley Arc- but it's the girl from before. She can tell b/c it's too young to be O!Riley. Riley greets her, she confirms that she's not O!Riley.
    -Riley had posed as a man get work in the town- as men were better paid. So in town- Dude. At the all-girl's orphanage- They all know she's a lady. Sydney decides to stay. They get close. Riley feels something but never acts on it- This girl is like a sister or close friend, she swears to herself, that's all she can be. She doesn't want her brother's "hand-me-downs". But gods- this girl. Riley has lot's of trouble hiding it all.
    -She grows happier- the Riley we see today.
    -Then- the storm. They flee to the forest.
    -A year or so later, they stumble on the tower.
    -But through all this time... Sydney De Sangue (as she calls herself, she runs from home after O!Riley's death) still does not know this "Riley" Arc's true first name.
  6. Name: Abal Nightengale

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Abal is tall for his age, with longish black hair that is cut into an emo style. His features are very angular and sharp, while his frame is lithe bordering on skinny. he's faster then most, but at the same time, seems to possess a grace uncommon in someone his size.

    Your Character in six words or less: "Let me handle this."

    Flow power: Fire manipulation. He can't generate it, hince why he always carries a pair of zippos on him.

    Other Skills: Talented with a rapier, and a crossbow. pretty good at being stealthy.

    history: Not yet

    Misc: is somwhat hot-headed.Doesn't like to be told what to do, even if he does understand the need for it.
  7. Name: Zein Tsukiri
    Age: 16
    Birthday: December 2
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Very tall, not only for her age, but also for a girl, standing at 5'11". Her skin is extremely pale, almost glowing white. Her eyes are a light turquoise, and her hair is straight and jet-black, with a streak the same color as her eyes running through her bangs. She has an athletic physique from years of struggling to survive, and her shows on her  features. Her breasts are slightly smaller than average, and her hips are not very wide. She doesn't have many curves. Her eyes are hard, her nose slightly crooked from being broken several times, and scars riddle her arms and shoulders. She likes to wear baggy black pants and an open jacket with nothing but a sports bra underneath.
    Personality: She's not a very outspoken person, but she is somewhat cocky. She seems like an uncaring bitch, and for the most part she is. However, if she's forced to stick alongside someone for long enough she's actually a very loyal friend.
    Your Character in Six Words or Less: "Back up, let me handle this."
    Flow Power: Lunar Energy - When the moon is out, she can imbue herself and any weapons she is holding with lunar light. Lunar light freezes or cools whatever it hits, depending on what's being hit. The durability of whatever is lunar light-enhanced is also boosted. It becomes stronger as the moon waxes, and weaker as it wanes. On new moons, she cannot use this ability (only applies when the moon's light cannot be seen by the naked eye). She is also weakened in the sunlight (fever, sweating, shaking, muscle fatigue). She cannot imbue projectiles, but she can shoot bolts up to six feet away from her, though being struck by lunar energy does little more than deliver a blast of cold.
    Other Skills: Due to the nature of the moon's cycle, Zein learned how to use a falx with great efficiency.
    Other: She seems to be completely unfazed by the cold. She wears an open jacket while being essentially topless in the winter.
  8. Name: Clark BeastSpeaker

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Brown shoulder-length hair frame a square face complete with a fair beard (for his age) his eyes are the oddity (his reflecting light like a wild animals, even in daylight) He carries himself on a large frame, his slight belly showing he is more then capable of finding food in the wastes. His clothing is now more furs and natural fiber then per collapse articles, resembling a stereotypical Backwoodsman.

    Your Character in six words or less: "These... people smell like prey"

    Flow power:Animal Empathy/Bonding. He can form a telepathic link with 1 companion at a time (his long term companion) while being able to "push" other animals into submission or control (this however has very limited effect on increasingly intelligent creatures.)

    Other Skills: Talented at making natural weaponry as well as handy with his pole spear.

    history: Survived due to his bond with the Beasts that now roam free, he feels extremely disconnected from his fellow survivors.

    Misc: His current "Companion" can best be described as a Wild Boar/Reptilian hybrid. (Think a boar with a Komodo Dragon. Poisoned bite with a large set of tusks.
    10ft long 350lbs.)
  9. Nyooom I updated my OP with my second character
  10. Name: Claire Holiswill

    Age: 16
    Birthday: December 11th

    Gender: Female

    Claire stands quite tall for a girl at 5'8" with slightly broader shoulders and very defined hip bones. Her hair is straw-color and naturally straight––it's practically impossible to curl––reaching just past her shoulders. She often wears it in a tight, braided ponytail and doesn't allow any of it to fall in her face. Her eyes are a sharp light blue and are often hid behind a fashionable pair of sunglasses, regardless of if there is any sun. Her teeth are just slightly off-white, and her skin is fairly pale. At this moment in time she wears a black baby underneath a white coat adorned with faux gray-colored fur, some fairly dark tattered jeans, and black combat boots.

    Personality: To be completed~

    ". . . Touch me and I'll cut you."

    Flow Power: Particle Manipulation – The innate ability to speed up or slow down the vibration of atoms and other particles that make up an object or person. The effects of speeding up range from raising the temperature of an object to outright causing it to explode. The effects of slowing down range from causing a slight chill to halting movement (a la time-stop-esque appearance) altogether. The more serious the effect, the more concentration and intent required to actually perform the action. Very mutable based upon the current emotional, mental, and physical states of the user. The user must have a clear line of sight of the target in question.

    Other Skills: Combat-wise Claire has a working knowledge of fencing, but does not, at the moment, have anything to fence with. She carries a pocket knife in her boot. Outside of combat Claire is also a semi-talented chef. 

    Other: Extremely fond of chocolate. Her bad attitude is mostly a front––good luck figuring out why! Also, she's deadly with a frying pan. Take that as you will.
  11. Sooooo at the request of @Eebit I'm adapting this into a visual novel. It's a work of art.

    Page 1

    Page 2
  12. ... Rose I'm sorry but...
    Who the hell are these stick figures supposed to be?
  13. Marcus and Zein
  14. remember you forgot a very important detail
  15. It's funny because Marcus is blond
  16. How the hell are you gonna draw a butterfly knife in paint?
  17. Richard is now red because red rhymes with dead and is the same color as blood haha i'm funny as hell

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