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Random Dungeon Generator

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Cid, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Yes, two interest checks in a short span. Madness.

    SO I came up with the idea which has probably been brought up before, of a random dungeon/battle generator, using the statplay system here at ZEJ. Where you would literally just battle to see how far you and the others  could advance. Sort of just a fun thing to do on the side, although I imagine this would get just as little post activity as the rest of the RP section of the forum. I will actually be creating a random enemy generator in python to go along with the RP, in order to make the "random" part authentic.  

    It would most likely include an RPG style hub world, where you could select places to go, take up "Quests" and do other miscellaneous things.

    Would anyone be interested in this?

    (Even if I can only get two people for this, I'll be doing it.)

    Those currently interested are:

  2. RE: [Statplay] Random Dungeon Generator

    Yes. (Y)
  3. RE: [Statplay] Random Dungeon Generator

    Sure, why not. Just give the word when I need to send in a profile
  4. RE: [Statplay] Random Dungeon Generator

    Profile creation is up now, so feel free to do so whenever you can. It's following the typical shadowsystem.

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