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Random Art dumP sketch shit Dump ThRead

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Kells, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    ok to start off this wild trainwreck, yo @"lord x-giga-x" the Eebs enslaved me and forced coerced "persuaded" me to make some art of your main hombre doing some mad science yo

    i encourage you yung thugz to post ur phat beats and fire mix tapes up in this bizzle B)

    skolli out, pce
  2. @whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter THE BLUE ONE THE BLUE ONE THE BLUE ONE
    eheheheheheheheheheheheheheeh welcome 2 hell
  3. On today's episode of Random Retina Searing Gifs I Like to Make: 
    I wanted to test depth maps so I took one of the skulls I own and then did The Art (and then glitchified the shit out of it after that lol #overkill)
  4. Yoooooo that turned out really well! I really dig the glitchy effect on it too, that's totally rad.

    also lmao @ doing "The Art" great desc of your process
  5. thanks bro! :D
    definitely a lot of fun (and tedious but i enjoy drawing glitch effects frame by frame ((im not actually being sarcastic here, i find it fun)))  

    heheheeheh draw a circle, draw the rest of the fuckin owl, simple yeah?
  6. Wow - these are all actually incredibly good. I encourage you to continue this fine relationship with The Doing of The Art well into the doing of your later years, because you are great at this doing. Mighty sexy pic of Bayonetta, too; I now know in my heart, 100%, that she was the right choice for the final Sm4sh DLC.
  7. Thanks! haha

    lmao the sexiest, amirite
  8. hey! update tiem noow

    warning: here thar be big iagesm
  9. I would cop that t-shirt, yo.

    And yet again I'm floored by your talents. I especially like "flmey bird fire yeah" - a true classic right down to its name!
  10. Absolutely love your art! Like holy shit
  11. ayyyyy new avatar? Y/Y


    making the textures took almost as long as the rest of the image itself :')
  12. The texture came out really well :D
  13. Thanks! :D My next goal is to figure out how to wrap the textures around an object (or a similar approach)  and make it look a little more 3d.
  14. *announcer voice a-la John Cena phone prank* G-G-GEEET READY.... (ready) FOR A MASSIVE. FUCKING. SSSKEEETCH (sketch) D-D-DUMMMMMP (dump) (dump) (dump)

    all of these were drawn on my 3DS (the app is Colors!3D which i highly recommend if you have a 3DS and enjoy doodling!! the tools are extremely basic but it's a great way to to make quick, colourful paintings. it's like a portable digital sketchpad, I love it.)





  15. Holy shit those plants are fantastic
  16. Thanks :D I don't think I've ever used hot pink in a "serious" drawing before but I'm happy with the result! It was definitely a step outside of what I usually do and I'll definitely do it again.
  17. I really like it, not what I'm used to seeing from you but it turned out really well.
  18. i was not prepared for those drawings seeing as it was advertised as a sketch dump.....!!

    Good stuff man, quality stuff! (on a 3DS app of all things!)
  19. Thanks! :D I figure the thread title is still valid since it was definitely a dump lol. 
     I don't draw too often so it's either finished if I can do it within 3 hours or it will never be finished haha

    The ds is great since I can work faster

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