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Quiyón` Legacy~ Shattered Order [SU]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Red Starr, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Plot
    It has been years since the quality of life in Anarchy's Nest dropped to hopeless levels. Each and every day there are lives taken, properties burned, and the worlds of innocent people shattered among the chaos the Hyphura's have unleashed through many of their possessed puppet criminals. Tired of the insanity, many settlers and citizens of this lawless land tried taking things into their own hands to stop the madness but only managed to take their own lives as a result. The forces of the shattered order were too much for ordinary people and even those who were gifted with abilities to defend themselves. The situation only got worse from there.​

    Now in the last few weeks of the Mantuanese summer, a growing threat began to project fear among the inhabitants of the Nest as the puppet criminals the Hyphura's control broke free from their grasp and grouped together to test their combined and otherworldly-enhanced power. Their reaches eventually settled in the Southern tip of the Nest where the largest concentration of people settled and so far avoided the wild clashes found up north. This group, fittingly named The Bane beyond Borders, have recently begun settling in a small town named T'sakai and establishing a total control over the place with an iron fist. To this little sleepy town, their otherwise peaceful lives were soon shaken and destroyed by their unforgiving murders, blackmail, and thievery of their rare wares. However, their rein of terror was threatened by a lone ex-war hero whom established his territory in T'sakai...and soon found himself overwhelmed by the sheer strength and brute carnage the Bane beyond Borders had within each of it's members. Feeling angered and almost desperate to run them out, he began to look for help wherever the rare help would be. Luckily for him, there were some not afraid to also go up against the Bane beyond Borders...​


    Quiyón` Legacy~ Shattered Order
    Welcome to the last frontier and the last bit of order you'll ever see. The Quiyon region's dirty little secret and battlefield of fate.
    This Roleplay was part of another forum until I decided that it did /not/ work out as a jump-in at all. For now we have two participants already in this and this roleplay is currently open and accepting any new members who wish to join. Standard profilen procedures are obligatory: Make your profile, send it to me via ZEJ PM, then after I give the jazz hands  thumbs up, you may post your profile here. That's basically it, guys~

    PS: Anthro's welcomed under the basis that they either come directly from New Kuthica, Ferona or are descendants of the New Kuthican anthro. Sky serpents, anthros, humans, and nocturne are acceptable races to play. The former and latter species need to be discussed with me first before playing to provide aesthetic and power info. Why am I including this here? Because I'm loosely answering the famous ZEJ obligatory question. Moving on

    Sign up Template 

    [b]Personality:[/b](Not required until the roleplay reaches the second page.)
    [b]Weaponry:[/b] (Optional, not required)
    [b]Combat Style:[/b]
    [b]History:[/b] (Optional)
    [b]Trivia:[/b] (Optional)
  2. Name: Minaro Klecqluna
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Race: Syelsumoi Shapeshifter
    Appearance:  Reaching the height of 6' 1" in his basic human form, Minaro's hair is of a light tan colour and his eyes are a pale mint green/light yellow mix. He has a pale complexion and strange defining physical traits such as a black mechanical jawline covering half his jaw, reaching up to his right cheek [he covers that half of his face with a white 'dragon ivory' mask with a red imprint below the eye socket]. Minaro also has an athletic build which is hidden by a tan shirt, brown long coat, a brown hat, and classic dark brown boots. Just like his mechanical half-jaw, Minaro also has his left arm in a similar mechanical state. 

    Personality: Very little can be said about this lone male. Upon first sight, he seems to be very calm and collective and even projects a feel of security when around him. Minaro is strong willed, stubborn, focused, and almost indifferent to the inhabitants entering and exiting his established territory. The grown shapeshifter has a lax side to him that is usually present when he is not initiating battles with any of the criminals stirring up trouble around him. As opposed to some of his brethren back home whom attack and defend their territory from humans, he does not mind them but does keep a careful and wary eye on them. But.. it doesn't mean he never gets angry when he sees something wrong. If provoked, Minaro can switch to an aggressive and vengeful being no matter if the person who provoked him is a friend or foe. 

    Arrogant and prideful, it's sometimes unclear if he is only fighting for the people whom settled in his territory or for his own self interest. [Might be subjected to changes as the roleplay advances]

    --Heightened Senses:  Like most shapeshifters, Minaro's sense of smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch are above the average levels found in most Mantuanese species. Minaro is exceptionally well-trained in the field of smell and sound while he was stationed back in what is now the Sushana Nalj, Qyi-Base. During his training, he was often subjected to practice sessions involving him being blindfolded and provided a single weapon of his choice. Relying on his sense of sound and smell, he improved his advantaged senses even more. However, too much time has passed since he practiced.

    --Keen Sight:  His most strongest sense [being a descendant of a Syelsumoi Tundra Shapeshifter] is his sense of sight. Minaro's sight range far exceeds that of a Sky Serpent and can easily distinguish traits of animals in just about any environmental condition such as snowstorms, sandstorms, fog, etc. This is an evolutionary trait passed down by his kind for easier hunting during harsh Croitian winters, allowing the Syelsumoi Shapeshifters to survive in such extreme environments. 
    Years of experience have granted Minaro a variety of forms to change into. As the name states, Minaro can fluidly change into the forms of animals he has encountered on various occasions. Between forms, Minaro's entire appearance can change including his mechanical parts to fit the animal's physiological form with ease. The biosteel which these parts[His arm and part of his jaw] were forged with are infused with his lymphatic system and circulatory system and have a secondary layer of muscle beneath the metal that was genetically engineered and built to work with both Minaro's artificial body parts and his shift changes. Since the nature of this otherwise old Grenian metal technology graciously works well with Minaro's power, his body has already "fused" with the parts and created complex nerves, blood vessels, and muscle tissue. Nevertheless his jawline and left arm are still mechanical looking on the outside while a complex biological fusion between nature and technology lie beneath it's surface.

    Aside from the technological side of his Shapeshifting, Some of his forms consist of strange, speedy animals such as an impala, various mountain serpents, a mountain lion, puma, Oriphura's [a hybrid of various animals such as a Kapiir wolf, Yakur reindeer, and a Hyphura], and other animals usually found within the forests and mountains of greater Mantua. His base form is a Puma.

    --Humanoid "Mockshifting":  
    Rare among any kind, Minaro has a special talent of shifting into a carbon copy of any person he sees after a set amount of time. A drawback of this ability in present times is his artificial arm and jaw which ruins his cover when he does not cover those inconveniences prior to shifting. 

    The ability's name came from a Mantuanese legend of a female pipe fox who was known to "Mock" the appearance of serpents and often transformed in their image to trick them or steal their mates as a punishment. Thus the word "Mockshifting" gained traction among popular Mantuanese culture.
    --His own left arm:
    Under dire circumstances where Minaro has little to no way out of battles or situations, he can willingly change the physical structure of his arm to match that of a sharp bladed edge. It's painful, though, and is used as a last resort.
    Combat Style:
    Minaro's preferred method of inflicting damage is by striking from afar and charging toward's the foe's weak points. He isn't afraid of close combat and often invites it in order to inflict internal status afflictions such as poison in his serpent forms. With each enemy, Minaro changes his tactics and rarely sticks to one when fighting different enemies at a time.
    History: TBA
    --Minaro is an avid reader and makes a hobby of collecting books found in Anarchy's Nest's trade stores. He has an old book of various composition works of Friedrich Nietzsche and avidly enjoys reading it on occasion. Minaro is unaware about where the book came from. [The book obviously originated from Earth]
    --You can almost always calm Minaro down by mentioning the nickname "Crane." He holds a special mix of nostalgia and sorrow with that name and always goes off to think after hearing it.
    --Minaro is a peasant name meaning "Acquire"
  3. Name: Xue Lianhua
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Personality: N/A

    - Enhanced Physical Abilities - With her body tempered by a hellish training regimen and her combat experience Lianhua has managed to surpass the majority of humans in terms of physical ability. Her strength, speed, agility, and reflexes are all exceptional, which when combined with her expertise in martial arts makes for someone you do not want to mess with.

    - Low Temperature - Perhaps it's due to her affiliation with ice but Lianhua possesses an unnaturally low body temperature. This causes her to be relatively unaffected by her powers and gives her an overall high resilience to the cold.

    - Cryomancy - The manipulation of ice. Though it brings Lianhua a variety of possibilities she tries to steer away from the majority of these. Instead she chooses to use the ice mostly to augment her existing fighting abilities. In addition to augmenting her body Lianhua will also erect pillars and walls of ice which stops her opponent from skidding too far away and then proceeds to continue beating them against said ice wall. And if the situation demands it Lianhua can freeze her own body to an extent to eliminate some of the connection of her nerves, essentially numbing her body into being unable to feel pain. Her ice manipulation can only reach a fairly short range and the ice will begin to melt if it is kept out of said range for too long.

    Weaponry: Technically she could create any martial weapon she desires with ice and she is proficient in the majority of them but she prefers the good old fashioned way of beating someone senseless and will rarely use weapons unless it is under a dire circumstance.

    Combat Style: Lianhua combines several different styles of martial arts ranging from Tai-Chi to Taekwondo into a deadly fighting style made even more dangerous when augmented by her ice. She doesn't like it when people try to keep their distance and attack from afar, seeing it as weak and cowardly. Rather than tossing an ice javelin at someone she would much rather close the gap and send her fist flying into their face so she can hear the breaking of their bones under her knuckles.

    History: N/A

    Trivia: N/A
  4. Name: Jimmu Kawaguchi
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Standing at six feet tall, Jimmu is quite tall, but he is incredibly thin. He has an olive skin tone, with long black hair that goes past his shoulders, and his somewhat narrow eyes have a hazel hue. He wears a greenish-brown shirt that's so tattered and torn that it can barely be called anything better than rags, and brown cloth pants that aren't in much better shape. Due to his personality and the way he uses his power, he is almost always seen with bandages over various parts of his body, especially his hands, which tend to get the most damaged.
    Personality: Hotheaded and confrontational, Jimmu tends to be the first to strike in a fight, even when there was not otherwise a fight at all. However, he has a chivalrous side when needed, but often only shows it when it will excuse getting into another scuffle.

    Abilities: Tough Body: Due to getting into so many fights, much of Jimmu's body is surprisingly well-conditioned, and he has callouses everywhere, making him somewhat more resistant to pain than one would think.
    Mental Conditioning: Due to his power, Jimmu has trained his mind to no longer stop itself, so that he can bring out the full potential of his body and power. It also makes it so that when he is hurt, even very badly, he'll simply ignore it, even when this could be detrimental to himself.
    Powers: Inertia Manipulation: Jimmu has total control the inertia of his body, and as such is able to make himself unmovable or unstoppable (movement-wise).
    Weaponry: None
    Combat Style: Renshu fights dirty and with little thought to technique, most often simply wildly punching while using his ability to control inertia to keep it going no matter what gets in the way.
    History: TBR
    Trivia: TBR
  5. Name: Kanae Ohkeminua
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Appearance: For a 29 year-old, Kanae's physical appearance resembles that of a young girl of about 21. She is short, reaching at a maximum of 5' 5" and only weighing 130 pounds. Kanae has beautiful black hair tied up in a bun with yellow eyes that compliment her golden-colored kimono. 
    Personality:(Not required until the roleplay reaches the second page.)

    Weaponry: (Optional, not required)
    Combat Style:
    History: (Optional)
    Trivia: (Optional)

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