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[Prep] Pokemon Emerald Egglocke

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Keileon, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. So as some of the IRC people know, I'm really into Nuzlockes lately. This is a Pokemon challenge started by a webcomic called Ruby Hard Mode, and the core rule is Pokemon die if they faint. I've been working on a comic series called Forlorn Spectre based on three Nuzlocke runs, and am currently going through a casual Nuzlocke of Pokemon Y, but I've been wanting to do a variant of the challenge called an Egglocke.

    Egglockes are basically Nuzlockes with the following rules:
    • If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released or permaboxed.
    • The player can only capture the first Pokemon in each area that they encounter. Shiny Pokemon are exempt from this rule. However:
    • When a Pokemon is caught, it must be swapped with a user-submitted egg. That egg must then be hatched and leveled up to the level of the Pokemon used as a token.
    • Pokemon must be nicknamed. (This applies more to you guys, who will be naming the eggs)
    • Duplicates Clause does not apply to this variant.
    • Legendary Pokemon can be caught, but are tokens like any other caught Pokemon.

    Usually I also play with a revival clause that allows me to use found Revives and allows event NPCs to heal my dead Pokemon, but I'm not doing that this time.

    So here's where you all come in. You guys can submit eggs to me via the program linked below, and I will add them into the PC boxes for use ingame. Rules are as follows:

    • Set the game to Pokemon Emerald
    • Nickname all eggs Nate pointed out to me that the program I linked won't allow nicknamed eggs. If you find a program that does, let me know. (Note that the only version of Pokegen I found only works with the DS games)
    • Basic or Baby Pokemon only
    • No Pokemon in the No Egg Group
    • You can make the Pokemon competitive or shiny if you want, but you don't have to. (Shininess is not guaranteed to stick)
    • Do not assign EVs!
    • Movesets and abilities must be legal.
    • You can give them held items if you want, but there's no guarantee they'll stay on the Pokemon.
    • Set happiness to 0. I believe this makes the egg hatch faster.

    Program to be used: http://www.pokedit.com/download/ciro%27s.php
    Tutorial: http://www.pokedit.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4556

    Now, to keep things more organized, I'm going to say that I'm only going to keep a list of ten submitters. This is for various reasons: I'm going to have each person assigned to one box to avoid conflicts in where the eggs are placed, it's easier on me keeping everything sorted out, and Emerald only has fourteen PC boxes anyway. Following that last bit, I want to keep two boxes open for dead Pokemon and two boxes open for extra Pokemon.

    I also want all of the codes for one box at once, to avoid me having to deal with thirty different egg codes for one box. You do not have to fill up your box, but you're welcome to if you wish. Even ten half-full boxes will be enough.

    Masterlist of boxes:

    1. Open
    2. Open
    3. @Cid
    4. Open
    5. Open
    6. @Zygardia
    7. @Muddy
    8. Open
    9. Open
    10. @"The Kakuzato"

    Final notes:

    I will be doing this as a text/image LP, so you guys can follow along. I will try to keep a regular updating schedule. This will be a thing to pass the time, primarily, so other things might take precedence. I still have to work on Forlorn Spectre and stuff.

    This is open until the 21st because arbitrary number, but I may extend.

    Claim your box and submit your eggs in this thread, please.
  2. I'll claim box ten, and edit when I have a good number of Pokemon done.

  3. Why not, sounds like it would be fun to follow. Will you be accessing the boxes in numerical order, or will you just be selecting eggs at random?

     I choose box 3, and I will edit in the box code later.

    Edit: Here you go @Keileon
  4. @Cid I'll be mixing up the eggs and selecting them more or less at random.
  5. [Friday 11:12:54 am] Espy Kuda; okay this sounds interesting -- give me Box 6
  6. Edited with eggs. Kuda, tell me if you want me to change it at all, and I will.
  7. Nate, does the program say anything about how to activate the codes? I tried all of the common button combos I could think of and nothing seems to happen.
  8. Did you include the master code? Also, have you made sure that it's the US version?
  9. I'll take lucky box number 7!

    Edit: And here they are! http://puu.sh/eC89z.txt
  10. Xid- Most GS codes I've used didn't require master codes, but I'll look into it. All of my ROMs are the US version, not sure if Nate set that though.

    Muddy- ~

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