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Pokémon: Shadowy Undertones

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Silver, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Heart Conversion at 27%

    "Perfect. Everything is going according to plan – we should be able to stick to the commander's schedule."

    "The machine still works then, I take it?"

    "Affirmative. It shouldn't be too much longer now."

    "Oooh how soon can we begin with the new test subjects? I've got a couple right here–"

    "Soon enough."

    Heart Conversion at 33%

    "Can't you make it go faster?"

    "That was rhetorical, yes? This isn't one of your little games, Cass–"

    "Relax. Both of you. We shall proceed as planned."


    "All in due time. Then you can have your fun."

    ". . ."

    "Is that understood?"

    "Of course."

    ". . . Cassandra?"

    ". . . Yes sir..."

    – – – – –​

    My grandfather used to tell me stories about his travels in a distant land, a desert-covered landscape dotted with oases that sits clear on the opposite side of the world. He says that when he was my age there was a great evil in that land. Some group of scientists and evil-doers sought to take over the world by corrupting the Pokémon that lived there. I don't know if I believe it. He says these bad guys were "closing the doors to their hearts." I've never heard of such a thing – surely it's just a story. I've never been able to find this land on any map in any book. Grandpa says that's because its so far away and wild Pokémon have all but abandoned it since then. Did those people drive them away? I've asked my grandpa, but he doesn't know. He says there's a lot that we still don't know about Pokémon and that their disappearance from that land may be left unexplained for many years to come.

    Whether it's real or not, I know I want to be a trainer just like he was in those stories. I want to make friends with as many Pokémon as possible and figure out what could have happened in that unknown land. I want to figure out if those were really just stories. I know when I head out that it won't be the same. Johto is not some sort of arid war ground filled with danger, especially since Team Rocket disbanded five years ago. It's been safer than ever according to the news reports on TV – the Johto Council even started bringing in Pokémon Contests and other regional specialties because things are so prosperous. It's not exactly setting the stage for some sort of action-packed storybook thriller, but I know I can become an amazing Pokémon trainer if I try my hardest. All I have to do is wait until Professor Elm finishes preparing his next group of beginner Pokémon – then I can start my journey.

    – – – – –​

    More information to come~
  2. Hello friends~

    For those of you interested in more information about this little gem that's sat collecting dust on my shelf of roleplays, I've got quite a bit to go over. I suppose I'll start by talking about character creation – as the first post details, the character I'll be taking on will be a greenhorn. I am perfectly fine with everyone playing a brand new Pokémon Trainer, but I would also be okay with your character having some experience under the belt. The only catch about playing a more experienced trainer would be that they would be starting relatively fresh in Johto; it'd be a fairly new journey regardless of where they came from. Other than that, you are free to chose gender, age, history, personality, etc.

    At the moment I am going to disallow Alola Pokémon simply because there is a lot we do not know just yet. This will likely change (and will be incredibly easy to implement into the main story) following the release of Sun and Moon in November.

    – – – – –​

    As with most Pokémon roleplays, this is intended to be an adventure – it's loosely based on the games, but also draws inspiration from the anime. Your character is free to venture at their own pace and make their own plans; he/she and his/her Pokémon do not have to join the party, but (as everyone will quickly realize) things aren't as safe as the citizens of Johto once thought.

    Despite the underlying dangers, days still pass normally. You will be able to take on the Pokémon League as usual or even become a Pokémon Coordinator if you desire! There is no set order, although I will push us in precise directions at time when I feel the main conflict needs to be the highlight for the moment.

    As far as traveling goes, there will be a set amount of time to travel across Johto. I'm still working on this but will make it available as soon as I have the details figured out.

    – – – – –​

    A little housekeeping:

    Pokémon centers around the region will supply you with food and housing, as it is with the anime. Being a professional Pokémon Trainer has that benefit of not needing to worry about finding or buying food while you are in civilization. On the road, however, finding and keeping foodstuffs will be up to you.

    Fossils will be able to be found in caves and can be received in other instances. Goldenrod City will have a laboratory where you can bring them back to life if you so desire.

    Players will determine PvP battle outcomes prior to their completion. Gym battles and Contest battles with NPCs will generally be handled between the player in question and myself.

    Personal Bicycles will be obtainable in Goldenrod City. Almost every town enables characters to rent bicycles on a time limit. Players will keep track of funds and these will be used for this feature and for purchasing supplies like Potions, Evolution items, Escape Ropes, etc.

    For those of you who want an Eevee, the Moss Rock is in Ilex Forrest and the Ice Rock is in the Ice Cave. Sylveon is acquirable with a soothe bell, just as Umbreon and Espeon are.

    – – – – –​

    I will draw up a basic character sheet if anyone responds with interest. At the moment, I'm thinking between two and four players excluding myself.
  3. You know I'll be part of this! :D
  4. Snowball ♂ – Vulpix [Alola Form] (Ice) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Snow Cloak – Boosts evasion in a hailstorm.

    Indigo ♂ – Murkrow (Dark/Flying) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Prankster – Gives priority to a status move.
    –Thunder Wave
    –Aerial Ace (!)

    Periwinkle ♀ – Wynaut (Psychic) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Shadow Tag – Prevents the opposing Pokémon from escaping.
    –Mirror Coat
    –Destiny Bond

    Cerulean ♀ – Horsea (Water) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Sniper – Powers up moves if they become critical hits.
    –Dragon Pulse
    –Signal Beam
    –Octazooka (!)
    –Clear Smog

    Sakura☆ ♀ – Cherubi (Grass) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Chlorophyll – Boosts the Pokémon's Speed in sunshine.
    –Morning Sun
    –Sunny Day
    –Solar Beam (!)
    –Dazzling Gleam
  5. Can I start with an Absol?

    Regardless, probably in.
  6. I'm gonna say to hold off on the Absol if that's alright. At least at first. While we're not using stats or anything (even a Sunkern could be dangerous in this roleplay,) I feel like Absol isn't a Pokémon held by most trainers, even ones that have a little experience under their belt. You can always catch it later and due to its nature as a forewarner of disaster, it'll be easy to find once things start to go down and blow up.

    Still working on that map! More info to come soon.
  7. Alrighty! Looks like we'll be good to go~

    Just a few more housekeeping things:

    You may start with any starter Pokémon you desire from any region except for the upcoming Alola region. I would prefer if there were no overlaps in Pokémon, but if someone else just has to have Cyndaquil I won't mind too much.

    Everyone will start with the same inventory – whether or not everyone keeps the same inventory is entirely up to chance and choice.

    Pokémon have access to four moves at a time, just like the games. However, in a fashion more similar to the anime, Pokémon can know pretty much any of their learnable moves. As you can see with the example profile, Leven's Cyndaquil will know Hidden Power which it normally can only learn through TM. If a Pokémon receives STAB from the move in question place a (!) next to it. Pokémon can be taught new moves, but may only have access to four at any given time.

    Pokémon can have any of their abilities, including hidden abilities. I would prefer that starters do not have their hidden abilities.

    Each player may have one shiny Pokémon. I would prefer if this wasn't your starter, but I won't fight you on it. Shiny Pokémon are denoted with a ☆ next to its gender and/or given Nickname.

    If your trainer has a little more experience under their belt, you may start with a second Pokémon. I would prefer it be in its first stage (i.e. Gastly, Surskit, etc.) and not to be a Pokémon that doesn't evolve (i.e. Tropius, Kangaskhan, etc.)

    Key Items will also hold stuff like Evolutionary Stones.

    Remove sections from the inventory as necessary.

    A map with travel times is on its way. No, you will not need HMs to get around, that's just silly.

    You may change the formatting of the profile as you see fit, but I'd prefer the Inventory and Pokémon layouts remain as is. If your not going to nickname your Pokémon, place the normal name where Nickname is and remove the '–' from the section.

    Mega Evolution will be gated – I'll figure out something.

    – – – – –​

    [b][u]Appearance[/u]:[/b] [spoiler]Image or description[/spoiler]
    [b][u]Trainer Type[/u]:[/b] What your character focuses on. Are they a Pokémon Trainer battling the league? Are they a Pokémon Coordinator interested in Contests? Or maybe they're a Breeder or Researcher. The sky's the limit!
    [b][u]Personality[/u]:[/b] Give an idea of what your character is like - general attitude and quirks. Should be about a paragraph.
    [b][u]History[/u]:[/b] Just some brief overview of where your character is coming from prior to the start of the roleplay. Two to three paragraphs should do it!
    [b][u]Pokémon[/u]:[/b] [spoiler=On Hand][b]Nickname[/b] ♂/♀ – Pokémon (Type) (OT: Trainer's Name)
    Ability: Name – Description.
    –Move #1
    –Move #2
    –Move #3
    –Move #4[/spoiler]
    [b][u]Inventory[/u]:[/b] [spoiler][u]Pokéballs[/u]
    Pokéball (x5) – Use to capture Pokémon. Recyclable.
    Potion (x1) – 3 uses, heals small injuries.
    [u]Key Items[/u]
    Wallet – Currently contains 100 Pokédollars.
    Example Profile~

    Name: Leven Cascella
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Trainer Type: Pokémon Coordinator

    Personality: Inquisitive and yearning to make changes for the better in the world. Incredibly well-mannered and friendly, but not necessarily the most easygoing. Has a lot of heart and determination once his mind is set on something – rarely one to back down or quit once he's gotten going. He has a tendency to second guess himself and asks for help a little more often than he should; lacking just a touch of self-confidence and needing approval from others in tight situations. Although he doesn't like to admit it, he becomes easily overwhelmed in dangerous situations.

    History: Originally born in Viridian City, Leven grew up the youngest of six children – as such he was regularly referred to as the "baby" and his older siblings tended to give him hell for always getting his way. He would grow to deny this and resent being picked on or put down for his age or perceived ability to coast through life. Growing up in the shadows of three older brothers and two older sisters caused him to lack the confidence much of his family held, but his spirit remained strong; he felt he had to prove himself, especially after his eldest brother, Aerin, placed in the top eight of the Indigo League. While his brothers and sisters had not claimed similar levels of fame throughout Kanto, they too had set the bar high in their own regards – Leven knew with a great deal of certainty that he would be jumping through hoops from the time he turned ten.

    Unfortunately for him, the world had other plans. He grew seriously ill as his tenth birthday approached and was rushed to Saffron City to be hospitalized three months before his big day. For months, he remained in sterilized rooms under consistent observation. His mother, who previously stayed at home, moved to Saffron and rented an apartment; she stayed by his side whenever she could. His father and siblings made the journey when possible, but even with their support, it seemed that Leven's condition rarely showed signs of improvement. He feared (although doctors and his family attempted to assuage him) that his dreams of going on his own Pokémon journey would never be realized. He began to withdraw and spent much of his days refusing visitors and agreeing to whatever medication or treatments his physician recommended next. Still no change. It was only a few short months before his twelfth birthday that doctors began to recommend moving him to another facility in Johto.

    His parents, while less than enthused with the prospect of packing up their lives and moving to a whole new region, agreed because of the light it put in Leven's eyes – it showed the promise of hope, something they had not seen in their youngest child in quite a bit of time. There was also their extended family living scattered across Johto to provide further support for the new experimental treatments being worked out in Goldenrod City. With permission granted and a quick transference completed, Leven spent several more months in white rooms with to the point medical professionals before finally being released. Although he had not quite been given a clean bill of health, his new head physician seemed quite confident that some time spent away in nearby Olivine City would help him to recover. Leven and his mother moved into his grandfather's house on the coast – for the next three years, he slowly regained his strength while listening to his father's stories about a land far far away from Johto. It was these stories that inspired him to find out more and, with both doctor's approval and mother's permission, he set out for Newbark Town to see Professor Elm. His Pokémon journey awaits.

    Auburne ♂ – Cyndaquil (Fire) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Blaze – Increases the power of Fire-type moves in a pinch.
    –Flame Wheel (!)
    –Quick Attack
    –Hidden Power (Grass)


    Pokéball (x5) – Use to capture Pokémon. Recyclable.


    Potion (x1) – 3 uses, heals small injuries.

    Key Items

    Pokégear – Nifty tool almost like a smartphone which acts as a watch, map, phone, and portable radio.


  8. Am I able to claim a starter and then get the profile in later?

    I have a few backup picks but Charmander would be my go-to.
  9. Alright, so there's not too too much to know about the Shadow Pokémon games. Here's a basic idea of what applies to the roleplay eventually:

    Shadow Pokémon – A Pokémon who has "had the doors to his/her/its heart closed artificially." It turns a Pokémon into a ruthless fighting machine. Shadow Pokémon no longer care about their own safety, the safety of their trainer, or anything else. They will take all commands without question, even attacking humans. If released they can run rampant and become incredibly dangerous. They lose access to most of their normal move pool in favor of utilizing Shadow Moves. They are not without redemption – they can be purified.

    Shadow Moves – Special moves known only by Shadow Pokémon. They have a variety of effects. Shadow Moves that deal damage are super effective against normal Pokémon but only deal half damage to Shadow Pokémon. Individual are listed here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shadow_move

    Heart Gauge – Shadow Pokémon come with a gauge which denotes how close they to their trainer. A Shadow Pokémon that spends a great deal of time with his/her/its trainer can begin to restore the bonds it would have had as a normal Pokémon. With enough time and effort, Shadow Pokémon will begin to emit an energy which alerts the trainer that they are able to have "the door to their heart reopened" through Purification.

    Purification – The process of returning a Shadow Pokémon to a normal Pokémon. A purified Pokémon shares a much stronger bond with their Trainer and is unable to be transformed in Shadow Pokémon again. How Purification works will be described once applicable in the roleplay.

    Typically Shadow Pokémon are stolen from other trainers via the use of a Snag Machine, but we're just kids in a far-off land that have never faced this problem before. How we will be able to capture/rescue/purify Shadow Pokémon will be explained when we get to that plot point.
  10. @Keileon – Sure, I'd suggest doing so! Just so everyone is on the same page~
  11. Well, I already stated Charmander and Giga will be going for Totodile, so there's that.
  12. So some notes for my players~

    1) I am still awaiting profiles.
    2) Map & Travel Times have been posted as well as the Contest schedule if any of you are interested in that.
    3) Gym Leader information has also been posted
    4) I switched to Squirtle cause lol

    I would like to start on Friday if possible! If not we might be waiting for a little while since I will be moving back into college.

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