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Pokémon: Shadowy Undertones [Profile Thread]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Silver, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. This will eventually hold plot-related shenanigans.
  2. Map: http://i.imgur.com/V0as9cM.jpg

    Routes & Cities – Travel Times

    +Newbark Town

    +Route 29 – 1 day of travel

    +Route 46/45 – 4 days of travel (Dark Cave access)

    +Cherrygrove City (Contest Spectacular)

    +Route 30/31 – 2 days of travel (Dark Cave access)

    +Violet City (Flying Gym; Leader: Falkner)

    +Route 36 – 1 day of travel (Ruins of Alph/National Park access)

    +Route 32 / Union Cave / Route 33 – 5 days of travel (Slowpoke Well access)

    +Azalea Town (Bug Gym; Leader: Bugsy)

    +Ilex Forrest (Moss Rock location; Shrine location) – 2 days of travel

    +Route 34 – 2 days of travel (Pokémon Daycare access)

    +Goldenrod City (Normal Gym; Leader: Whitney) (Contest Spectacular)

    +Route 35 – 2 days of travel (National Park access)

    +Route 37 – 1 day of travel

    +Ecruteak City – (Ghost Gym; Leader: Morty) (Contest Spectacular) (Burned & Tin Towers access)

    +Route 38/39 – 5 days of travel (Moo Moo Farms access)

    +Olivine City (Steel Gym; Leader: Jasmine) (Contest Spectacular) (Lighthouse access)

    +Route 40/41 – 3 days of travel by ferry; 6 days of travel by Pokéraft [Must have second/third stage Water-type on hand] (Whirl Islands access)

    +Cianwood City (Fighting Gym; Leader: Chuck)

    +Route 47/48 – 3 days of travel (Safari Zone access)

    +Route 42 – 2 days of travel by Pokéraft [Must have Water-type on hand]

    +Mt. Mortar – 3 days of travel

    +Mahogany Town (Ice Gym; Leader: Pryce)

    +Route 43 – 1 day of travel (Lake of Rage access; Contest Spectacular)

    +Route 44 / Ice Path – 4 days of travel (Ice Rock location)

    +Blackthorn City (Dragon Gym; Leader: Clair) (Dragon's Den access)

    +Route 27 – 1 day of travel by Pokéraft [Must have Water-type on hand]

    +Tohjo Falls – 2 days of travel

    +Route 26 – 2 days of travel (Pokémon League Reception Gate access)

    +Victory Road – 6 Day Trial (Pokémon League/Grand Festival access)

    Contest Schedule*

    Cherrygrove – Once per week; Tuesday

    Goldenrod – Twice per week; Monday & Friday

    Ecruteak – Once per week; Thursday

    Olivine – Once per two weeks; Wednesday**

    Lake of Rage – Once per two weeks; Wednesday**

    *Players must collect five (5) ribbons in order to take the Victory Road Grand Festival Trial. Players may participate in contests in any order but may not participate in the same contest twice in a row.
    **Olivine and Lake of Rage contests are on alternate weeks. (i.e. August 3rd, August 17th, and August 31st would be for Olivine whereas August 10th and 24th would be for Lake of Rage)
  3. Notable NPCs


    – – – – –

    Gym Leaders*

    Falkner (Flying)
    0-3 Badges

    4+ Badges

    Bugsy (Bug)
    0-3 Badges

    4+ Badges

    Whitney (Normal)
    0-3 Badges

    4+ Badges

    Morty (Ghost)
    0-3 Badges

    4+ Badges

    Chuck (Fighting)
    0-3 Badges

    4+ Badges

    Jasmine (Steel)
    0-3 Badges

    4+ Badges

    Pryce (Ice)
    0-3 Badges

    4+ Badges

    Clair (Dragon)
    0-3 Badges

    4+ Badges

    *Players must collect all eight (8) badges in order to take the Victory Road Pokémon League Trial. Gym leaders take on two challengers per day. Players may challenge gyms in any order but may not challenge the same gym twice in one day regardless of whether there are other challengers waiting or not. Challengers with 3 or fewer badges will face the Gym leader in a two-on-two single Pokémon battle whereas Challengers with 4 or more badges will face the Gym leader in a three-on-three single Pokémon battle.
  4. Name: Leven Cascella
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Trainer Type: Pokémon Coordinator

    Personality: Inquisitive and yearning to make changes for the better in the world. Incredibly well-mannered and friendly, but not necessarily the most easygoing. Has a lot of heart and determination once his mind is set on something – rarely one to back down or quit once he's gotten going. He has a tendency to second guess himself and asks for help a little more often than he should; lacking just a touch of self-confidence and needing approval from others in tight situations. Although he doesn't like to admit it, he becomes easily overwhelmed in dangerous situations.

    History: Originally born in Viridian City, Leven grew up the youngest of six children – as such he was regularly referred to as the "baby" and his older siblings tended to give him hell for always getting his way. He would grow to deny this and resent being picked on or put down for his age or perceived ability to coast through life. Growing up in the shadows of three older brothers and two older sisters caused him to lack the confidence much of his family held, but his spirit remained strong; he felt he had to prove himself, especially after his eldest brother, Aerin, placed in the top eight of the Indigo League. While his brothers and sisters had not claimed similar levels of fame throughout Kanto, they too had set the bar high in their own regards – Leven knew with a great deal of certainty that he would be jumping through hoops from the time he turned ten.

    Unfortunately for him, the world had other plans. He grew seriously ill as his tenth birthday approached and was rushed to Saffron City to be hospitalized three months before his big day. For months, he remained in sterilized rooms under consistent observation. His mother, who previously stayed at home, moved to Saffron and rented an apartment; she stayed by his side whenever she could. His father and siblings made the journey when possible, but even with their support, it seemed that Leven's condition rarely showed signs of improvement. He feared (although doctors and his family attempted to assuage him) that his dreams of going on his own Pokémon journey would never be realized. He began to withdraw and spent much of his days refusing visitors and agreeing to whatever medication or treatments his physician recommended next. Still no change. It was only a few short months before his twelfth birthday that doctors began to recommend moving him to another facility in Johto.

    His parents, while less than enthused with the prospect of packing up their lives and moving to a whole new region, agreed because of the light it put in Leven's eyes – it showed the promise of hope, something they had not seen in their youngest child in quite a bit of time. There was also their extended family living scattered across Johto to provide further support for the new experimental treatments being worked out in Goldenrod City. With permission granted and a quick transference completed, Leven spent several more months in white rooms with to the point medical professionals before finally being released. Although he had not quite been given a clean bill of health, his new head physician seemed quite confident that some time spent away in nearby Olivine City would help him to recover. Leven and his mother moved into his grandfather's house on the coast – for the next three years, he slowly regained his strength while listening to his father's stories about a land far far away from Johto. It was these stories that inspired him to find out more and, with both doctor's approval and mother's permission, he set out for Newbark Town to see Professor Elm. His Pokémon journey awaits.

    Lotta ♀ – Oshawott (Water) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Torrent – Increases the power of Water-type moves in a pinch.
    –Water Gun (!)
    –Razor Shell (!)
    –Icy Wind

    Era ♂ – Ponyta (Fire) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Flame Body – Contact with the Pokémon may burn the attacker.
    –Flame Wheel (!)
    –Morning Sun

    Ruru ♀ – Fomantis (Grass) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Leaf Guard – Prevents status conditions in sunny weather.
    –Sweet Scent
    –Razor Leaf (!)
    –Solar Blade (!) *LOCKED*

    Kytes☆ ♂ – Mantine (Water/Flying) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Swift Swim – Boosts the Pokémon's speed in rainy weather.
    –Signal Beam
    –Water Pulse (!)
    –Air Slash (!)

    Vui ♀ – Vulpix (Ice) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Snow Cloak – Boosts evasion in a hailstorm.
    –Powder Snow (!)
    –Confuse Ray
    –Baby-Doll Eyes
    –Double Team

    Coro ♂ – Castform (Normal) (OT: Leven Cascella)
    Ability: Forecast – Transforms with the weather into the fitting type.
    –Rain Dance
    –Sunny Day
    –Weather Ball (!)


    Pokéball (x5) – Use to capture Pokémon. Recyclable.


    Potion (x1) – 3 uses, heals small injuries.

    Key Items

    Pokégear – Nifty tool almost like a smartphone which acts as a watch, map, phone, and portable radio.


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  5. Name: Kaiser Thorne
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Trainer Type: Halfhearted League Challenger

    Appearance: Kaiser has a rather slight and athletic build, as if he runs a lot. Standing at about 5'10", he is also rather tall, giving him a very lanky appearance. This boy has crystal blue eyes set in a usually calm face framed by medium-brown hair, and wears a pale blue tee and blue denim jeans. The most obvious part of his attire is a long white scarf around his neck- and by long, this scarf reaches almost down to Kaiser's waist on both ends despite being wrapped around his neck a few times. He carries a cell phone and PokéBalls at his waist.

    Personality: Kaiser is a relatively laid-back boy, usually very calm and collected and sometimes seeming bored with what's going on around him. Amicable and friendly, Kaiser has a knack for befriending people without getting too close to them- often he doesn't even give his full name to these people. He enjoys his privacy, disliking being at the center of attention and will typically make himself scarce or even vanish for days at a time to gain some needed distance from other people. He is close with his Pokemon, however, and cares for them more than he tends to care for other people.

    History: Kaiser was born and raised in an undisclosed region. Due to dangerous circumstances in that region, he was sent to start his Pokemon journey overseas, in Johto, rather than in his home region where his parents felt the risk of injury was too great. The intent was for him to take the League Challenge in Johto and make a name for himself.

    In truth, Kaiser dislikes battles and only went along with it because it was expected of him to become a Pokemon trainer. While he does share a close bond with his Pokemon, his heart isn't particularly in the battles and he would rather do something else if he could. Not wanting to disappoint, however, he accepted his family's expectations without complaint.

    Blitz ♂☆ – Charmander (Fire) (OT: Kaiser Thorne)
    Serious | Proud of its power
    Ability: Blaze – Raises power of Fire-Type moves at low health.
    -- Flame Burst
    -- Dig
    -- Dragon Pulse
    -- Metal Claw

    Statix ♂ – Shinx (Electric) (OT: Kaiser Thorne)
    Mild | Alert to sounds
    Ability: Intimidate – Lowers opponent's Attack.
    -- Signal Beam
    -- Thunderbolt
    -- Ice Fang
    -- Volt Switch


    Pokéball (x5) – Use to capture Pokémon. Recyclable.


    Potion (x1) – 3 uses, heals small injuries.

    Key Items



  6. Name: Clarice Fairfield
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Trainer Type: Researcher-in-Training

    Personality: Clarice can be described as an outgoing, easily excitable girl who never fails to see the bright side in things. She enjoys traveling to new places and meeting new people, and most of all spending time outside. She would never be caught spending any more time than necessary in a traditional stuffy, cramped research laboratory and instead chooses to bring all of her tools and materials with her wherever she goes. Brilliant and curious by trade, Clarice still values her work above all else and manages to keep her excitable self in check most of the time whenever work is involved. She holds a very naive view of the world and it often makes her come off a bit young and sheltered.

    History: Clarice was born to two researchers based on Mt. Moon, where her first breathing moments took place within her parents' lab. Both her parents' area of expertise was in Pokemon biology and simbiosis - a subject that later in life would catch the interest of Clarice herself.

    Being an only child living deep in the mountains, Clarice had no one to talk to or play with, especially so after her mother passed away from illness and her father burying herself in work to cope with the grief. With her father far too busy to make time for her she found herself spending most of her time among the Pokemon inhabiting Mt. Moon. As soon as she became old enough to help Clarice asked her father if she could be his assistant. Overjoyed by his daughter's interest in science, her father began teaching her everything he knew. At first Clarice hated it, finding more and more of her free time being taken up by lectures inside the laboratory and knowing that she could never fill the void left in his heart by her mother. But she said nothing, knowing that it was the only way she would be able to spend time with him.

    Her view on her father's research was turned a whole hundred and eighty degrees the first time he took her out for fieldwork. She was once again able to immerse herself within the entire ecology of Mt. Moon - her playground since she was little - and when she was told she could be a field researcher for a living, Clarice knew this was what she wanted to do.

    Only several days after, her father sent her away with a package telling her to travel to the Johto region to deliver his most recent breakthrough to a Pokemon professor by the name of Elm, who would then allow her to embark on her own Pokemon journey.

    Vinny ♂ – Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison) (OT: Clarice Fairfield)
    Ability: Overgrow - Increases power of Grass-type moves by 50% when HP is below 1/3 of maximum.
    –Giga Drain (!)
    –Leech Seed
    –Poison Powder
    –Venoshock (!)

    Stella ♀ – Cleffa (Fairy) (OT: Clarice Fairfield)
    Ability: Magic Guard - Prevent all damage except direct-attack moves.
    –Fake Tears


    Pokéball (x5) – Use to capture Pokémon. Recyclable.


    Potion (x1) – 3 uses, heals small injuries.

    Key Items

    Pokégear – Nifty tool almost like a smartphone which acts as a watch, map, phone, and portable radio.


  7. Name: Acento
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Trainer Type: League Challenger

    Appearance: Acento is 5'1" in height, and has fair skin color. He has teal eyes and relatively unkempt green hair reaching midway down his neck. He wears a teal tee with a red PokeBall symbol on the left side of it, black jeans, and a pair of blue sneakers. He wears a blue PokeGear on his right wrist, and a black backpack.
    Personality: Acento is a generally friendly individual, and tends to be rather casual around other people. However, he can be well-mannered when it counts. He is considerate of others, especially of people he is acquainted with and his Pokemon. He tends to be a relatively enthusiastic person, and a very determined and confident individual. Despite being fairly competitive, he is usually not discouraged by a loss.
    History: Acento was born in Ecruteak City, where for several years he lived with his parents and his younger brother, Decir. Their time in Ecruteak allowed them frequent visits to both the Brass Tower and the Bell Tower. On occasion, the two of them made visits to the Ecruteak Gym to watch Trainers challenge Morty for the Fog Badge. Because of their time in the Johto region, they were able to listen on Team Rocket's takeover of the Goldenrod Radio Tower via radio.

    The brothers' interest in going on Pokemon journeys stemmed from their father. A Pokemon Trainer himself, he had visited many regions, fought many tough trainers, and caught many Pokemon. Often times, they listened to the stories of their father's journey, and had the opportunity to meet some of his Pokemon. And on occasion, they had their father's permission to use his Pokemon for practice battles. Finally, upon reaching the age of 14, Acento and Decir decided to start their own journeys. Their father took them from Ecruteak, flying straight to New Bark Town. It was here that Acento would see Professor Elm to get his very first Pokemon.

    Ordai ♂ – Totodile (Water) (OT: Acento)
    Adamant | Somewhat vain
    Ability: Torrent - Increases power of Water-type moves in a pinch
    –Aqua Jet
    –Dragon Dance

    Pokéball (x5) – Use to capture Pokémon. Recyclable.

    Potion (x1) – 3 uses, heals small injuries.

    Key Items


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