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Pokemon Sardonyx [Fangame]

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Keileon, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Giga already has a sprite for the third rival.
  2. Honestly, if we decide to use Amoyir as rival three again, I don't really mind. Although you also made the point that he might be a bit too experienced for Mary or Jordan, so idk...

    And really, I wouldn't exactly say we're seeking consent for use of one's character in the game. Granted, if one doesn't want their character in the game, that's fine. They can just say so, and we'll work something out. We are choosing to work with the characters that have appeared in the RP (and are at least still alive) because it makes sense. And we are using Jordan and Mary as the protagonists because they were the only ones actually starting their journeys with a visit to Spruce's lab.

    What I would say we're really looking for from the players are plans for their characters. What they're most likely going to do after the point the RP stopped. What Pokemon they might end up catching. Possible points for certain characters to have some sort of interaction. Just about anything to help us fit the characters into the story and figure out teams for potential battles. Or again, if they don't want their character involved, that's fine.
  3. I'd rather not use Amoyir. The fact that he canonically has multiple fully-evolved Pokemon and a gym badge by the time Mary and Jordan get their starters is too much for a rival.
  4. Fair enough...

    But uh... yeah... @Elegante, @"Nebulon Ranger", @Starrie, @"The Kakuzato", (I'll add to this list, just going off those who have actually been dropping by ZEJ lately) the following questions:
    -Do you want your character(s) in the game? And if so:
    -Where do you think your character would go beyond the point the RP stopped? Immediate, long term, whatever. For reference, here's the post on the Altaris region in the SU thread. Please note that the info is a bit outdated due to a few new areas being added and the wild Pokemon being shuffled around.
    -What Pokemon is your character(s) likely to catch beyond the point where the RP stopped? Keep in mind, there will be a dedicated Safari Zone for Gen VI and Gen VII Pokemon, and possibly Alola Forms.
    -What would you consider to be your long term plans for your character(s)?

    There's another question I want to ask you, but I'll save that for a later time. Any other questions I/we think I'll/we'll need to ask you collectively will be added if any pop up. We'll also most likely talk to you individually about any questions regarding your characters. Also, feel free to take all the time necessary to answer these questions.
  5. Note: Can't guarantee that gen 7 Pokemon will even be in Sardonyx. It's likely in the long run, though.
  6. I hardly remember anything about my character so yeah. Don't add her in.
  7. Granite v2 with new tileset!

  8. I may have gone a little overboard on the first gym city lol

  9. All cities for the alpha are done.

  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I would like to announce that Dark aka Nebulon Ranger aka NotWD aka :wolf: has officially joined the dev team for music.

    Also I recruited AAA aka Batteryman for sprite edits.
  12. @Cid aka :eek:wl: is now also working with us for spriting.
  13. [​IMG]

    Graphical errors around the edges will not be seen in-game.

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