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Pokemon Sardonyx [Fangame]

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Keileon, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]


    So, since things are actually starting to take off, Eeb suggested I update this thread.

    I'll pretty everything up later, but important points for now:

    - Pokémon Sardonyx refers to two things. One is my fakedex project, and the other is this fangame. They are mostly unrelated.
    -- As such, the "official" name for this game is Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win, based off and named after my old roleplay of the same name.
    - PS:RtW follows the storyline set and predicted in the roleplay. It shares my general Pokemon canon- that is to say, its spiritual sequel is my Nuzlocke comic trilogy Forlorn Spectre.

    - This game is being made in RPG Maker XP with Pokemon Essentials.
    - There are no true Fakemon barring some custom Mega Evolutions. Thus, we don't need to worry about the Pokemon themselves, which are a huge part of why games like Pokemon Uranium took so long.

    - The player will be assuming the role of Mary or Jordan from RtW, seeing as RtW kind of started with us talking about which user would fill what role in a Pokemon game.

    Current team:
    -- Keileon (Story, general)
    -- Lord X-Giga-X (Story, general)
    -- Eebit (Coding)
    -- Nebulon Ranger (Music)
    -- BatterymanAAA (Spriting)
    -- Cid (Spriting)

    What we'll probably want:
    -- Likely multiple coders since ZEJ has no shortage of them

    Map Mockups!
    #1 Keileon, Sep 8, 2014 at 7:59 PM
    Last edited: May 29, 2017
  2. RE: FireRed ROM Hack [Name Pending]

    The screenshots don't work anymore. :x Are you still pursuing this project, or have you all moved on from it/put it on hiatus? Seems interesting!
  3. RE: FireRed ROM Hack [Name Pending]

    @Jonno Giga and I occasionally talk about it, and he occasionally updates the sprites, but at this point I'm wondering if it'd be better as a hack or as a standalone .exe like Pokemon Zeta and Omicron.

    @"Lord X-Giga-X"?
  4. RE: FireRed ROM Hack [Name Pending]

    Oh, I was meaning to ask (since I saw a bot looking at this thread)... are you guys still working on this project? I think I saw that you were going to talk about it more the other day on IRC, and were still contemplating on whether you were going to move it to an RPG Maker or continue as-is.

    If it makes a difference, I wouldn't mind potentially learning Ruby to work on this on-and-off with you guys, if you were to move it to RPG Maker. I haven't really gotten into the scripting language they use for it, but I figure it'd be a good exercise and a fun project to work on while tinkering around. It'd probably be easier for me to do it that way rather than fumble my way through hacking FireRed.

    I don't have any of the RPG Maker programs installed anymore, but I figure we could all... acquire... some version of it at the same time.
  5. RE: FireRed ROM Hack [Name Pending]

    We kind of are. At this point it's gone on the backburner, but both of us still intend (I think) to complete it.

    If you want to help you're more than welcome!
  6. RE: FireRed ROM Hack [Name Pending]

    Well I mean if you're fine with it Eebit...

    I will say though, we had plans with what to do with Gen VI Pokemon and Mega Evolutions. idk what we're going to do about Gen VII...
  7. RE: FireRed ROM Hack [Name Pending]

    Sure! I think it'd be a fun way to practice coding and game design. I'm in full support of community projects like these.

    Is there a "project plan" kicking around somewhere that I could take a peek at?
  8. RE: FireRed ROM Hack [Name Pending]

    There's a dropbox. I think I need your email for that?
  9. Updated first post.
  10. I can hypothetically do pixel art but I doubt I can really work in the Pokemon style successfully unless I'm pixeling over a pre-made sketch :x

    Feel free to consider me an if-all-else-fails set of extra hands, however! I'd always be up to help if you actually needed me lol
  11. Would you be up to do small pixel stuff like special tiles and overworld sprites? Because aside from trainers and the few custom Pokemon we have, that's also something we need.
  12. I'm not certain how great they'd come out, but I can certainly make a valiant attempt. So basically, yes.
  13. In the meantime, here, have a quick mockup screenshot of the starting town.

  14. Not sure if it matches the style you guys are looking for, but I did do some digging through my files and found the templates that the Pokemon Scarlet team was going to use for our overworld sprites:


    I always thought they looked pretty nice. Might add some work to make all them overworlds, but I thought I'd throw it out there. It does add that extra bit of personal touch to have unique sprites of our own.
  15. Here, have Granite Town.


    Remember this is a mockup. The finished product will have different tiles, and most likely be less forested.
  16. And this is what happens when you change the tileset of a nearly completed map

  17. And THIS is what happens when Giga and I are allowed to work in text files together.

  18. Here, have some sprites.

    Edited by Giga:


    Edited by me:


    ... It seems like I've been doing less than Giga, just from this. .-. We've been doing about equal work, I just tend to work more on the map mockups.
  19. That is the most Giga Arbok ever.
  20. Got in contact with Espy. He had this to say about you guy using Amoyir:

    So that's a go-ahead, at least.

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