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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Grand Rebellion

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by CerberusLycan, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. My agents brought word of massive spatial anomalies today; entire portions of our world have been swallowed by chaos. Trying to enter these places results in finding oneself somewhere else entirely, and the Pokémon native to these areas have lost their minds amid the havoc. Could this be the beginning of the end which I have feared from the start?

    This land has known nothing but peace for so long. It was our due, after the calamity, and losing everything we had. I tried to take measures to ensure that harmony would be preserved for as long as possible, but it seems destruction comes nevertheless. Perhaps I was a fool to hope otherwise.

    If this truly is our end approaching, there is nothing we can do this time. There is nowhere left to go-- we are out of places to run away to. I have no guarantee that this is a fate which can be fought, but when the verdict is revealed there will be no doubt that I tried. It is what I owe to the memories of the past, and all the lives of the present. I will fight for this world till its very last moments.​

    ~ Pokémon Mystery Dungeon ~
    Grand Rebellion


    Seems like this has been a long time coming on ZEJ. We've always wanted a PMD statplay, but one's never really started up. Hopefully that will be remedied here.

    Those familiar with the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series could probably already guess, but the roleplay starts off with the titular Mystery Dungeons surfacing in a world inhabited solely by Pokémon. It furthermore seems like it wouldn't be a PMD work at heart without starting off with a protagonist or few suffering from amnesia, with only their names and the inklings of coming from a world inhabited by humans. Players can opt to have their character(s) ascribe to such an enigmatic beginning here in Grand Rebellion, or they may choose to have their Pokémon be a normal resident of the world in question.

    As opposed to Destiny Squadron in the past, Grand Rebellion will be using the traditional ShadowSystem profile template without any changes-- at least to begin with. I'd really like to see our Pokémon characters thought of as statistical Units in full here. Don't feel like you have to just take the Pokémon and their abilities at face value. Take creative liberties and make them unique, with unique capabilities. As far as which Pokémon you can use, the answer is essentially any of them, so long as 1) they are at their first evolutionary stage; 2) they are not Legendary (or Mythical); 3) they have nothing to do with Generation VII.

    Regarding the organization of characters, we'll definitely be keeping the construct of squads. The bare minimum here is two squads with two Pokémon each to start the roleplay, but starting with anything more would be great. My priority will always be making sure squads have three Pokémon rather than making sure there are more squads, just because three feels like a good amount for the planned gameplay. If you want to arrange with another player beforehand to have your Pokémon in the same squad, that's fine, otherwise it can be sorted out in-character. A single player can also have multiple characters, but I'd really prefer they spread their Pokémon across different squads unless they are positive they know what they're getting themselves into.

    On a final note, I guess I should amend my earlier statement: for now, there will be no changes to the profiles, except for Pokémon Types. Unless the majority of players decide they want to stick with the normal ShadowSystem Elements, I'll go off the assumption that the added flavor of the Type system is expected of a Pokémon statplay. My aim is to have the influences of Types be noticeable, but not defining; having a Type advantage or disadvantage in combat should affect the battle, but it shouldn't define it. Having wrapped that up, feel free to ask questions, of course, and state your interest below if it's existent!
  2. I'm in. Not sure which Pokemon I am going to pick yet, but I love the idea of a PMD roleplay and I'm excited to see how it pans out!

    As far as Types vs. traditional "elements," I think that using the Pokemon typing only seems natural~
  3. I have dibs on Absol
  4. Typing is definitely a must. But instead of doubling or halving damage like in the games, maybe just make type advantage/disadvantage have a 10 or 20% effect.

    I'll figure out what Pokemon I wanna be later. Right now Munchlax is looking very tempting.
  5. I...I love PMD. I'm fuckin in.
  6. how come cody's post got a like and the rest of ours didn't this is total bs
  7. I'm in as well~

    I just need to figure out what Pokémon to play as...
  8. Because he included a superfluous expletive so as to make it seem as if he's speaking aggressively, which is humorously ironic since in actuality he most likely wasn't. In addition, I appreciated the message of his post, of course.

    That aside, I'll be trying to get the Profile Thread up within the next few days. At present, we have exactly enough people (assuming we each make one character) to compose two teams of three, which I think is a very fine arrangement. More players are always welcome, of course, as are more characters if any player feels the desire to make multiple. As far as our current line-up goes, [tip id=1 content=because they're gay lovers in the nighttime, cheating on their respective girlfriends in order to sneak a taste of their forbidden love as often as they can]I know Eebit intends to have his Pokémon in the same squad as Cody's[/tip]. Once more, players are welcome to plan ahead who they share their squads with, especially since ideally we will split Pokémon evenly between squads, and planning ahead might make it easier to set that up in-character.

    On a final, related note which I couldn't find a way to fit smoothly in the rest of the post, my character will be a Growlithe, which reminds me to say that I plan to just have all Pokémon evolution tied to Job Promotion. If, indeed, you want your Pokémon to evolve, you can decide to have them do so upon any Job Promotion. I'd like to limit it to that since changes already occur during Job Promotion, as well as power-level growth, and it really just makes everything smoother.
  9. If more players join up I will very likely make a Noibat character to form another squad, since evolution is available and I love me some Noiverns
  10. Hello friends I am here...!

    Still considering a Pokemon, but, y'know.
  11. I am also okay with making another character if need be. Think I've decided on Munchlax for certain, and I'll figure out what else if I have to make a second.
  12. At the moment I'm looking at Drofloon. And I'll be joining Coddy and Jacob bb because someone has to videotape their forbidden love.
  13. As an update, I'll be going with a Swablu. I've started making progress with her profile but I still have work to do. I'm hoping to finish her by Wednesday or so at the latest, before school starts picking up and sapping all my profile motivation.

    e: Well nevermind all that, looks like I'm going back towards Hippopotas.
  14. I have some progress on both characters I intend to use but haven't had the chance to do much beyond the first section. Oops.

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