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Pokemon GO

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Gold Dullahan, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. So GO just dropped today, at least for the US.

    Didn't find a thread already here so I figured I'd just make one myself for everyone.
  2. :'( its not available in canada yet
  3. >No iOS version yet.

    Well fuck you too, Nintendo.

    EDIT: Nvm it seems to be A Thing now.
  4. When your phone won't update any further than Android 4.1.2 and Pokemon Go needs Android 4.3...
  5. I found an Eevee in my room! :D
  6. Lol it keeps crashing send help
  7. It can't handle all the people! DX
  8. Relevant, might be interesting to you guys


    Meanwhile I can't play because I don't own a smartphone :D
  9. So just from playing for two days, here's my weird collection so far:

    -Bulbsaur (because I really was not paying attention... so... yeah... starter...)
    -Pidgey (obvious)
    -Pidgeotto (evolved a Pidgey)
    -Rattata (obvious)
    -Slowpoke (... okay....)
    -Tauros (This one I don't understand. Literally, I just logged back in a few minutes ago, and suddenly Tauros. I... what...)
    -Eevee (because apparently everyone's finding it)
  10. Not released in Canada yet but fuck it, just gonna download the APK.
  11. Yeah, with you there. I figured that it would've been released over the weekend, but I guess they still had more to do on it or something. I told myself I would give it until Sunday, so I sideloaded it earlier today.

    Then @Skolli and I went out for some Pokemon-catching adventures. Good stuff.


    Figured I'd follow Giga's lead and list off what I caught today on my first day of my POKEMON JOURNEY!

    - Pikachu
    - Weedle
    - Pidgey
    - Drowsee (x2)
    - Rattata (x2)
    - Zubat (x3)
    - Hypno
    - Gastly
    - Pidgey
    - Spearow
    - Goldeen
  12. Phone isn't smart enough to be compatible. Welp.

    Granted now we have people all over the campus meandering with their phones like morons running into people and things. Apparently there were 300 people gathered in the school gardens friday night playing Go. You know... now I'm kinda glad my phone isnt compatible...
  13. And this is why I tend to have Go's Battery Saver on when I play.

    Also, today was... interesting...
    -A strange number of PokeSpots and gyms on the way to the campus. A bunch of churches, an airport, a playground... that can only end so well... a Chinese restaurant... okay... The campus itself is home to 6 PokeSpots and 2 gyms.
    -Found a Gastly on the way. Weird, but okay.
    -My general shit aim with PokeBalls really kicked me in the ass. Had to let a Scyther go because I ran out of PokeBalls... ;_;
    -A Golbat evaded me because Go decided to be inconvenient and crash.
    -Pidgeotto seem to love the place. I kept running into them.
    -New update's supposed to have added some stability for people that log in through Trainer Club. Good thing I can't log in now!
  14. Yeah there were a surprising amount of people in the park (all catching Pokemon) in the middle of the night. Mind you, we were out for the same purpose so I guess I shouldn't be surprised lol

    The game kept freezing on me and then my phone died (it went from half battery to stone cold dead in under an hour, yikes) so I missed some good 'mons
  15. Caught a Snorlax last night! It's currently the strongest member of my team~
  16. Day two and we had quite an eventful trek in my city...

    - Pidgey (x4)
    - Caterpie
    - Rattata (x4)
    - Weedle
    - Kakuna
    - Slowpoke
    - Spearow (x2)
    - Staryu (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    - Jinx
    - Squirtle
    - Drowsee (x4)
    - Seaking
    - Dratini
    - Goldeen (x3)
    - Gastly
    - Magikarp (x2)
    - Zubat
    - Psyduck (x2)
    - Lapras
  17. Well, I'm out of PokeBalls, so I'm really in no position to do any catching today... But I'm satisfied with my collection so far, so I don't mind...

    On a more entertaining note, between the amount of PokeSpots I interacted with yesterday, I am maxed out on eggs and got an extra incubator. And because I apparently can, I am gonna walk around the house to try to hatch two of them. I'll report what they turn out to be.

    EDIT: Man, it really bugs me that this map music only loops for so long... I mean I don't find it all that exciting, but it's better than the dead silence that follows.

    EDIT2: On second thought, nevermind. There's a lot more meandering involved than I was anticipating. Though it's hilarious that I'm able to do this.
  18. wait you can hatch eggs by meandering around the house? because if that actually works im switching my at home exercising to jogging up and down the stairs lol
  19. It'd take a while for it to hatch... But doing so, I was definitely noticing an increase in distance walked for the two eggs. So yeah, it's doable, but it would definitely take a while.
  20. tbh you could probably go on a bus ride and do it

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