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Pokemon Crossing: Gijinka World [SU]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Elegante, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. You weren't meant to be, yet you found your way here.

    This is Koyoto, the supposed region that gijinkas are supposed to be safe in.

    Make your name.

    The Form of Filling Out and Filing

    [b]Name:[/b] The obvious part. First Middle Last
    [b]Age:[/b] Herp-a-derp.
    [b]Gijinka Pokemon:[/b] What Pokemon are you combined with?
    [b]Apperance:[/b] I prefer to see than read. Please include an image within the spoiler ( [spoiler] ) and image ( [img] ) tags. Only in a worst case scenario will I accept words.
    [b]Gender & Sexuality:[/b] Yes, I am allowing sexuality, but this will all remain PG-13.
    [b]Biography:[/b] Give me a bio. Please include a hometown. Somewhere between 4 and 6 sentences will sufice. More is good. Fewer sentences will be taken into account.
    [b]Personality:[/b] What does your character act like? Same number of sentences as bio.
    [b]Boosted Stats:[/b] This is the main part to be approved, thus the reason this form is messaged to yours truly.
    [b]Other:[/b] Something different about your gijinka that can't fit above? Here ya go.

    Private message character profiles to me, with the subject line reading "PC: GW". You may post them here once accepted.


    City descriptions to come.
  3. My Characters:

    Name: Nicholas Jaie Redfearn
    Age: Ageless (Legendary)
    Gijinka Pokemon: Dialga
    Gender & Sexuality: Gender & Sexuality Unknown
    Biography: Nicholas was raised in a small town that played home to much of nothing. This town was New Bark Town. Even though he looked completly human, from a small age he was able to control time for short bursts, sending his parents into shock at first. Once he grew older, he began to develop more and more into his true form. Around what his parents thought was his thirteenth birthday, he began to grow horns on both sides of his head. These horns continued to grow from then on. His parents didn't know what to do with him, so they sent him out at the age of seemingly sixteen. He eventually wound up in the Whirl Islands, alone and sad. Not much is known of what happened to him, or how long he was there. He eventually left and found the area where Ziemas is now located. Alongside several other legendaries, he founded the town as a Gijinka Safehaven.
    Personality: Nicholas is nuetral territory. Depending on who you are and what you act like will decide what he treats you like. He enjoys music, and thus is constantly singing or messing with an instrument. He is neither loud nor quiet and thus enjoys the presence of others in a small group. He welcomes anyone with open arms, until they prove themselves otherwise. A lot gets under his skin, but some things get under there quicker. His pet peeves include: rudeness, uncleanleness, and stupidity.
    Boosted Stats: Minor time control ability that lasts up to thirty minutes without hurting himself.
    Other: Allergy to Peanuts.
  4. If one person is confused, I realize others might be too. So, here is some things crazE and I came up with.

    crazE tell me of your Gijinka RP
    16:35 crazE what is it about? I was only able to quickly scan over it when I had time to get on
    16:36 RaivisGalante Well, all I have released is that you are a gijinka, supposed to be dead, that has made it to a safehaven.
    16:36 RaivisGalante I have the entire plot already done, but will release it as the roleplay goes on.
    16:37 crazE ok well uhm
    16:37 crazE how am I to make a background and a hometown if I know nothing of them? Are they regions from the pokemon series? Do I have to explain why my character is a gijinka or are they common?
    16:38 RaivisGalante Hrm. Hometown can be any region within the actual games/anime
    16:38 RaivisGalante You can explain why they are gijinka if you'd like, but you don't have to.
    16:39 crazE Well, can you tell me how gijinka are made? I'm not familiar with that dealio
    16:45 RaivisGalante Really, gijinka aren't made. (the best i can come up with)
    16:45 RaivisGalante Being a gijinka, from what I can deceiver, is sort of a genetic mutation.
    16:46 crazE digi evolution?
    16:46 crazE *shot*
    16:46 RaivisGalante XD
    16:46 RaivisGalante But, um, no. Do you know how real life genetic mutations work?
    16:48 crazE cancer?
    16:48 crazE *shotagain*
    16:49 RaivisGalante *bricks crazE*
    16:49 crazE explodes
    16:49 crazE I haven't familiarized myself with that level of biology
    16:50 RaivisGalante Darn.
    16:50 crazE why do you ask?
    16:51 RaivisGalante Well, basically, for a gijinka: The genes within them, that cause them to be gijinkas, may remain dormant for many years, or may show themselves at birth.
    16:51 crazE soooo
    16:51 crazE our character's ancestors might've been **** by a pokemon and then this?
    16:52 RaivisGalante That can be one way to put it, I guess.
    16:52 crazE well
    16:52 crazE I find that half disturbing
    16:53 crazE and half interesting
    16:53 RaivisGalante LoL
    16:53 crazE I would've thought that we could go by some kind of digimon thing where a person is able to "absorb" (with a lack of any better description) a pokemon and their attributes/abilities/other and therefore make gijinka
    16:54 crazE or they're pokemon spirits in general recycled into human beings
    16:54 RaivisGalante That could be another way.
    16:54 crazE and when a certain power ignites their inner pokemon spirit
    16:54 crazE they gain abilities
    16:54 crazE or something
    16:54 crazE IDK
    16:54 RaivisGalante This is the reason I am having people to PM the forms, so I can make sure nothing is too drastic.
    16:55 RaivisGalante ALL OF THIS SOUNDS GREAT, HOLY SH!T
    16:55 crazE do stats count as abilities or what?
    16:56 RaivisGalante Stats?
    16:57 crazE "Boosted Stats"
    16:58 RaivisGalante Oh, on the form?
    16:58 crazE yesserie
    16:58 RaivisGalante Hang on a sec
    17:00 RaivisGalante What I was meaning there, and I will go back and word it better, is the part of the human that is changed.
    17:00 RaivisGalante Boosted speed, psychic abilites, etc
    17:00 crazE o
    17:00 crazE well
    17:01 crazE do the gijinkas get any special powers such as performing moves like a pokemon?
    17:01 crazE because Hyper Beam yes.
    17:01 RaivisGalante I was thinking about that. Hang on.
    17:03 crazE XD otay
    17:03 crazE also, maybe not just leave it to one move at a time. Humans are more innovative and gijinkas may be able to mix and match moves
    17:03 crazE as in combos
    17:03 crazE kinda like KH
    17:03 crazE (Kingdom Hearts)
    17:04 RaivisGalante I know KH
    17:04 crazE I didn't know if you knew the abbreviation
    17:04 crazE XD
    17:04 RaivisGalante i did
    17:04 RaivisGalante I think I'll cut it down to where they can only know up to 4 moves.
    17:04 RaivisGalante No OP MAry Sue's though
    17:05 crazE well of course not
    17:05 crazE and four moves? Must be a mind limit or something then
    17:05 RaivisGalante Mhmm
    17:05 RaivisGalante And Maybe a recharge time.
    17:05 crazE so are they mentally incapable of keeping knowledge of more moves or no?
    17:06 RaivisGalante YOU ARE MAKING ME THINK
    17:06 RaivisGalante STAHP
    17:06 RaivisGalante lol, jk
    17:06 crazE I'm just trying to figure this ou- Oh XD
    17:06 RaivisGalante I would say the Pokemon side prevents that, yes
    17:07 crazE pokemon's brains are more powerful than ours
    17:07 crazE I mean, you never see pokemon get drunk and beat their spouses
    17:07 RaivisGalante i have -_-
    17:07 crazE . . .
    17:07 RaivisGalante she **** him afterwards
    17:07 crazE I see
    17:07 crazE well that's unfortunate
    17:07 RaivisGalante and his seed created the first gijinka
    17:07 crazE but you should probably close the hentai tab
    17:08 RaivisGalante SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?
    17:08 crazE Nope!!!!!
    17:08 crazE I don't see anything!
    17:08 crazE I can only read!
    17:08 RaivisGalante -_-
    17:08 RaivisGalante read what i did there!?
    17:08 crazE yes
    17:08 crazE and my mind is now on the wall
    17:08 RaivisGalante see, it all comes back
    17:09 RaivisGalante I BLEW CRAZE'S MIND~
    17:09 crazE can a gijinka be a delta species?
    17:09 crazE now I want to see your mind on the wall
    17:09 crazE :>
    17:10 RaivisGalante Delta Species?
    17:10 crazE where a pokemon is a different element than what their species is supposed to be
    17:10 crazE
    17:11 RaivisGalante No.
    17:11 crazE
    17:12 RaivisGalante Negative
    17:12 crazE http://pokegym.net/gallery/displayimage.php?imageid=40011
    17:14 RaivisGalante I SAID NO

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