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Perhaps In My Dreams OOC

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Gold Dullahan, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. TADA!!!

    We're back in business (?) folks! After much [tip id= 1 content= Eebit: Hey Gold can we continue this? Yes? Cool lol]deliberation by me and Eebit[/tip], PIMD makes it's hopefully glamorous return!

    If you pop on into the main thread (and I really hope you do, I've got some fun stuff in my post), you'll note that I've completely re-written and changed my entire original post. A little further down, your eyes will also be treated to our beauteous, very own Eebit's masterful response. I'll be working on my response to that, of course. Please feel free to join us in this new ZEJ adventure!

    Cheers to almost 3 years of both my and PIMD's run on ZEJ, I guess! Consider a few of the bits and bobbles of my first post in PIMD as a bit of a, shall we say, "love letter" to ZEJ :5

    - Yours in ZEJitude,
    MoonMoon, Gold, مبازکہ.
  2. Reading the new version of your post brought me great joy at work today. :5
  3. I guess I never posted here lol oops

    I had a fantastic time reading your post and I eagerly await more! It was a pretty good representation of our little community :5

    I admit that I was scrambling between a few things while writing this piece (Rose's radio show and homework, to name a couple) and could've probably expanded further on my detail of the eagles and why I was trapped in their land to begin with, but hey, it's all interpretive, and as we're feeling our way around the weird and wonderful in this RP, it'll sort itself out, anyway. :p All the same, nothing could stop me from posting just then because, echoing Krista and Eebit above me -- the first post, while a grand reflection of ZEJ itself :5, was also just inspired enough to really get the creative juices flowing. Top that off with the Eebear's post following that, and my jumping in immediately was a situation that couldn't be passed up.

    tl;dr Good times in PIMD High.

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