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PSA Page Templates

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Okay, wiki page templates to make sure everyone's pages are structured the same way.

    {{Infobox Character|Color=|Box title=|image=|Caption=|Aliases=|Age=|Gender=|Species=|Planet=|Domain=|Powers=|Allegiance=|Family=}}
    {{Quote Box|Color=|Quote=|Source=}}
    Introduction Section
    Self-explanatory. In the event that your character has multiple forms, split into subsections for these forms. First of these subsections should be whatever would be considered the character's "standard" form.
    Split into subsections if there are significant personality differences between multiple canons.
    ==Skills and Abilities==
    ===Inherent Abilities===
    ===Learned Skills===
    ===Soul Phantasms===
    Divided into sections based on canon, each containing bullet points for individual characters they have significant relationships with.
    Divided into major subsections. Further divided based on canon.
    (Optional section.) List quotes spoken by the character here.
    [place navigation bar(s) linking this page here]
    [place page categories here]
    {{Infobox Species
    |Box title=
    |Caption=(Like with the other two infoboxes, if you have nothing for this parameter, then exclude it completely.)
    |Science=(for those familiar with taxonomy, this is where that fun stuff goes)
    |Habitat=(aka where on said planet you'd find them, only super short version)
    |Status=(conservation status)
    (if Monster, use the following)
    {{Infobox Species/Monster
    |Box title=
    |Caption=(Remove this part if you're not filling it in. 
    Leaving it empty results in a random apostrophe for some reason.)
    |Science=Binomial/trionomial name. If you have no idea what either of these mean, then Google.
    |Threat Level=
    ==Goals and Ideals==
    ===Divided Factions===
    {{Infobox Planet|Box title=PLANET_NAME|image=|Canon=MAIN_CANON|Demonym=|Races=RACES|Deities=DEITIES|Languages=LANGUAGES|Radius=PLANET'S_RADIUS|Gravity=GRAVITY|Orbit=ORBITAL_PERIOD|Rotation=ROTATIONAL_PERIOD}}
    '''[Name]''' is a [...]
    ===Major Landmarks===
    ===Native Species===
    ===[Anything Else Unique to the Planet]===
    ==Notable Inhabitants==
    This section should be used for listing "notable characters" that have impacted the world in a significant, meaningful way. Note that this does not mean listing off MAIN characters, but rather significant or important figures.
    ===Roleplay Introduction===
    ===<divide further into chapters/major events>===
    ==Dramatis Personae==
    ===Supporting Characters===
    Countries/Continents (in-planet) CURRENTLY REVISING
    - Geography
    -- Landmarks
    - Notable Settlements
    - Religious/Political Views
    - Inhabitants
    -- Notable Residents [from Cult canon]
    - [own section]
    - History
    - Trivia [if applicable]
    Important Objects
    And that's all I can think of. If you think there's something else we might need a template for, or if you want to make a suggestion for one of these, feel free to do so.
  2. The "Species" template needs a revision. It tries to be coherent at first, but it fails in the actual execution due to the "broken" flow of information, as a majority of sections are completely out of place regardless of importance (Abilities after everything else except Trivia...?). As such, I'm suggesting that we change the format to Appearance / Physiology / Abilities (or Powers) / Behavior / Evolution / Lore / Trivia.

    Territory can be merged with "Behavior" in the form of "Habitat" or something to that effect. Evolution is solely there for the sake of subspecies or special background information, so feel free to omit if there is none. Lore is something I added to help "decentralize" pages that are generally relevant to more than one world--instead of getting rid of cultural and mythological references, they can be moved here in appropriate subsections.

  3. I like that proposal a lot. It seems to flow with a lot more coherence and avoids needing to repeat a lot of information. The 'Lore' bit works especially well, since it can be subdivided based on each planet, and we can easily provide different 'planetary contexts' for various creatures that overlap. For instance, Dragons on Euthora would have a very different context to those of Galamion. Abundance in the one, and relative scarcity on the other.

    I'd almost suggest that Physiology be a subsection of Appearance, though. It seems like they are aiming for the same goal, and sort of overlap in what they convey, except that Physiology would give """scientific""" context to the aesthetic/visual design of the race/species. So maybe even just merge the two of them?

    Also, we do need to rework the other templates. Any suggestions are very welcome.
  4. Well, I'll bring up my suggestions for Character and Organizations (or I think Groups would work better).

    My suggestion for Character is more of a slight change. Basically, making a section called "Combat" which includes the old Fighting Style and all of its subsections (as seperate subsections obviously), and removing the "Allies" section as I think that could be explained in the "Relationships" section. Maybe move "Relationships" to where "Allies" would be.

    So basically:
    • Appearance
    • Personality
    • Relationships
    • Combat
      • Fighting Style
      • Powers
      • Abilities
      • Equipment
      • Strengths & Immunities
      • Weaknesses & Fears
    • History
    • Quotes
    • Trivia

    My suggestion for for Groups is a reorganization of everything. Make Goals & Ideals the first section, followed by Members (which includes "Divided Factions" from the "Neutral" section). Then the following section would be "Relationships", which would include "Allies", "Neutral", and "Enemies" as subsections. And then "Location(s)", followed by History and Trivia sections.

    -Goals & Ideals
     -Divided Factions
  5. Considering that the infoboxes are part of these page templates, anyone want to suggest parameters for an infobox for the species pages and/or additional parameters for the planets pages? I'd be fine with setting stuff up for either.
  6. The more I think about it, I think the template for continents and countries is probably fine as it is right now.
  7. Made a slight change to one of my previous suggestions.
  8. So temporarily added "Demonym" as a parameter for the templates for planet infoboxes. Any objections?
  9. Added Color as a parameter for Character Infoboxes.
  10. Can we get a template for canons set up?
  11. This is my roughly-whipped-up-in-five-minutes template WIP for the 'Canons.' Any suggestions/discussion/additions would be swell.

    (major events/summary/general stuff, such as the typical blurb in the Oblivion Phantasy profile threads)
    (roleplays/fics/"seasons" that exist within the canon, each broken into a subsection)
    ==Characters (or maybe Dramatis Personae)==
    ===Major Characters===
    ===Minor Characters===
    Additionally, on the subject of 'templates' I propose that we add something along the lines of this:


    To the Wiki, since there are things that could be proposed to be rephrased and such. We should also have a personalized 'stub' template.

    And quality control in general, but that can come after we, you know, get a solid amount of articles hammered out.
  12. Looks good enough for now, actually. Maybe a subsection in Characters for antagonists.
  13. Okay so CoU canon is kinda a special case. A lot of the time it's impossible to tell the difference between a minor or major character; it's mostly opinion and how involved the player has managed to make their character. I set up a branch of my user page to try to work this out- mainly with protagonist/antagonist sections, but I feel it works about as well as the minor/major character setup. Which isn't much. After Shadow came by IRC and I brought this up, he helped a bit (and immediately brb'd) so I went back to the template Eeb posted, but uhh...

    ... If anyone wants to have a shot at it, go right ahead.


    Part of my problem is I don't know or forget certain characters' full names. Mostly it's the line between major and minor, though.
  14. Looking at Euthora, Vindrgard, and Cytieresk's page in the making, I've gotta ask....

    Should we officially add "Calender" as a subsection for Culture for planet pages?
  15. Yeah I don't see why not.
  16. Okay, I feel like I need to point out a couple of things that shouldn't need pointing out. But considering things....

    1. There are three different infobox templates: Infobox, Infobox Planet, and Infobox Character. The first one exists as a test template, and should not actually be used as it does not have enough parameters.
    2. While you can include captions in the image link, the caption will only appear in a hoverbox. This is why the "Caption" parameter exists. However, it's not included in either template in this thread as for some reason, including it in without adding anything creates a random apostrophe. I have no idea why it does that, nor have I found any means of fixing it except for omitting it completely. This is also mentioned on the template pages for both infoboxes.
  17. So do I just use the species template for the race of people I created?
  18. Yes, see my extremely incomplete Lycan page.
  19. Is there an ETA on the countries/continents pages? I only need those and then I can finish my first draft of all pages.

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