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Oblivion Phantasy ~ World for Two 【Profile Thread】

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Shadow, May 4, 2012.

  1. ~ Plot ~

    This is a One on One Statistical Roleplay between Kuda and Shadow.

    The World of Phantasia.

    A fantastical world of flowing Mana, unsolved mysteries and crawling danger. During the Era of Origin, it was a harsh world filled with chaos; and both Mortal and God alike formed a pact bound to last eternity to set a definite order. While the humans were gifted to grasp the concepts of both magic and science alike, the higher beings they now worshiped as their deities reshaped Phantasia into the world it is now. Or so the legend tells. The world itself is like a jigsaw puzzle--many vital pieces that necessary to comprehend it are missing and complete exploration of the planet is severely restricted by the natural hazards that exist. And thus, while a vast mantle of undefined danger conceals a majority of Phantasia, the slowly-growing patches of thriving population that exist contrast it into perfect harmony. I shall welcome you to the universe of Oblivion Phantasy, a collection of tales spanning the length of time of this world from the start, through the end. All within one's grasp.

    Treasure. Majestic fortune rests in an eternal slumber, concealed from reach. Be it an ancient complex of generations past, a paradisaical valley untouched by mortal grasp, Phantasia is often compared metaphorically with "a dune of diamond dust", for obvious reasons. Assembled in larger-scale Guilds to acquire positive reputation throughout the world, there exists those called Hunters, who take in the role to accomplish something sought since ancient times--the complete exploration and understanding of Phantasia. However, they do also take responsibility in the area or region their Guild is located on, applying for dangerous missions such as monster extermination.

    The Land of Lienaell, although overshadowed by its sister Dharmastia, is a rather tranquil continent theorized to be merely the remains of an even greater land sunken in the depths of the Arca Ocean by unknown causes. Lienaell is divided in three kingdoms acting as individual countries as well which govern the land equally, though disputes and even wars have had their place among their history. They are the Sacred Kingdom of Cicera, the Rose Thorn Kingdom of Sarrex, and the Imperial Kingdom of Kyouren. Though imposing, their domain is restricted by the urban and rural areas surrounding them, as further beyond lays the roughly charted and dangerous land, remained untamed by civilization for millenia for it is inhabited by dangerous monsters. Recently, the country of Sarrex has faced the terror which are the increasingly frequent monster attacks, and despite the efforts of Guilds who dispatch Hunters to exterminate them, the vicious creatures who normally remain in their territory unless disturbed keep assaulting small towns and villages.

    It is just the story and fate of two relatively new Hunters that this tale will begin with. While more experienced teams are sent to patrol and defend the otherwise peaceful settlements, they are sent to the virgin, tropical jungles of Lienaell to hopefully find the source of the disturbance, and then report back to their Guild, hopefully safely. Their mission seems fairly simple, as encounters can be easily prevented and their supplies are to be effective under worst case scenarios. However, little do they know that their planned ways will soon cross with a special somebody's, and further discover not everything is what it seems to be.

    In a journey that will soon span the entirety of Phantasia, will they be able to overcome a much more sinister plot?

    Oblivion Phantasy
    ~ World for Two ~


    ~ Profile Template ~

    [b]Next Level:[/b]
    [b]Job Promotion:[/b]
    [b]+ Skill #1:[/b]
    [b]+ Skill #2:[/b]
    [b]~ Stats ~[/b]
    [b]X Gauge:[/b]
    [b]Skill Points:[/b]
    [b]Upgrade Points:[/b]
  2. ~ Inventory ~


    Potion x3 - Recovers 25 HP upon usage. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Ether x2 - Restores 10 MP upon usage. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Solution - Restores 15 HP and 15 MP upon usage. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Soul Tonic - Revives a KO'd Character with 25% Max HP. Range: Adjacent Cell.

    Pink Berry x2 - Restores 5 HP upon usage. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Teal Berry - Restores 5 MP upon usage. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Red Berry x4 - Increases Current Atk by 1 upon usage. Indefinite Duration. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Blue Berry - Increases Current Spr by 1 upon usage. Indefinite Duration. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Chest Key x2 - Opens Locked Chest upon usage. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Antidote x2 - Alleviates Poison. Downgrades Severe Poison. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Bleuroot - Bestows Mana Regeneration upon usage. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.




    Empty Flask x2 - Completely empty flask of glass. It could probably serve some use.

    Glass Sphere - Perfectly round sphere of glass, small in size. It appears to have been made for... something.

    Yellow Vine x6 - Thin green vine from a Venus Walker with a progressively yellow tonality as one stares at its length.

    White Flower x3 - Delicate flower colored so deceptively white, one would not believe it is actually potent poison used by Venus Walkers...

    Petal Shred x4 - Shredded piece of one of a Flosgrana's flexible, yet resilient petals which display a variety of colors depending on the flower itself.

    Green Cap x2 - Small mushroom with a cap colored a rather vile and venomous green. It appears to be a concentrated poison itself.

    Mossbud x4 - Admirably tiny and simple flower belonging to a special type of moss which spreads wildly through structures. Unlike it, though, it possesses medicinal properties that are best brought with alchemy and such.

    Nondescript Bones x4 - A bunch of bones, some of them being mere fragments, which are too old for proper identification, yet they have not been degraded into nothingness for some reason. You wonder why you picked this up.

    Key Items


    Currency: 333 Gold


    ~ The World Map ~


    + Sarrex Region

    > Losglea Jungle
    --- Inner Depths
    --- Temple Entrance

    >> Donam Temple
    --- Interior Ruins
  3. Enemy Profiles

    Name: Aglica, Kshiyo, Tlaell
    Level: 3
    Monster: Acroliz


    + Demon Sign: Traces a basic sign bearing demonic influence with vibrant Mana which enhances the user uniquely. Increases User's Evasion by 15%. Increases Basic Attacks by 1. 3 Turn Duration. 1 Stack Limit. Use Time: Instant. Hit Rate: None. Variance: None. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 1 Use Counter.

    + Cutter: Lunging motion to perform a dragged slash which can be easily complemented with another minor attack. 120% Atk Damage. Chain Basic Attack. Use Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Whiptail: Whips and batters the target mercilessly with the user's tail. 5 Hits. 90% Atk Damage (Every Hit). Use Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 10%. Range: 2 Cells. Element: Neutral. 10 MP.

    + Aerial Jab: Disorients the target with inhumanly swift feints before driving the user's dagger into a weak spot from above. 130% Atk Damage. Critical Rate +1. Use Time: Instant. Hit Rate: Sure Hit. Variance: 0%. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Neutral. 14 MP.

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Stealth Pace: The User can activate this S-Ability to acquire Cloak properties with an Indefinite Duration. During Stealth Pace State, the User's Cell and Movement Actions are concealed until entering an Area of 2 Cells from Enemy Characters, to which point Stealth Pace is Dispelled. The User cannot active Stealth Pace again until after exiting the Map Sector the Enemy Characters are currently located in.
    E-Trigger: None
    X-Ability: None

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 50
    MP: 30
    Atk 8
    Def: 4
    Int: 4
    Spr: 3
    Critical: 5%
    Evasion: 11%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Acroliz Monster +2)
    X Gauge:


    Name: Eteram, Nartrau
    Level: 3
    Monster: Natural Soul


    + Res: Covers the target lightly with regenerative Mana. 100% Int HP Recovery. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Neutral. 6 MP.

    + Thorncoat: Strands of ethereal energy circle around the target, jutting out barbed tips with poison as a hostile reaction. Sets Counter for Chance of Poison against Physical Attackers. 3 Turn Duration. 1 Stack Limit. Cast Time: Normal (1 Turn). Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: None. Range: Self or 3 Cells. Element: Nature. 8 MP.

    + Vi Naturae: Draws in the very power of nature in order to generate improvised results with a spell derived from a greater entity. Creates 3 Nature Cells. Cast Time: Normal (1 Turn). Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: None. Range: 2 Cells (Each Cell). Element: Nature. 10 MP.

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Enviro-Tap: The User Restores 10% Max MP per Turn when it is outside of the Enemy Characters' field of view, which includes the current Map Sector they are located in, but excludes unseen areas within it.
    E-Trigger: None
    X-Ability: None

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 40
    Atk 0
    Def: 2
    Int: 7
    Spr: 5
    Critical: 2%
    Evasion: 4%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Natural Soul Monster +0)
    X Gauge:
  4. --- Reserved for Main Characters ---
  5. Name: Siendra Roale
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Level: 3
    Next Level: 3/10

    Profession: Dreamcatcher [Dual Wield] The one who claims this profession is skilled in assaults on or regarding the enemy's dreams, and sending them into the most vulnerable states as well.
    -- Old Spear (An old, dull spear that thus far has only proven useful for its length.) [+1 Atk] [2 Cells]
    -- Old Sword (An old, chipped sword that offers relatively little in the way of cutting power.) [+1 Atk]
    Armor: Worn Battle Garments (A battle outfit that has seen better days, it doesn't grant much protection... but it's better than nothing.) [+1 Def]
    Accessory: Garnet Amulet (A mysterious amulet with a large garnet embedded in it, it seems to hold a small amount of stored energy.) [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Fighting Dream

    + Dreamweave: Channels power into the user's spear, which causes it to pulse an energy that tires the opponent, lulling them to sleep. Chance of Sleep. Range: 3 cells. Element: Dark. 8 MP.
    -- Dream Strike: Throws the still-pulsating spear at the sleeping enemy, dealing decent damage and draining the lost life force into the user. May only be used if Dreamweave inflicts Sleep(automatically used). 100% Atk or Int damage, drains damage as HP. Range: Set. Element: Neutral. 2 MP.
    + Mana Wave: Jabs spear into the ground as it begins pulsing, the wave headed toward the target and restoring some energy. 100% Atk MP healing. Range: Self or 3 cells. Element: Dark. 8 MP.
    + Pulse Shift: Adjusts the pulse of the user's weapons to change the properties of their strikes. Swaps user's Atk and Int and changes Basic Attack to Magical for 4 turns. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 1 Use Counter.
    + Shatter: Uses pulse generated by user's spear to assault the enemy physically and strike at them mentally. 100% Int damage. Does an additional 20% Int damage to a Sleeping target each turn until the target wakes up. Lowers Def and Spr by 10%, no stack. Range: 2 cells. Element: Dark. 10 MP.
    + Shockwave: Stabs sword into the ground, creating a rippling pulse that hits any enemy near. 130% Atk OR Int damage. Chance of Daze, knockback 1 cell. Range: Area of 3 cells. Hit Rate: 80%. Variance: 10%. Element: Earth. 19 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    S-Ability: Coercion: User's skills have a 10% higher chance of inflicting negative statuses.
    E-Trigger: Siphon Dream: Taps into the user's Excess to bolster her "regenerative" ability, making draining attacks far more effective. Increases effectiveness of HP and MP draining effects by 30%. Effect lasts 5 turns. 5 X Levels.
    X-Ability: Corrosion "Eternal Dream": Slashes the air with sword, sending a slicing wave at all enemies that has the strange added effect of corroding their health and transferring it to the user. Chance of Sleep. 100% piercing Atk damage, drains half total damage as HP and half as MP. Range: All enemies. Element: Dark.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 20
    MP: 30 (Garnet Pendant +5)
    ATK: 6 (Old Spear +1) (Old Sword +1)
    DEF: 4 (Worn Battle Garments +1)
    INT: 2
    SPR: 3
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 2 (Dreamcatcher +0)
    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0

    • Sep. 21, 2012
    - +11 Exp, Level Up.
    -- +3 StP(+5 HP, +1 Atk, +1 Spr). +1 SkP. +2 UP.
    -- Learned "Pulse Shift". -1 SkP.
    -- Exp: 1/10.

    • Oct. 20, 2012
    - +12 Exp, Level Up.
    -- +3 StP(+5 HP, +1 Atk, +1 Def). +1 SkP. +2 UP.
    -- Learned "Shatter". -1 SkP.
    -- Upgraded Dream Strike to "100% Atk or Int damage". -2 UP.
    -- Upgraded Pulse Shift's duration to 4 turns. -2 UP.
    -- Exp: 3/10.

    Name: Takuya Kanai
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Level: 3
    Next Level: 3/10

    Profession: Phantasian Shapeshifter [Form Skills] [Excess Trigger BA Effect (Human Form): Wound] The one who claims this profession is a member of the species Fera Mutat Fantastica, or the Phantasian Shapeshifter. This species is named for its ability to adopt the shape of other living creatures... sometimes even the monsters of Phantasia.
    Weapon: Dull Sword (A dull sword that could easily use some sharpening.) [+1 Atk]
    Armor: Worn Shirt (A ragged shirt that offers scarce protection. The wearer doesn't seem to mind its forn structure, however.) [+1 Def]
    Accessory: Fanged Pendant (A long fang taken from an unknown predator and strung onto a cord as a necklace.) [+1 Atk]

    A-Ability: Shapeshifting

    + Tiger Form: [Critical: 5% / Evasion: 3% / Movement: 3 Cells] [Excess Trigger BA Effect: Knockback 1 Cell]
    -- Claw Swipe: Slashes target with a powerful paw. Chance of Wound. 120% Atk damage. Range: Adjacent cell. Element; Neutral. 8 MP.
    -- Intimidating Roar: Gives a loud roar to scare the target. Chance of Fear. Range: Frontal 3 cells. Fan-Shaped (1-3). Element: Neutral. 10 MP.
    + Hawk Form: [Critical: 5% / Evasion: 5% / Movement: 4 Cells] [Airborne] [Excess Trigger BA Effect: Blind (Mod -1)]
    -- Swoop: Folds back wings to strike the foe from above. Chance of Daze. 110% Atk damage. Chain Basic Attack. Range: 2 cells. Element: Neutral. Hit Rate: 80%. 8 MP.
    -- Bird's Eye View: Focuses attention on how the target moves and watches for any flaws. Raises Critical rate by 10% and gives skills Sure Hit for 3 turns or until the user shifts again. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    S-Ability: New Hide: User regains 10% max HP upon shifting.
    E-Trigger: Combat Soul: Floods system with Asyentine to heal more quickly and give the user's attacks a more threatening edge. Increases the effect of S-Ability: New Hide to 15%. Gives the user's Basic Attack added effects depending on form(noted in Form Stats). Effect lasts 5 turns. Uses 5 X levels.
    X-Ability: Feral Form: Unlocks primal instincts buried deep inside the brain to push potential to the limit. Doubles Atk and Def, increases Critical by 20%, and Move by 2 for 3 turns. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 10 X Levels.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 25
    ATK: 6 (Dull Sword +1) (Fanged Pendant +1)
    DEF: 3 (Worn Shirt +1)
    INT: 2
    SPR: 4
    Evasion: 4%
    Critical: 4%
    Movement: 2 (Shapeshifter +1)
    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 2
    Upgrade Points: 2

    • Sep. 21, 2012
    - +11 Exp, Level Up.
    -- +6 StP(+5 MP, +1 Atk, +1 Spr). +1 SkP. +2 UP.
    -- Exp: 1/10.

    • Oct. 20, 2012
    - +12 Exp, Level Up.
    -- +3 StP(+5 HP, +1 Atk, +1 Spr). +1 SkP. +2 UP.
    -- Upgraded Intimidating Roar's range to Fan-Shaped (1-3). -2 UP.
    -- Exp: 3/10.
  6. ~ Bestiary ~

    003 Venus Walker ((Location: Losglea Jungle / Enemy Type: Natural / Defeat Count: 6 / Exp: 2 / Gold: 3 / Drop: Yellow Vine, White Flower))

    005 Flosgrana ((Location: Losglea Jungle / Enemy Type: Natural / Defeat Count: 1 / Exp: 3 / Gold: 15 / Drop: Petal Shred, ???? ????))


    ~ Inflictionary ~

    Main Inflictionary >>

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