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Oblivion Phantasy ~ The Obstinate Odyssey 【RP Thread】

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Shadow, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. "Frostbite is not a problem for me." spoke up Ikane slightly, darting her gaze away from the chain of majestic mountains cutting across the lonesome, ever-dimming heavens of the tundra for a moment and turned her head at David. Her expression did not match her strong and confident tone at all during that statement. The swordswoman's face and eyes remained idle. Calm and unmoving. "But if we are going to move along as a group, a consensus will be made as to where we will go. And no path of travel here is of a bug to me. " With a civil nod, she flicks away a loose strand of black hair from her intense, burning orange gaze. The precise and flawless vision of hers quickly darted off to the cavern, observing it for a minute. "The warm cavern path it is, then."
  2. {>Take the cavernous path}

    Eileen truly did not know what to make of the companionship they had hastily formed with the relatively enigmatic Henry. He seemed like he was another weary traveller who had lost his way, and his story seemed to be legitimate enough, but she wondered of his true purpose for being so far north. He did not strike her as someone to be feared, but similarly, she decided that she did not want to be caught off-guard by anything that he could be hiding. It is, perhaps, for the best to be aware of those who have been placed in my care... she grit her teeth in a chilling way. Heilleo had certainly created quite an interesting predicament for her insolence, especially in guiding Shaver and his brother to the destroyed town. The Chains were truly keeping busy through all this time...

    But that was neither here nor there. They had left the town in the same state of ruination they had found it in, only barely better-off with the small quiver of arrows and a new bow for the elder Shaver brother. Baerja had not been in the state she had expected it, but she had better hopes for the fortified Ice Citadel. There, Jason Shaver could prepare for his journey in a way beyond having a few small items. But first, they would need to cross the rugged Scheque Mountains. "It would seem that we have reached an impasse," Eileen noted, her voice relatively devoid of emotion, "in apparently more ways than just the split pathways." She had remained silent for the majority of the trek to the point they had reached now, allowing for the others to get a word in to direct themselves through the Scheque Mountain range. However, it came time for her to need to add in her opinion, and though she did not particularly wish to override the decisions of the adventurers, her input as one who was native to Boreana was likely to be slightly more... informed than the others'. The only one who seemed to have a decisive opinion of the path they should take was Jason... though Eileen had almost expected it of him at this point. The others of the hastily-assembled travelling party seemed almost unwilling to voice an opinion. Eileen noted the boy's - Rein's - opinion most of all - he did seem ill-prepared for the cold.

    "I do expect that the caverns are the quicker pathway... though I must add that the creatures within this pathway may be perhaps more menacing than those that we have faced up until this point. The ascending path would be wiser to take, as there are far fewer monsters that can survive the climate to appear over the mountains." She turned away from the looming mountains to look at the others, "As much as that may be, it does not guarantee safety. And Jason is correct; not all of us are able to brave the chill," she favoured Rein another glance, "so perhaps we have the numbers to brave the caverns, instead." She let her last comment hang in the air. Though she did not particularly want to risk their safety inside of the mountains, she had fought enough with Jason today and decided it wisest to maintain the relatively low level of mutual respect they had retained, at present, from the exchange in the village. There is no need to further make enemies here.

    "If nobody has any further opinions, then I suppose that we shall be moving forward again."

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