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Oblivion Phantasy ~ Colosseum of Alma

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Shadow, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. ~ Colosseum of Alma ~

    Welcome to the Colosseum of Alma. Unfortunately, this is not a full-fledged Statplay, but instead, it serves as Oblivion Phantasy's official "Statistical Colosseum"-esque facility. How does this work? The main focus of the Colosseum of Alma is that you will be able to participate exclusively in Event Battles and Redux Battles that are to be hosted here. Event Battles work exactly like they did in CoU's and ZEJ's Statistical Colosseum; however, Redux Battles are a completely new addition. Encounters against simple enemies in the Oblivion Phantasy series will be able to be replayed here with different characters--with the option of being able to adjust the difficulty. As the Difficulty increases, the Stats (Primarily HP and MP) and overall power of their A-, R- and S-Abilities will increase, new Gambits and AI will be set, and maybe even hidden Trigger/Special Commands will be made usable by them.

    Completion of Event Battles and Redux Battles will grant a set amount of Experience Points for the Ally Party, as well as varying rewards such as Secret Requests, rare Items and Materials, or even unique pieces of Equipment. The rewards of each Redux Battle will escalate in value with each Difficulty Level, so do take that in mind. Those rewards will be distributed evenly amount the current Oblivion Phantasy Roleplays, with no particular focus regarding a certain OP. To issue a challenge against an Event or Redux Battle, contact me via PM or IRC, but organize the party beforehand. Having said what was needed to be said, I shall lay down the available challenges, right here,

    ~ E V E N T ~ B A T T L E S ~

    Event 001: Doppelganger ~ ??? 【Enemy Level: ? / Recommended Level: Any / Party Limit: 4】

    Event 002: An Unlikely Team ~ Friae / Faith / Slash 【Enemy Level: 7 / Recommended Level: 6 / Party Limit: 4】

    Event ???: Descent to Lunacy ~ Essence of Insanity 【Enemy Level: 15 / Recommended Level: 15 / Party Limit: 5】

    Event ???: Residents of Chamber Castle ~ Shadow / Aurora / Espira / Vector / Carnage 【Enemy Level: 21 / Recommended Level: 18 / Party Limit: 8】

    ~ R E D U X ~ B A T T L E S ~

    Redux 001: Retro Event Zero ~ Phantom / Dark Knight Ghost / Natural Soul 【Enemy Level: 3 / Recommended Level: 3 / Party Limit: 5】

    Redux 002: Beginnings Again ~ Sand Funneler / Arctic Wolf / Venus Walker / Clockwork Pawn / Sanjithon【Enemy Level: 5 / Recommended Level: 5 / Party Limit: 5】

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