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Obligatory "What're You Listening To?" Thread

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Inequality promises that it's here to stay~
    ~always trust the injustice 'cause it's not going away. <3

  2. "Tidal Wave" - The Killers

    Had my full iPod on shuffle the other day, and this came on. Perfect 'middle-of-the-night' driving music.
  3. "Oblivion" - Bastille

    I've been getting into Bastille a little bit lately. Seems to be popping up all over the place - my high school's student-run music show, Masq's RP 'End of Days' over on ED, and Pompeii was big on the radio a little while ago. This is probably one of my favourite tracks though.
  4. Acid by Ghost Town

    They released it kinda recently and ever since I heard it, I couldn't stop listening to it. As soon as I got this while spotify was one shuffle I was like "THIS. THIS IS A SIGN THAT I MUST POST ON THIS THREAD."
  5. [youtube]2BsSQ-gZ4E8[/youtube]
  6. "Walking the Dog" - fun.

    Cementing in my mind that their first album was just so much better than the second one that went and got itself overplayed on the radio.
  7. "Riptide" - Vance Joy

    I don't care what pop music has to say; this is my song of summer. I don't need any of that "Fancy" bullshit.
  8. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oG6PXWadIw[/video]

    I-I just...

    Excuse me.
  9. Peter Crowley - Dragon Flight to Tartarus

    (btw @"Keileon", new album is out and I have a copy for you.)
  10. Damien Rice released a new album after eight years and I am VERY happy.

    (My Favourite Faded Fantasy--Damien Rice)
  11. "Take Me To Church" - Hozier

    Heard it on the radio and the chorus got me hooked. Looked up the lyrics and now I can't stop repeating them.

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