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Nate's Fantastic Repository

Discussion in 'Character Database' started by The Kakuzato, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Mirani Flore
    From roleplay Durasken Uprising

    Name: Mirani Flore
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10

    Profession: Florist: The one who claims this profession uses plants to her advantage in battle. [BA Element: Nature]
    Weapon: White Rose Seed: A special seed that can grow into a thorny, whip-like vine that can regrow if cut off. [ATK +1]
    Armor: Flowered Dress: A dress decorated with small flowers [DEF +1]
    Accessory: Tulip Brooch: An amethyst brooch made in the shape of a tulip. [Evasion +5%]

    A-Ability: Flowering Whip:

    + Secretions of the Thorn: Mirani's whip begins secreting poison from its thorn as she snaps it at her opponent. 100% ATK Damage. Chance of poison. Range: 1. Element: Nature. 6 MP.

    + Encasing of Thorns: Mirani wraps her whip around her opponent, leaving them unable to move. 100% ATK Damage. Chance of Immobilize for 3 turns or until enemy is hit by a Fire-element attack. Range: 1. Element: Nature. 7 MP

    S-Ability: Rose's Resilience: When Poisoned, Mirani recovers HP instead of losing it.
    X-Ability: Flowered Dance ~ Pirouette of Death: Mirani snaps her whip, wrapping it tightly around her opponent. She then spins the opposite way, grinding the thorns into her opponent. 150% piercing ATK Damage. Chance of Daze. High chance of Blood Loss. Range: 1. Element: Nature.

    ~ Stats ~
    HP: 25
    MP: 15
    ATK: 4 (White Rose Seed +1)
    DEF: 3 (Flowered Dress +1)
    INT: 2
    SPR: 2
    Evasion: 3% (Tulip Brooch +5%)
    MOVE: 2 (Florist Job +1)
  2. Nate the God of Boredom Lv. 5
    For Statistical Chatplay

    Name: Nate
    Gender: Male
    Age: ??
    Level: 5
    Next Level: N/A
    The person you see before does not seem human. He has green hair and pale skin, his clothes of a showy purple. His face is always in an expression of boredom, but he seems to never want to do anything about it.

    Profession: God of Boredom: The one who claims this profession is only called this because nobody else wants this title.
    Weapon: Newspaper: He always says that he wants to read it someday, but never actually does. Nobody else seems to want to read it though [INT +3]
    Armor: Normal Clothes: Just a T-Shirt and jeans. [DEF +3]
    Accessory: Glasses: I can see clearly now the rain is gone... [Innate Accuracy Boost of 10%]

    A-Ability: *sigh*

    + *Yawn* The user yawns, making the opponent inexplicably tired. High Chance of Sleep the turn after this skill is used. Range: 2. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + What? The user tries to catch up with the situation after spacing out, asking his opponent pointless questions. 130% INT Damage. Chance of Addle. Range: 2. Element: Neutral. 11 MP.

    + "..." The user makes the opponent simply not want to do anything. High chance of Stasis for one turn. Chain What? Range: 2. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + I'm bored: In his boredom, the user sends out a mental stab at his opponent, putting extreme boredom into that opponent. 130% INT Damage. Chance of lowering the opponent's accuracy by 30% for three turns(Because too bored to attack). Range: 2. Element: Neutral. 12 MP.

    + Oh, cool: The user pretty much ignores the enemy, somehow making him dodge more easily. I don't know how that works either. Increases Evasion by 20% for three turns. Range: 2. Element: Neutral. 9 MP.

    + Coulda Sworn that attack was weaker...: The user recalls an attack incorrectly, somehow healing himself. 100% INT Healing. Range: Self. ELement: Neutral. 3 MP.

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Attacking After Apathy: If Nate does not move, the damage outputs of all attacks is increased by 30%
    X-Ability: Crappy Connection: The user's connection to the battle is completely cut off, making him have to reconnect. Fully heals HP and MP. Range: Self. Element: Neutral.

    ~ Stats ~
    HP: 30/30
    MP: 45/45
    ATK: 2
    DEF: 4 (+ 1 Normal Clothes)
    INT: 7 (+ 3 Newspaper)
    SPR: 4 (+2 Normal Clothes)
    Evasion: 0%
    MOVE: 2 cells (+0 God of Boredom job)
  3. Codename: G
    For Algorithm of Fate

    Gender: None; manifests with male features
    Age: 476 (manifests to appear as young adult)
    Race: GREPTHU (Glitch REsearch Program Turned HUman)
    Appearance: Taking the form of a pale-skinned human, G manifests with green, spiky hair with light violet eyes. A dark purple exoskeleton is created, looking as if G is wearing a suit of armor over a human body. A strange purple aura is usually seen around G, discharging explosively at random intervals.
    Personality: For once being a computer program, G is far from having a robotic personality. Critical and sarcastic, G could even at times be described as rudely, and brutally, honest. G tends to prefer working alone, so tasks will always be carried out the way that G believes will work, but will work with a partner if told to do so by someone with authority over him.
    History: G was originally a program created to find, research, and fix bugs and glitches associated with a certain complex computer system. Over time, it profiled and stored the data, no matter how complex, in a library of sorts that the developers could look over to see their mistakes. When an associated scientist began working on a machine to create true artificial life, he had accidentally opened the wrong file to use as a base -- instead of the base he had created specifically for the machine, he had chosen the glitch research program.

    When what became known as G emerged, it was highly unstable -- it had trouble keeping a solid form for anything more than a second, it could teleport randomly, and had not developed the ability to speak in human language. The scientist, however, was unfazed by this development. He quickly created a program that allowed for the understanding and speaking of human language, and managed to upload it into the being that, if it was not intangible most of the time, would no doubt be wreaking havoc on his laboratory. This language pack allowed the scientist to communicate with the being, and help to stabilize it. The researcher called it GREPTHU, for its origins. After having learned about much of the world from the scientist, and becoming stable enough to pass as human, GREPTHU escaped, killing the scientist, and took on the name "G," considering "GREPTHU" to be its race or species.

    --Data Conversion: A remarkable power whose origin is thought to stem from the research portion of G's programming, G can essentially turn his surroundings -- air, the ground, water, anything -- into data, making it easier to G to analyze, among other things. This makes the material visually change into a mass of random shapes and colors, but physically still the same -- fire will still be hot enough to burn you, water will still be wet and a liquid, and a brick rock will still be hard and heavy. Some materials have a strange resistance to being converted into data, such as superconductors and radioactive substances.
    --Glitching: Using a repertoire of glitch databases (which G constantly updates), G can glitch up anything it has converted into data -- causing numerous negative effects, some of which, in computer terms, might be described as "pallette swaps" or the equivalent of parts of sprites jumbling due to the data pointers that were used... among other effects.
    --Technopathy: G can connect with and, once connected, control virtually any technological machine such as a computer, phone, etc. While mostly focusing on software, G can do minor changes with computers, such as making new ports for certain kinds of cables, among other little things. G can read data at a rate of 500 gigabytes per second.

    -- Glitchy Body: G can switch between a physical and an intangible body at will, and can teleport across short distances.
  4. Anna Lester
    For Statcontest

    Name:Anna Lester
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Next Level: ??

    Profession:Casual Writer: The one who claims this profession is one who takes enjoyment from writing.  Her repertoire consists of many forms of literature: poems, stories, fairy tales, and anything else one might imagine.  Her words can indeed inspire deep emotions, or even pain her enemies. Though, as of now, it is mostly just by interpretation.
    Weapon: Name-Brand pen: A very nice pen whose tip will never go dry.  Normally worth a pretty penny. [INT +2 / Range: 2]
    Armor: Simple Frock Loose-fitting frock primarily made for comfort. [SPR +1 / DEF +1]
    Accessory: A Writer's Journal: A journal with very nice paper on which Anna may write.  Every so many pages, words of encouragement are printed, to help with creativity. [MP +5 / SPR +1]

    A-Ability:The Poet's First Words

    + Inspiration: Anna writes to inspire her allies with words.  They may not always get the message, however. Increases ally's MOVE by 1, and ATK by 10% for 2 turns.  Hit Rate: 90%. Range: 3 Cells.  Element: Neutral.

    + The Water of the Lake: One of Anna's in-progress stories, The Water of the Lake is an intriguing tale of a lake in a valley between forbidding mountains, and of the lives it has changed.  There must be some magic in that lake, for as Anna recounts its tale, a small version of the lake manifests nearby. Creates a Mana Lake cell, denoted as
    { }.  When Anna or an ally ends their turn in this cell, they will regain 10% of their MP.  The cell may regenerate mana five times before disappearing.  Range: 2 cells.  Element: Water.

    + Stag of the Wintry Woods: One of Anna's projects, Stag of the Wintry Woods is a series of reflectional poems which, while mostly focusing on a deer's life, is really about how nature can heal all wounds.  100% INT Healing. Variance: 20%. Range: 4 cells.  Element: Nature.

    + The Thief of Nar-Jessal: One of Anna's in-progress stories, the Thief of Nar-Jessal is the story of a youth forced into thievery by various circumstances.  When Anna recounts the tale, the traits of the titular thief manifest in one of Anna's allies.  Bestows Cloak and increases Critical Hit Chance by 10% for 3 turns.

    --A Busy Pen: Thinking and writing with a furious speed, Anna may use two skills in the same turn, so long as she has the MP to do so.
    -- Flourishing Mind: With a flash of inspiration, all kinds of writer's blocks can be overcome!  When activated, bestows Mana Regeneration on Anna for 3 turns.
    E-Trigger: Divine Inspiration: Ideas and words begin flowing through Anna's mind from some source outside herself. Restores Anna's MP by 25% and bestows Anna with Infinite for 2 turns. Cost: 5 X Levels.
    X-Ability: The Fruits of a Creative Mind: Pouring all of herself into her writing, Anna inspires her allies, and despairs her opponents.  These writings are so full of confidence and fortitude that they have become more than just words, but a wonderful aura of magic, and sometimes even, a glimpse into the future itself.  Bestows Haste, Increases ATK and INT by 25% (Both for 3 turns), and heals for 50% HP for all allies.  Inflicts Slow, and decreases ATK and INT by 20% for 3 turns for all enemies.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 15/15  (+15 (3) from StP) = 30
    MP: 25/25 (Writer's Journal +5) (+20 (4) from StP) = 50
    Atk: 2
    Def: 2 (Simple Frock +1)(+2 from StP) = 4
    Int: 4 (Name-Brand Pen +2) (+2 from StP) = 8
    Spr: 3 (Simple Frock +1)(Writer's Journal +1)(+1 from StP) = 6
    Critical: 5%
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 2 (Casual Writer Job +?) =
    X Gauge:

    Skill Points: 0

    First Poem of Inspiration:
    My words may yet be weak,
    And my pen still full of ink,
    But I will try my level best
    And give this a little test.

    The Water of the Lake:
    Excerpt 1: Deep in a mountain valley, there was a lake.  Not a big lake by any means, but the people who lived nearby swore the lake could fix the problems of those open enough to believe in its powers.  Many outsiders tried to find the truth, but nothing came of their attempts.  The locals, however, knew it was because those foreigners did not believe, and would only believe if they saw it happen.

    Stag of the Wintry Woods
    Excerpt 1:
    In the woods dark and deep,
    Where summer lies in permanent sleep,
    A lonely stag stumbles low:
    His side agape with bullet-hole.

    A hunter, seeing his very first beast
    Of the season, imagined a feast.
    Yet for his fueled trance
    The skinny stag was but mischance.

    Yet the Wintry Woods held their pity,
    As the man returned to city,
    For this stag near death
    Was given yet another breath.

    The Thief of Nar-Jessal:
    Excerpt 1: In the desert stood a village by the name of Nar-Jessal.  While small, it was a center for trade, as it was directly between two of the largest cities in its country.  Unfortunately, not all of the travellers that passed through here were of the savory sort, and one group that came in the middle of the night killed a young couple while their son was still a young boy.  Now an orphan, the boy, named Hassal, now had to live on the streets, and eventually was forced to resort to thievery in order to even get food.  However, he vowed to only steal from those who had more than enough to live by, especially if they were as horrible as the men who killed his parents.
    Through this Nigh Defeat
    Through this toil we will surely pass;
    The Light of our efforts will surely cast
    Away the darkness of this Night,
    And gone will be this blight.

    We will triumph, we will win!
    We will cast out this mortal sin.
    Be proud my allies, hold high your heads,
    And enemies, hide, for your hearts we will shred.
  5. Kyla Norstrom
    The Galamion Universe

    Name: Kyla Norstrom
    Gender: Female
    Race: Planayan Human
    Age: 15
    Appearance: At 5'3", Kyla is of a fairly short height for her age, but has a malnourished look to her.  Her typical attire is little more than tattered rags.  However, she has bright green eyes below her messy mop of tangled blonde hair.  Her skin, if she were not usually dirty and tanned by being out in the sun so much, would be pale, and her various freckles are indistinguishable from the rest of the dirt on her.
    Personality  A cheerful girl, Kyla is a busybody who can't sit still.  She works as hard as she can when told what to do, though she will need a lot of instruction on the off chance that she's told to do something she's never done before.  She is also full of ambition, and has tried many times to escape Carginy, though none of her ploys have worked yet.  The only time you won't see a smile on her face is when she's having a pouting fit -- usually coming from being told that she's not allowed to do something.  Overall, it's very hard to break her spirits, as she's already been through some of the worst circumstances, so she is a lot stronger in mind than she looks.
    History: Having been born of a rape in Carginy, Kyla grew up with no father.  While her mother was alive, the two were very close.  Kyla's fondest memories of her mother are when she would read to her the stories of magic and adventure from the book that Kyla now takes with her everywhere, and she has always dreamed of someday leaving Carginy -- no, all of Planaya -- on a similar adventure.

    However, when Kyla was only eight years old, her mother contracted a horrible illness, and the family was much too poor to find any sort sort of help.  Within the next few months, Kyla's mother's condition gradually worsened, until she was totally bedridden.  Before the year had ended, Kyla's mother died -- leaving the poor girl alone in thecity of Carginy.

    Knowing that her mother would never forgive her for falling into despair, Kyla decided to go out and try to make the best of what happened.  While at times naive, Kyla did as well as she could -- she started going around doing odd jobs for money, and thus has achieved a hugely varied skillset, having worked for pretty much everything imaginable in Carginy, such as fishmongers, smiths, all kinds of market owners, and anything in-between.  While she earns enough to keep her alive, she nonetheless still dreams of someday escaping this life...

    Possessions: Kyla keeps with her a storybook that her mother would always read to her from, and inside is a flower that Kyla had found and picked for her mother when she was much younger, which is now faded to a dusty, faded, orange-brown from its once vibrant orange.
    Abilities: Aside from a highly varied skillset brought upon by doing a myriad of odd jobs around Carginy, she has no outstanding abilities.

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