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Members of the Black Talon Mercenary Company

Discussion in 'Character Database' started by lordodonnel, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Members of the Black Talons

    Name: Nikolae Blackthorn

    Age: 35

    Hgt: 6'5"

    Wgt: 220lb

    Race: Human

    Hair Color: Silver-White shaggy styled

    Eye Color: Ice blue with a faint glow about them

    Skills: Nik is skilled in just about anything mechanical, or martial, having devoted his life to the study of both the martial arts, and the building of machines, as evidenced by his Mk V power armor, the most advanced piece of tech in the Lylat System.
    Bio: Nik was born with a rare genetic defect that allows him to move at hypersonic speeds, making him completely immune to the effects of rapid travel as well. He hid his abilities most of his life, joining the military at the age of seventeen. He rose quickly due to his hard work ethic, and seeming impossible speed. Drawing too much notice, he became a candidate for the PAS (Power-Armored Soldier) project, and was provided with his first suit of power-armor. He quickly rose through the ranks, winning medal after medal until his people made first contact with the Lylatians. By this time, he was Commander of a battle group, and his fleet was often ordered in to do battle with the natives. He grew tired of the fighting, seeing that the Lylatians were not the 'demons' the Empire was making them out to be. Defecting, he joined with the Lylatians, and a group of humans that were against the war and waged a bloody battle to conquer his own planet. In the end, though, he prevailed, killing the Emperor in single combat and ending the war. After that, in the time of piece that followed, He was pulled through an extradimensional portal to another world, where he was part of a ragtag crew of survivors. The world had just gone through a cataclysm that had reduced much of the world to ruin, ending a golden age that had been going on beforehand. For several years, he and the group fought off hordes of demons as they searched for a way to stem the tide. Finally, they came across a Demon Prince, locked out of the timestream and broke him free. With the aid of the Demon, who went by the name of Morio, they began to turn the tide, and eventually battled their way to the Usurper King's throne, where Morio challenged him to single combat and defeated, sparing his life and revealing that the Usurper was actually his brother, who had placed him the time-bubble to begin with. After these events, Blackthorn was placed in stasis until a way was found to send him home....

    Or so he thought.

    Three hundred years passed....and he was awoken in the middle of a long, nasty war. He was on the side of a nation called Tolkien, which had arisen from the remnants of the heroes of the long lost age. They were fighting for their survival against a human-supremacist nation bent on their destruction. Signing on, he commanded a small team throughout the war. His team saw plenty of action, even his death and resurrection at one point, but they stayed strong and finally were instrumental in defeating the Coalition of City-States. With the defeat of the CS, He was able to find a means to get back home, and did so, returning home to find that four hundred and fifty years had passed since he had vanished. As he was quite wealthy, he founded the Black Talon Mercenary company and began recruiting people from all three systems, and both dimensions to be part of it, building a company both terrifyingly powerful and utterly devoted to honor and integrity.

    Name: Darian O’Donnel

    Age: 24

    Hgt: 6’6”

    Wgt: 276 lbs.

    Race:  Wolf-Lylatian, Clone

    Hair/fur Color: Black with silver tips

    Eye Color: Green

    Skills: Darian is skilled in a wide variety of skills that pertain to bounty hunting and surviving in the wilderness, such as starship repair, weapon maintenance, and wilderness survival.

    Bio:  Cloned from a shred of Wolf O’Donnel’s DNA, Darian was ‘tweaked’ to be physically perfect. Possessing superior strength, speed and reflexes, he’s the perfect soldier. A side effect of the cloning process gave him the ability to heal all but the most fatal of wounds in minutes, or even seconds, depending on severity. This ability, similar to the X-Man Wolverine’s, also prevents him from aging at a rate discernable to normal perception. At the age of sixteen, he slew his creator when it came apparent that the man had no concern for him, or his three tank-mates, and saw them only as a means to a profit.
    Darian sometimes has trouble relating to others, due to his tank-bred nature. He doesn’t understand many of the mannerisms that make up normal interaction. His psych profile also clearly states that he has issues dealing with his ‘perfection’, seeing that it was given to him, where others had to work to be half as fit as he is.

    Blackthorn offered him a place in the Black Talons after Darian bested him in a one-on-one battle, which Darian accepted, for the right price.

    Name: Corba Rainshadow

    Age: 1,000,574,189 years old (looks nineteen)

    Hgt: 4’9”

    Wgt: 189 lbs.

    Race:  Atlantean

    Hair/fur Color: White with red tips on her hair.

    Eye Color: Sky blue

    Skills: Corba is a descended archmage, capable of wielding the powers of magic with ease.

    Bio: Descended from an ancient line of archmages, Corba is the first in her line to command all but one form of magic.  The story of her lineage comes from the first archmage, who traded his life, and the lives of his descendants for absolute power to vanquish the enemies of the light. Since then, every generation of Archmages has commanded the forces of magic, moving ever closer to perfection. Her magic rejuvenates her form back to its prime, making her forever appear nineteen years old. In times of crisis, she can draw upon ancestral strength and knowledge, becoming super-powered for a short time at the risk of burning her synapses out if she maintains it too long.

    Was offered a place in the Black Talons after she opened a clinic in the middle district of Corneria.

    Name:  Keriwynn Stormstrider

    Age: 35

    Hgt: 6’0”

    Wgt: 220 lbs.

    Race:  White Tiger- Kingsdale

    Hair/fur Color: White with black markings

    Eye Color: Gold

    Skills: Keriwynn is a physical psychic, able to channel psychic power through his body and through his blades.

    Bio: Keriwynn is one the last surviving members of the infamous Stormstrider clan, a clan of people all noted for their intense psychic potential. He’s considered the weakest of all of them, due to his method of channeling it into something.

    The Stormstrider clan was almost wiped from existence during the Coalition War when they sided with Tolkeen to fight against the oppression. After the war ended and Blackthorn returned to his own dimension, he offered Keriwynn a place in the Black Talons, which the tiger took into consideration, finally joining the commander in the Lylat universe and taking up the captain’s chair of the flagship, the Dragon’s Breath.

    Name: Kerwynn Stormstrider

    Age: 45

    Hgt: 6’0”

    Wgt: 210 lbs.

    Race:  White Tiger-Kingsdale

    Hair/fur Color: White with Black markings

    Eye Color:  Green with silver flecks

    Skills: Kerwynn is a psychic of impressive strength, capable of all but the most impossible feats with his mind.

    Bio: Kerwynn was the direct heir to the Stormstrider clan’s fortunes and respect when he was killed in action during the Coalition War. Later on, he was revived by a member of Psyscape, who later left to return to his homeland. Kerwynn sided with Blackthorn during the final years of the war, and left with him when he returned to his own world. Relations between him and his brother remained strained for several years after they decided to settle it once and for all who was stronger and found they couldn’t actually beat one another. Afterwards, Kerwynn left for several years to relearn how to live and came back wiser and much older, settling things with his brother. After this, Blackthorn offered him a permanent place is the Black Talons.

    Name: Joscelyn Verrulai

    Age: 31

    Hgt: 5’11”

    Wgt: 195 lbs.

    Race:  Human

    Hair/fur Color:  Blond, worn long in a ponytail

    Eye Color:  Blue with gold flecks towards the middle

    Skills: Joscelyn is a Cassaline Monk, born and bred for fighting using his twin daggers.

    Bio: Born a pauper, Joscelyn was given to the Cassaline order to save him from poverty. Raised to wield the weapons of his order since he could lift them, he rose through the order rapidly, finally settling into a place right below master. Years passed, and a being came to them, swearing to be their god. This god, known as Darius, gifted the order with a set of daggers that made their wearer invincible in combat. The gift, however, had strings attached. The order had to perform one task for Darius: the assassination of the Queen of Cerinia.
    Not a simple task, to be sure. As one of the most promising journeymen, Joscelyn was chosen to wield the daggers and a special broadsword that was forged millennia ago. In the process of this task, however, Joscelyn was exposed to the outside world, and saw Darius for what he was….an imposter. In that moment, he swore to bring down the thing responsible for corrupting his order.
    But how to kill a god?  
    Finally, he settled on several friends he had made in the outside world, and with their aid, he was able to bring Darius low, striking the final blow with his daggers. The power of the god’s soul robbed the daggers of much of their strength, however, leaving them weakened, and him an outcast when his order turned on him. When offered a chance to join the Black Talons, he jumped at it, and never looked back.
  2. Finally....*looks exhausted* I haven't typed that much in years......
  3. Ok! I got the theme songs finalized:

    Nick Blackthorn:Eminem~ Not Afraid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYaSNZRbFsA

    Corba Rainshadow: Katy Perry~ Dark Horse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kSuV5UJxmc

    Darian O'Donnel: Starset~ My Demons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSvOTw8UH6s

    Keriwynn Stormstrider:Breaking Benjamin~ So Cold: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fia3HCuZgYI

    Kerwynn Stormstrider: Fall Out Boy~ Just One Yesterday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZwaFCYO2R8

    Joscelin Verrulai:Linkin Park~ Lost In The Echo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srggFS3TwKQ

    I'll have more characters up soon...Gotta write em up....

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