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"Mature" Roleplaying

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eebit, Nov 9, 2012.


Do you support the creation of a 'mature' roleplaying section on ZEJ?

  1. Yes

    4 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
  3. A designated 'NSFW' tag would be sufficient

    6 vote(s)
  1. It is true that the roleplays can have eroticism and gore without being the main point, but what we need to consider is either giving those roleplays a forewarning in the title, ex: [18+]/[Erotic Content] to show unwary readers that the content is in the RP - OR we could still set this section up with a password to avoid that scenario of getting close-minded freak-outs and still maintaining those who want to do this.

    And to respond to what @goliath said: Mature Roleplays and Erotic roleplaying etc, don't necessarily denote people's outlying sexual desires - however it can help with them. I know that plenty of people in stable, perfectly sexual relationships read Erotica and Romance novels purely for the enjoyment of doing so - and seeing that this is a site with a community that wants to see what people are interested in, (hence this poll) then saying that people should simply get laid, or masturbate for reading something with a little more realism than emotionless plot characters and allowing them to get emotional (and physical) reactions from a roleplay or piece of writing is actually moderately degrading.

    I still stand by this section, and while I believe people should have the sense and maturity to bitch about something they aren't careful enough to either avoid, or are too close minded about certain interests, I fail to see how this will come about without a password - so I agree with openness, and password protection
  2. So basically erotic roleplaying is there* help you with your sex life. Sorry I don't buy that. Not only that but I am fairly certain, if not certain without a doubt that people don't want to see this on here, even if it is invisible to them.

    My concern is that people (speaking 'if' this were successful, I'll put money that its not going to be though) will flock over here just to join in 'on the fun' rather than actually joining up in roleplays that people actually work hard on making for others to enjoy.

    I have no problems with what interests people have, or what they do, but to me I think that this will only degrade what this forum is really meant for. You can go do it somewhere else, invisible or not.
  3. The question of whether or not people want to see a Mature section on ZEJ is the reason the poll is there-- and so far, favor still seems to be in respect of instituting it. As for why a person would participate in the Mature roleplays, I can only speak for myself with my reasoning possibly resonating with a few people, but I think writing in mature scenarios is part of becoming a better writer overall. It helps you become more comfortable with approaching realistic situations with your characters, and increases your range of abilities as a whole-- to be a good writer, you have to be able to "Kill the Neighbor's Dog".

    As for the cynicism that members will only join Mature roleplays to giggle at the sex and indulge their naivety is a judgment not based off actual ZEJ members. From what I've seen, members who have had to approach mature scenarios in their writing so far approach them with hesitation, and saying that GMs don't put in adequate effort to a roleplay just because it's Mature is ignorant.

    Granted, I'm saying most of this assuming the Mature section won't be used strictly for erotic roleplays. I agree that if you're roleplaying just to write a collaborative porn story, it'll probably be more fit for the participants' eyes only and won't focus much on other, more respectable story elements. If it passes, let's not have the Mature section be only about ERPing. It should be about plots that involve elements that the general, panty-waist public wouldn't want to see breached because it makes them uncomfortable, but that's our job as writers, to transcribe realistically what our characters feel even if their situation makes them uncomfortable and awkward.
  4. I have to agree wholly with cerby. The reason I want this up is to be able to focus on the realistic elements of Roleplaying, and also have the ability to write freely as I wish without having to censor my writing skills - because being a writer shouldn't have to depend on the sensitivities of others - it should be about becoming more skilled and being able to show your work and participate in other's work freely - and this section can accomplish that.

    For example, if someone wanted to start a romantic roleplay that realistically would involve sex - there should be no reason, as long as the other participants were also willing to be involved, that the writing should be censored because of a few people who are too childish or ignorant to see the devotion one can put into romance, eroticism, gore and overall touchy subjects like pedophilia and other such subjects that are seen as taboo. What I think you are missing from this @goliath is that people who want this are not here for the sex or immaturity you seem to be assuring us that we are - we are here because writing without censorship allows a kind of freedom that writers are pleased to be able to express, no matter what field it is in.

    And on this subject as well, Let's not pretend there isn't going to be a sexual aspect to this section - because I won't. (after all, me and masq have been talking for a bit XD) All this says is that this forum is open and willing to allow their writers to express themselves in whatever way they please - and as long as we aren't immature children, this section does no harm. I'm sorry, but most of the members in this forum are young adults/teenagers - and SOMETIMES young people think about sex and violence, writing is a way of expression, and if people are in favor of this section and want to express that side of them with others - why the hell not right?

    bottom line - this will be password protected, and if you don't want to see it - it's invisible to you, and you are none the wiser of what's going on. Let's be "mature" about this. XD (C'mon that was punny~)
  5. Frankly Gol, this is quite an extreme assumption to lean on. I'd normally agree with you but there's something I feel is worth pointing out.

    You're implying two things:

    1. That everyone at ZEJ is too immature to handle themselves in a "mature" roleplay, which if current RPs (Teh Quest notwithstanding) are any indication, is false. We aren't 8-year-olds here.

    2. That people "flock over here" for any reason in the first place.

    Also, you can't see the forum if it's invisible, Goliath. It's dead simple. There's an extremely simple way to solve this problem.

    We already have two seperate member groups for different RPs, though one (Cultist) is more of a legacy group. We had the old Game Masters group from the subforum era.

    What I'm proposing is we make a group that looks and functions the exact same as the existing Registered Users group that has access to the Mature section, then set it as an additional group on people who have access to the forum. It averts the need to change the password to something entirely arbitrary if someone decides to just throw it around willie-nilly.
  6. I personally think that having a Mature Roleplays Forum would be a wonderful idea! ^^ So long as it has a password to it and it's for people that can handle this sort of thing. If some restrictions are made, I'm fine with that, but make sure that what isn't allowed is made quite clear so everyone that is a part of it is aware. Also, concerning passwords, how would you plan to set that up? Would it be like, if you try to enter the forum, you need to enter a special password? As well as also distributing said password.
  7. The forum software has the option of plugging a password into any designated forum, so that you have to type it in only once and you have access until it changes. Otherwise, it just takes you to the "Enter Password" page. The password won't be anything complicated; anyone who asks will probably be allowed to enter. If that system causes problems, an admin would change the password and we would start anew.
  8. Actually @Eebit, I think @Dark's method is much better.

    (Basically making a subgroup of users that look and function like any other member, but have the ability to view the Mature forum - allowing us to avoid the annoying 'switch the password every time it's [if at all] it's given away on FB or somewhere we can't monitor. Because even if we do switch it, the users already in that thread can just hand it out again - but if we had a subgroup, it wouldn't matter because the admins themselves would have to edit the user in question to allow them access.)

    On another note - the IC's - will they be in the normal IC area, because then it would give it away that there is a Mature section if we are making it invisible - people will find out when they see: [Statistical|Goreplay 18+] 'Roleplayname' So will there be an invisible thing for IC's of Mature RP's?
  9. The thing about having an invisible forum is no one would know we have it. People would mention the mature forum and say "lolwhat you have a mature forum???" How would we tell people we have it without mistakenly inviting a 12 year old in?
  10. Ok, well maybe instead of invisible, we make only certain people be able to read and view the content? Because I do see the dilemma in that. However that is assuming 12 year old want to roleplay anywhere other than Minecraft and other such places. XD
  11. There's an easy way to solve this: Announcement bars. We could set one up that mentions (but doesn't link to directly) the mature forum, and instructs anyone who might want to use it to PM an admin for access.
  12. Hm... How exactly would you decide who would be able to enter the forum? Would it be like, once you reach a certain age? Or would you kinda have to prove that you can handle the forum in a mature manner? Or a mix of these? Because I'm not so sure that a 12 year old should have access to so many graphic things like what would be displayed in said forum.
  13. I understand the logic there - but we can never really be sure how old someone is anyways, because they could just say they're 18 or whatever - so we would need to just see about the RPing habits first, because if they go there underage and freak out/lied to get in - we can't be at fault because we had no way of knowing. However I don't think many 12-year-olds even come here tbh.
  14. Pretty much my thoughts here. I mean, I'm almost seventeen, but I'd be perfectly capable of handling the content. I've read the fanfics, I'm not an idiot. It probably should be leaning more on the maturity, and with age comes maturity. Although, I suppose there can be some pretty damn mature 12 year olds. You never know.
  15. Ok, well since Dark knows how to put up the different usergroup thing and can implement a password - AND the votes are in favor 13/7 (More like 13/5 because other is not exactly 'no') I have to inquire on when the section will be put up - considering it takes little effort to do so in the grand scheme of things. Because at this rate it seems like most of the prominent RPers want this up no?
  16. At this point, I'm rather eh on it...

    I already roleplay with mature subjects; I don't really /need/ a section devoted to it, but I would not object to it, either.
  17. Alright, here's my thing with this. I'd like to just put my hat into the ring since I haven't really done so in a blatant fashion just yet.

    Personally, I have no qualms with a "Mature" Roleplaying forum. It being invisible to the general public who don't care to see that stuff gives a degree of professionalism, especially if things do degenerate to your typical ero-fare (which I SORELY hope that it doesn't). That said, I have no plans to use it whatsoever at this stage in the game. As far as I'm concerned, this argument with 'excessive' violence is a little less of a concern and a little more of a fallback argument to support the 'nature' of the forum. Let's be real here, ZEJ as a collective is not at all opposed to violence and cussing, and that can definitely leak through into our RPs at present. If there isn't a scene in writing on present-day ZEJ that could be considered 'violent' if it were actually depicted (in Ultimate Tournament 1, for instance, we had Flamezone's character cut off his own leg to drop my character into a pit of acid to have his skin melt off and win the fight), then I'll be damned.

    Aggressive and excessive violence is not the issue that would spawn this subforum. It's going to be mostly ERPing. Let's stop kidding ourselves around that point.

    The other thing I want to address with this is the flow of posting around ZEJ in general. It's slowing down in terms of roleplaying, and though that might just be because people are trying to find their stride in school before tackling their RP commitments (like myself), implementing a section that a select few can see, let alone post in seems like a less-than-effective way of getting the post flow back to normal. Adding the Mature Roleplaying forum seems like a bad idea to me at this point immediately from an administrative perspective. Yes, it brings activity to ZEJ. No, that activity is not accessible to all members. Why would we (the staff) implement a new forum for a very small portion of the active users to use, while the other RPs are starved of activity? If we can get a healthy balance of posts between all three from the members that are involved with ZEJ, then sure, I'm all for it. What I'm trying to say is that we all have other commitments that should be tackled first, before we extend ourselves further into a portion of the forums that is not going to be open to all (and would likely make us look quite barren overall to the average guest browsing through and saying "why should I bother joining ZEJ?").

    I can understand entirely that some people are raring to go with the Mature Roleplaying forum, but I think I'm going to speak up and opt to hold off... for now. Once other things pick back up, I will certainly implement this since it seems that a decent few would participate. I just have my doubts about segmenting the flow (rather, trickle) of posts even further.
  18. If I may just say something about this... WHO. FUCKING. CARES. Not trying to be rude or anything, but if there is a sub forum for it, yay. Visit it if you want to, if you don't want to, just ignore the damned thing. I for one will likely be ignoring it.
  19. You probably aren't (General, not pointing fingers.) And on the topic of 8 year olds, some of you guys definitely act like a bunch of them (I am not pointing fingers at anyone, again), but prove me wrong. My stance on this will still stand.
  20. I don't know about y'all, but I actively want this.

    Not for the fact that I like to act like I can't look at something that moves and not want to fuck it, but for a different reason. (Although I can't deny that it might give me an excuse to roleplay here...!)

    Roleplaying is all about coming together to write a story with others and improve your skill. From what I see, most of the roleplays here are PG16 fantasy stuff. It's what we're all comfortable with, it's what we're used to, of course we tend to stick to that particular sort of roleplay. But it also discourages reaching out of your immediate comfort zone to try something new.

    No, it doesn't actively restrict you, but if you walk into our roleplay section, you aren't exactly going to be encouraged to try something new. Having a section where things are restricted just a little more so that it's outside of your comfort zone would eventually- maybe not immediately- make people think "hey, I want to try this out". It happened with statplaying- most of the people I remember avoiding it at least have a bit of knowledge of how to play, and some have decent profiles in case they ever do.

    It doesn't have to be mature roleplaying, but separating roleplays based on literary genre like fantasy or modern is something for bigger boards. On the other hand, separating mature roleplaying from the PG16 is well-rooted in reason and practicality, because there is the chance that younger people will come across us. If someone else has a better idea along these lines, I'm all ears, but in the meantime why not give this a trial run? I know I'd play.

    and how else would i threesome with shadow and eebit

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