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"Mature" Roleplaying

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eebit, Nov 9, 2012.


Do you support the creation of a 'mature' roleplaying section on ZEJ?

  1. Yes

    4 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
  3. A designated 'NSFW' tag would be sufficient

    6 vote(s)
  1. Concerning the general expanse of the subject matter, I stand by my original stance in that, yes, one day, I think that we could support such a social faction if we password protect it. It may not filter out all of the immature ones right off the bat, but it'd do a good job at filtering things for the most part. What scares me the most is mainly that Spaughty is the most avid supporter of it, given the creepy quote he gave Eebit in IRC however many months ago paired with his taking up the embodiment of Lust in Fragments of the Deadly Sins. LOL.

    Humor aside, at this point, though, I can't see myself avidly supporting a section that a) I will likely not ever really be supporting with posts myself and b) will likely not gauge a massive install base given our community as it currently stands. We have Spaughty and Masq, but hardly anyone else, and if those two want to perform some sort of text-based sexual rendezvous then they can do so on their own time in PMs at this point. Even if we set up a public poll, I still don't think we'd have enough garnered interest to really go through with it. I question if we ever will, either. ZEJ just isn't one of those places. I'm with Eebit and Shadow, considering how everything is at this moment in time.

    I've edited the poll to technically place my vote as "Other" along with Giga, even though my name is still pasted under "Yes, with limitations attached", with this post here providing the specifications regarding the change.
  2. The following moment from IRC is relevant to this:

    [19:25:23]    Starr    Oh right damn I forgot about DE
    [19:25:24]    Starr    ;___;
    [19:26:58]    Starr    But then I'm being told to make a sex scene, which I don't know how to flowerwrite basic guy humping so idk
    [19:27:00]    Starr    shrugs
    [19:27:13]    Cerberus    LOLWAT
    [19:28:17]    LordXGigaX    WOW, seriously?
    [19:28:23]    LordXGigaX    +!
    [19:28:25]    RavenousJoy    рщц еру агсл вшв Ш дуфкт рщц ещ ызуфл кгыышфт,,,,!!!!!
    [19:28:25]    Starr    Really? I feel it almost boring spending my time writing up a wall of a guy humping and going "I'm coming SOOOOOOON."
    [19:28:44]    Starr    but in a mean mean way
    [19:28:46]    Cerberus    LOL
    [19:28:53]    RavenousJoy    Ш вщтэе лтщц црфе ещ вщ!!
    [19:29:02]    Cerberus    Joy what are you doing ;_;
    [19:29:06]    RavenousJoy    Ш вщтэе лтщц!!!
    [19:29:11]    Starr    if it were a girl, then maybe I'd have a chance because girls do a lot
    [19:29:23]    Starr    like faking orgasms. Must be fun
  3. Moving this public because of a recent discussion in IRC revolving around the appearance of a 'limes' scene in Downcast Eyes. I figure this is an issue that should probably be taken beyond the staff of ZEJ, because as it stands, nobody has really championed the idea, but nobody has really given a 'hard' (bah dum tss) no to it either, save for Brawly. I would like to see what the public opinion is, given the previous posts in this thread, and I would really like to hear what reasoning there is towards or against ZEJ having an area for erotic RPs.
  4. I think it would be great to have a section to place the smutplays (using IRP lingo here) in without it clogging up the non-smut RPs in the freeform section. Having a smut-RP in a freeform section is admittedly...difficult in my side of Downcast Eyes mostly because it doesn't seem fitting in the place it's at right now. If there were a section for this kind of stuff, it would alleviate any uneasy feelings. 'Sides, it wont "pollute" or "soil" any of the other roleplays around. It would just be a section where one goes to read at their own risk, so to say.

    I hope that made any sense.
    PS: Eeb, there's more than one lime term: It's Lime and Lemon. Lime is where the scene barely describes any R-rated stuff or implies. Lemon is the actual act in detail of such actions. Just a little info for ya :p

    Added points: As for Brawly's concerns about smut corrupting the forums, if it had it's own section...it wouldn't quite happen ;P Just think of it as a hypothetical pandora's box where you have a choice to either open it or close it. It wont be up in your face nor will you be forced to read any of it. Many roleplaying forms have mature sections with their own guidelines and they work /perfectly/ alongside their other roleplaying sections. On top of that, the mature section doesn't disrupt or downgrade a site at all because for those who care about it, they'll dig it and pay attention to it. For those who don't care, they wont care. Simple as that.

    Iwakuroleplay is a GREAT example on how their mature section co-exists with the other sections. They have one yet their community is going strong and everyone just minds their own business and goes about their day. So I doubt ZEJ will collapse because the members will see a Lemon scene and go "LOL OMG DICKS AND BOOBIES" and crap. I do have faith in this site...enough faith that I know we could handle that section.
  5. I'd fully support this, for a number of reasons:

    • As mentioned earlier, mature does not have to mean porn.
    • To those who wish to have multiple players in a(n erotic) roleplay, PMs are not so much of an option. IRC would be limited.
    • Age is also not really a concern so much as the maturity of the members involved. Hell, I'm pretty sure that most if not all of the male ZEJ community has browsed porn. What harm could writing it do?
    • Tacking "mature" adds a certain unspoken tag of adultness, and inspires people to take more thought into their writing, leading overall to a higher writing quality. Who doesn't like to read nice posts?

    Password protection is also something I support, though I am not sure if you want to restrict it by monetary age or have a staff-driven evaluation to determine maturity of potential viewers.

    That's how I feel, anyway. :p
  6. I think it would be good for ZEJ to have a section like this, as it has been brought up with enthusiasm multiple times before. A 'Mature' section would help accommodate some current roleplays on ZEJ which fit under that category, as well as help people who might want to try their hand at writing in a context which deals with more 'realistic', taboo situations and themes. It doesn't have to be erotic, either; if this does happen I would like to see not only sexual scenes but anything else that's too gritty for the average, public roleplay. As for memberbase viability, I agree that that'll have to be proven. Personally, I'd aim to eventually join one RP from the Mature section, just to try my hand at that kind of scenario writing.

    Also I agree fully with there being a password and people having to request it from admins. It's a simple precaution that could potentially prevent a shitstorm in the future.
  7. ^ This so much.
  8. QFT.
  9. I see many comments explaining how I'm the most avid supporter, and yes, I suppose I am. But not because I just want to be erect while I roleplay on the site because that prospect seems actually weird for me. However there is a joy and good practice out of roleplaying taboo subjects and portray scenes in which character have legitimate needs and fantasies that traditional statplays and their RP seem to lack. ie: - characters with no desires except to fulfill their part in the plot, and they should be much deeper than that - not to mention everyone needs their daily done of romance and maybe a little excitement no?

    Oh, and obviously I'm for this idea considering the 1st fucking post XD ('fucking' eh? eh? *nudges*)
  10. I'mma keep quoting because you're hitting it on the nail. 

    (I swear I did not mean that in a bad way now that I read it..)
  11. Several sites I've seen and visited have had various different approaches to smut. One I visit has flat out said no to it by reason of younger viewers, legal issues, and Google ads crap. Another ( @blackoutEquinox and @CodastertheDisaster would know which one) has a designated forum for more "mature" RPs that include probably more action and gore, but that has never seemed to be an issue on most sites. I, however, believe more of the smut stuff takes place in one on ones, and I have always liked the prospect of creating a separate 1x1 forum, however most of the staff has disagreed with me on the grounds that there aren't enough to fill a forum. I say this could be a valid option to designate as a pseudo-smut forum, but more like something that can hold general one on ones as well that lack smut and were more plot driven.
  12. I feel that 1x1's can be used for erotic and other mature type roleplaying, and it could be taken up in the mature section. But I dislike the prospect of 1x1's everywhere. It is to say that if a mature roleplay were to exist, I would actually want it to have more than one other player not only for diversity, but it adds a sense of realism that not just your two characters are in on the errr, action? Not even in a sexual fashion, but if it were a serious crime RP with detailed explanations on rape and murder we'd want more players no? And even if it had sex in it, that doesn't mean it couldn't hold a plot, such as a romance where one of the players cheats with another, however lame someone thinks that prospect to be, that really can help add depth to a roleplay and characterization - 1x1 are doable, but I would enjoy more players, and keeping the 'sexual' stuff to 1x1 more-or-less exclusively makes little sense to me. Ex: If we have four people interested in ERP's, instead of making two 1x1's, just have one RP that houses both characters in a similar setting and make it a romantic/erotic slice of life RP and have the players choose their relations with the others.
  13. But then you begin to lack the individuality of the two pairs. I mean, it would take much more effort to make a smutty group RP simply because of the fact that people's interests differ. :/
  14. I think you're misreading my point. My point is, that there can be 1x1s that don't really contain smut, aren't centered around the smut. How often are crime RPs done? I rarely ever do any, so maybe that's me, but I don't see anyone doing Criminal Minds or CSI RPs, and even then, they don't get that graphic. Anyway:

  15. [​IMG]

    Yes, why not both?
  16. All in all, I am in favor of this section. In a way it reminds me of gay marriage - there are some people out there not keen on the idea, but don't care as long as they don't have to see it - other people pry their way into it and complain about what they see - and others just embrace it with open paws.. err arms. So on that note, I'd like to see some Violent Pornography, choking chicks and sodomy - the kinda shit you get on your TV. (System Of A Down reference)
  17. Still wholly in support of the mature forum, though I still feel that a 1x1 forum is, at least right now, not necessary. 1x1s can be freeform, or statform, or mature, and honestly I myself would rather keep them in those designations than just grouped under how many players it has. Mature roleplays don't have to just be 1x1 because they don't just have to be about sex- look at most R-rated movies. Many of them are violent, profane, and involve heavy sexual references, but that doesn't make it violent porn.

    A lot of the reorganization of the forum over the last two years or so has been in the interest of not having so many sections. Making both a 1x1 and a mature section would be going backwards, and grouping them together makes little sense.
  18. If you want to do something erotic go get laid.

    Feel bad for ya if you're a neckbeard though.
  19. I just went scrolling through to see what kind of things we could do to narrow down like you said. Perhaps we could merge Real Talk and Misc. Conjectures and make it general off topic, then merge Forum Games and Spam. Actually... I'll go make a new thread. I have an idea.
  20. Revoking my support from this. The roleplays on ZEJ are already of a "mature" nature, and eroticism, while not the main component, is already present in a way, shape, or form somewhere, everywhere. Getting a modmin to edit my poll vote to reflect my decision.

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