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Mages of the Tricore

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by ShadoeMayari, May 2, 2013.

  1. "The dragonfly girl?" Tory asked when she mentioned Kleis. "She's the only one living in the forest now, huh?" The guy with the flute and the sand timer girl must have kicked the bucket or lost their powers, she thought. The same with the painter boy, although he was still pretty young.

    "And what do you mean, a possessed Mage? Is it like ghosties and stuff?"
  2. "Yep, pretty much." Emirayha answered. 

    "And Reyna  was possessed by a fire mage when she was using a tricore shard to heal. She used it incorrectly and a soul from the esse in the shard possessed her and caused a terrible acid rain storm that burned down much of the forest and harmed Von, Kleis, Reyna and I too. 

    Esse is the equivalent of one mortal soul, you know.

    We had to knock her back into her human form and she became really feverish. Even the freezing water we submerged her in evaporated rapidly. She's being taken care of at the hospital. Still, it was a sight to see and left lasting damage."

    Emirayha felt sort of intelligent spreading all this info. She really had come a long way as a mage, and learned several new things. But something told her she had said a bit too much. She wondered what history the mages here had with those of her home and what there intentions would be if they new all the info about esse and the other stuff. It gave her chills.
  3. "Woah, slow down, mate," Tory said, leaning forward to rest her elbow on the table. "I haven't been to Woodlesvile for three years and I don't recognize these names." She paused, trying to process the information she had received. "So a Mage possessed another Mage and made them destroy the forest. That I get-"

    She suddenly paused and sat up straight, staring at a seemingly blank wall. She could feel someone behind that wall: a taller male that was a bit older than her. She recognized his body shape and posture and sighed.
  4. Emirayha reevaluated her thoughts. She and Kleis hadn't contacted the mages of other cities in ages; whatever history that occurred between the city and the port had probably dissipated with time. That was immaterial now.

    As the young mage struggled to catch up to Emirayha's tale, she paused in fear. For appearing to be such a bold person, it was shocking to see Tory like this. She was staring at a blank wall, so Emiryaha gazed too.

    At first she saw nothing, but when she focused it was clear that an older male was outside. She may not have the best eyes, but Emirayha's ability to see the truth made up for her below average eyesight. She assumed Tory felt is presence through the earth.

    The boy seemed to be somewhat comely and a bit mischievous, but mostly innocuous by a glance at his face. He gave Emirayha a sense of deja vu, but when she couldn't reason it, she just ignored it.

    Although she had a general idea of his appearance, she interrupted Tory's blank stare and asked, "Who is that?"
  5. Tory didn't answer. Instead, she stomped the ground angrily. The fake wall that concealed the boy disappeared when he fell forward in pain, grabbing his crotch. Behind him was a stone pole that shot out of the ground, standing at waist height. "Fucking hell, that was the left ball!" He looked similar to Tory, with his neat black hair falling over his right eye, which was concealed by an eyepatch. He dressed a lot neater compared to Tory, wearing what appeared to be a school uniform; however, Emirayha would have probably known that the only school in the area that required a uniform was for delinquents.

    "Shut up. Everyone knows that you have small testicles," Tory retorted. The pole retreated back into the earth. "Don't mind him, he's an idiot. So, about the forest-"
  6. Emirayha was right. Tory raised a stone pole to hit the boy in his testicles, unaware of the question she had just been asked. At a glance, the boy was wearing a uniform for a school for delinquents she had found in her research. This was clearly the type that enraged people with his various endeavors.

    Tory told Emirayha to ignore him so she looked away and continued to chat about the forest. No need to get into any drama out of town. "So, what else did you need to know?" She asked.
  7. "Can't any of the other Mages in the city help?" Tory asked. "I mean, most of the Mages here still actually have their families. My parents would kill me if I skipped school or stayed after curfew. I don't want to end up at Renaissance like that guy." She glanced at the eyepatch boy and sighed.

    "Hey, don't ignore me!" The eyepatch boy groaned, trying to push himself off the ground. "And you make Renaissance sound like a bad thing." He stumbled towards the table, rubbing his crotch.

    "It is a bad thing, you asshat." Tory sighed and a stone chair rose out of the ground beneath the boy and he promptly sat down.
  8. 'Renaissance?' Emirayha thought. She was unfamiliar with this terminology. 'Rebirth? How drastically did they change people there? Slight alterations or entirely new personalities?' She snapped out of it and answers Tory.
    "Sadly, no. There's an extreme dearth of mages and the ones we do have already have many responsibilities. I suppose, if this continues...." Emirayha stuttered, "Then the remaining mages will all turn into....." she stopped. She couldn't bare the thought. "Anyway, I'm sure there must be a solution or compromise somewhere in between the lines. Perhaps we can call Kleis up to get her in on this discussion." Emirayha suggested.
  9. "Maybe get the guys up in Harrenville to help?" Tory suggested. "It's a lot more crowded up there, I'm sure no one will notice if a Mage disappears just for a night. Although, they are a bit harder to contact, since they don't really work together like we do..."

    The eyepatch boy leaned back in his chair, dangling his arms behind the back and moving to sit so he was at the very edge. "The Harrenville Mages aren't nearly as powerful as us, though, since there's so many of them." He sat up, cringed, and began to rub his crotch again. He then glanced at Emirayha and realized he hadn't introduced himself yet. "By the way, the name's Jayden." He held out his hand for her to shake.

    Tory gave Emirayha an intense stare that said "Don't do it. Whatever you do, don't touch his hand." It wasn't that she knew Jayden had a trick up his sleeve, it was that he just touched his crotch as that was gross.
  10. Emirayha told Jayden, "Nice to meet you." in a relatively friendly voice but gave him an odd look as he reached out his hand. She considered giving him a towelette for his hands, but didn't want to seem rude so she just pretended not to notice. 

    She continued her conversation with Tory. "Well, we could use al the help we can get, anything is better than none sometimes; however, if the mages in Harrenville are weaker, not accustomed to cooperation in groups and keeping in contact and difficult to get in touch with as well, I don't know how much help they will be. I'm sure we can arrange something. I'll call up Kleis." Emirayha pulled out her phone and began dialing Kleis's number.
  11. "You do that," Tory said. She leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the table.


    Kleis was sitting under the shade of the Willow when her phone rang. She quickly answered, but kept her voice low as to not disturb anything that was lurking around. "Hey, Emirayha. Did you managed to contact any of the Ports Mages?"
  12. Kleis answered shortly after a few rings. She questioned if Emirayha had gotten in contact with any of the port mages yet, so Emirayha replied, "Yes as a matter of fact. I have some right in front of me. We're trying to organize a way to get help without taking too many mages from their responsibilities at the port. Would you like to discuss the issue with them?" 
  13. "Yeah, just put it on speaker." Kleis stood up and began to move away from the Willow, into the damaged forest.

    Once Emirayha put Kleis on speaker, Tory moved so she was sitting cross-legged and leaned forward towards the phone. "'eyo~" she said with a notable accent while Jayden remained silent.
  14. Emirayha pressed the speaker button and said a few things. "Kleis, the kids here are young and go to school like us. They're worried about having to skip and how their families would react to them going so far at their young age. What do you think? Perhaps we could organize something for the summer, maybe?"
  15. "I mean, we'll only need them for a week, maybe not even that long, depending on when Von can get the Clarion working again," Kleis noted.

    "The Clarion? You shouldn't touch a dead man's junk," Jayden said jokingly. Tory gave him another glare that said something among the lines of "You're the one to talk." He shifted around uncomfortably as a bright red blush began to spread across his face. "...Anyway, maybe we can come on two or three days. Just to give you guys some rest. That's probably the best we can do without getting into much trouble."

    "I don't know... Emirayha, what do you think?"
  16. Taking the situation into consideration and ignoring Jayden's crass remarks, Emirayha replied, "That sounds good. Even if it's only a few days worth of help it's better to have it sooner than later; if we waste more time looking for more help something bad may happen in the meantime. So, we have a deal?" Emirayha finished, nodding at Tory and giving a side glance to Jayden.
  17. Tory nodded back. "Yeah. Wednesday's okay, right?" she glanced at Jayden, who replied with a grunt and a nod. "Yeah. We'll be there on Wednesday and will try Friday as well."
  18. With a smile, Emirayha replied, "So it's settled then. Thank you for your help." Suddenly she heard a gentle pitter-patter sound. Glancing outside, Emirayha could see that it was raining.

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