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Mages of the Tricore

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by ShadoeMayari, May 2, 2013.

  1. When he reached a small clearing in the midst of the fire, the Mage knelt down and pressed a hand to the concrete beneath him. There was some trembling, then, suddenly, a stone pillar shot up out of the ground and back, aimed at the Reaper. It was so fast that if a fireman blinked he wouldn't be able to spot it. He had to be careful, since the Reaper was hiding around the regular humans. He'll have to separate it from the others somehow.
    He punched the ground, creating a large hole. He jumped in, closing the hole behind him. He continued to send up pillars at the Reaper, trying to trap it.
  2. In a flash, a pillar sprung up, not too far from Emirayha: Even she was a bit shocked, but no one else seemed to notice. She glanced back for a second and the mage had disappeared by the time she turned back around. Pillars were emerging rapidly, seeming to be trying to encumber something, or someone. 

    Emirayha transformed briefly in the midst of the chaos and stayed in the shadows. She could sense an aura of malevolence nearby. Then, she saw a suspicious looking man. He appeared to be human, but peering in closer Emirayha could tell that he wasn't a regular mortal. 

    He was horribly disfigured and grotesque, and he had soulless, piercing eyes. There was no doubt that he was infused with a copious amount of hatred. 

    He seemed to be panicking, running around looking for something. Seeing he was approaching some highly flammable substances, Emirayha quickly stunned him with a beam of light. It seemed to impair him long enough to be caught. She just hoped no mortals saw.
  3. The second Emirayha transformed, a cloud of dust blocked her and the Reaper from the firemen, obscuring their vision. The Reverse Mage popped out of the ground on the other side of the Reaper, surrounding him. The Mage tapped his foot and a rocky hand shot up out of the earth, grabbing the Reaper and squeezing it until it died, or until it went unconscious.

    The Reverse Mage glanced at Emirayha, then to the firemen beyond the dust cloud. "Shall we assist them?"
  4. In an instant, the reaper was slain. Now Emirayha could clearly see her new ally. It was actually a he, but he looked exactly like the girl from earlier. She assumed he was a reverse mage. 

    The fire died down a bit to a regular fire after the reaper had perished. The reverse mage asked Emirayha, "Shall we assist them?" and she solemnly replied, "Yes indeed." The two mages sprung into action.
  5. The Reverse Mage returned back into the earth, raising the ground in specific places in order to keep the flames from spreading further. He searched for any explosives, sucked them into the earth, and popped them out behind him, away from the flames. He tried to force the groundwater up towards the surface, but it was extremely difficult due to the think layer of concrete beneath the market.
  6. Emirayha made sure no firemen caught on, and attempted to use her psychic abilities to loosen up the concrete. It was a formidable task, but with both mages efforts it seemed to be budging a bit.
  7. The concrete eventually gave away, causing the groundwater to shower the market as a geyser. It wasn't as spectacular as the Reverse Mage hoped it would, but it did the job. The rest could be handled by the firemen.

    The stone pillars retreated back into the earth and most of the dust settled. There was some shaking, as if something was moving underground. It appeared to be headed towards the entrance of a nearby military base. The ground directly beneath Emirayha began to shake as well, as if it wanted her to follow.
  8. Once the geyser spouted up, it tamed the flames enough for mortals to easily control. The stone pillars vanished and Emirayha sensed something motioning her to follow it. Was it this weird sensation coming from underground?

    She quickly followed it to a nearby military base. It came off to her as a place where benevolent people gathered behind the scenes to fight crime and suspicious activities. She wondered if any other mages could be nearby the base.
  9. The Reverse Mage popped out of the ground behind a building near the entrance of the base. One transformation later would reveal that he was the same girl that was playing in the mud earlier. She held the jar of dirt in her arms and patiently waited for Emirayha to catch up.

    She was a lot smaller compared to Emirayha, but she spoke with such confidence that it was almost threatening. "Never seen you around here before," she said, carefully placing the jar on the ground and dusted off her shirt. "And the way you fought there tells me that you're not a total noob. Are you from the big city or something?"
  10. When Emirayha caught up she saw the same girl from earlier. 'A fellow mage.' she thought. 'I knew it.' 

    Without hesitation and with a lucidly calm, nonchalant yet serious tone she replied to the little girl's question, "Yes, as a matter of fact I am. There's trouble over there. Lots of reapers and a severe dearth of mages. I came here to search for help while another mage guards a recently devastated forest back home. You don't seem too shabby yourself."

    The girl still seemed odd to Emirayha. And that bold attitude made her guess that she'd been fending for herself all her life. For now, she just ignored the girl's brazen disposition while Emirayha awaited the girl's reply.

    Life was too short for inciting such childish quarrels, and Emirayha no longer dabbled in such business. She was numb down to her soul. She had seen so much terror and been a victim of attempted murder. What did anything matter anymore?
  11. The girl cocked her head in interest. "The forest? The one with the massive willow?" She paused, spun on her heel, and began to walk towards the base, motioning to Emirayha to follow. She lead her to a large stone wall, abruptly grabbed Emirayha's hand, and pulled her through. They passed through the stone wall as if they were ghosts. They reappeared behind a large building, presumably an apartment complex.
  12. Before Emirayha could even mention which forest she was speaking of, the girl's interest was piqued. Obviously that forest wasn't that esoteric of a secret. 

    Her enthusiasm was almost suspicious as she pulled Emirayha through an odd stone wall to the back of an apartment. 'Is this wall charmed, or is the girl doing this?' Emirayha thought, as she felt her body pass through the odd-feeling material. She had assumed it was the girl's doing, or a secret place of hers.

    In awe for a minute, Emirayha regained her senses, and answered the girl without hesitation, "Yes, the very one." she said.
  13. "Hm." The girl led Emirayha onto a small, one-way street with no sidewalk. "The name's Tory, by the way." They walked against the traffic and eventually came to the main road, which still lacked a sidewalk. The farther they walked, the wider the road became and the symbols on it became duller and duller.

    The eventually made it to large, steep hill with several trees obscuring the top. "Watch your step."" A few cars whizzed by them, forcing them to stay at the edge of the road; however, the road wasn't exactly made for pedestrians. It was a long way down and there was no railing or anything there to catch them if they slipped.
  14. The girl didn't really reply, but Emirayha found out that her name was Tory, and Emirayha then told her her own name. 

    The girl took her to an old road that led to a steep hill. It looked like either it hadn't been explored by people in ages, or it was just terribly unkept. Either way, Emirayha was on guard and moving cautiously. Just what secrets could this place hold?
  15. They eventually came to where the road ended, to an old, deserted white building. It was about two stories high and appeared to be overgrown. "This used to be a weather station, but they abandoned it a couple years back," Tory explained. "So the Mages around here turned it into a little base. But I don't think anyone's here at the moment, they're probably mucking around at their own homes or something. Still, we can talk here in private."

    She lead Emirayha to the door, which was all boarded up. "Watch your step." She walked right through the door as if it wasn't even there and was immediately plunged into darkness. It felt as if they were going down stairs, but it was too dark to tell.
  16. Emirayha stared at the building with disgust but intrigue. Her eyes widened as Tory waked through the door without opening it. It was pitch-black inside, and the eerie feeling enshrouded Emirayha in discomfort.

    This place had a sense of déjà vu for her, and it chilled her to the bone. But onward she continued.
  17. One could hear hissing and growling at the bottom of the steps, but Tory didn't even flinched. She stopped and allowed the source of the growling to approach her, and said, "Nyarlothotep." The dark corridor was suddenly filled with light, revealing the source of the growling: a golden knocker that was shaped like a goblin head, attached to a wooden door. The knocker's piercing gaze met Emirayha and asked in its threateningly high-pitched voice, "WhO aRe yOU?"

    "She's a Mage from the city. Would you mind letting us in, Poe?" Tory asked, irritated. The knocker grumbled, close his eyes, and allowed the door to open.

    It opened to a large grotto, illuminated by torches. Vines and roots poked out of the walls and a small stream cut through the center of the room, dotted by small moss-covered rocks and pebbles. The room was mostly clear of furniture, that is, until Tory stomped her foot and forced up a table and two chairs made of stone. "Take a seat." She placed her jar of dirt on the table and sat in one of the chairs, slouching slightly and bringing her knees up to her chest.
  18. Suddenly Emirayha heard growling. She became curious as to what it was and listened closer. She'd never heard anything like it. 

    With one word, Tory illuminated the room to reveal it to be a door knocker. It glared at her threateningly, but Emirayha uttered a slight smile. Something about it was somewhat amusing. 

    Tory told it who she was before she could reply and the girls entered a grotto. Emirayha sat down in the stone chairs Tory had made and leaned against the stone table a bit to hide the fact that she had almost tripped.

    She was still taking it all in, but she was calming down.
  19. "This place is mostly used as a training room and a meeting place, so I haven't got anything to offer," Tory said, hugging her knees. "Plus, this isn't exactly the best place to store food." She reached out to tap the lid of her jar absentmindedly. "So, about that forest. The Willow's still intact, right?" Her tone was a tad bit more serious than when they first spoke behind the building, but relaxed enough to pass off as very casual.
  20. "I see." Emirayha giggled as she pictured storing food in a place like this.

    Emirayha answered the girls question after further conversation. "The forest is in bad shape. The willow is still intact but the forest around it has been severely damaged by an acid rain storm cause by a possessed mage. What's worse is that now only Kleis is left to guard it from further harm, without much assistance."

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