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If you were and the above poster were the last animals on the planet EVER

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by LaTyrannia, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. how would you go about?

    Yes, they are near you.
  2. I would be most confused (As I am a Anthro Hyena), however I would politely ask the person who they are, and if they were interested in taking such a fuzzy person with them in their travels.
  3. I'd be bloody confused about how the hell I woke up from a hangover with an anatomically confused hyena.
  4. I'm going to walk away quietly.

  5. I'd yell at Jade for missing an "e" in Eebit. Even in the apocalypse, I'm a grammar Nazi.
  6. I'd take a bus run by a ghost and smash it into Zar'roc XD

    [Lol, rather I missed an e in have. Eebit's name is too perfect]
  7. I would be wondering how the hell I ended up there in the first place. Then I would probably go home. and live like I had been.
  8. I'd probably just have a rave with the above poster. Complete with laser lights and glow sticks and...

  9. Nude Beach party!
  10. Make a new world.
  11. "1v1 Call of Duty go go go"
  12. *places gun to head*

  13. "Dude bro hey want to Pokemon bro?"
  14. I'd confess my love for @Shadow
  15. ^
  16. Skip merrily though flowers together, and eat all the food, and try to do parkour in children's playgrounds... because - what else am I supposed to do? Fixing humanity isn't a priority when you have the entire planet to yourself. :)
  17. Probably raid most of the stores with above person and throw a giant party expecting a lot of people to show up, then be saddened that no one showed up because everyone was dead and then shoot myself in the head to get out of my depression.

    But it will be a fun party! :D

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