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I need a new username

Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Kells, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. OK first off, I wasmt sure what thread to put this in but since this is like an informal quasi-game-contest-thing I guess it can go here???? 

    Anyway I want to make a new username but I'm feeling creatively stunted so I figured I'd see what you cool cats can help me come up with?? I was thinking something with Kell in it since idk how much you guys know about me to begin with but due to some self discovery that's been a long time coming,  I've been enlightened to the fact that I'm trans so among other things i will be legally changing my name to Kellan some time in the future so I thought it would be cool to incorporate it in there somehow? I originally thought of  something lame like ~kelltacular~ (I've been playing halo recently, don't judge me) but lmA o I dunno

    TLDR; looking to change my username, was thinking of something incorporating "kell" in there somewhere but it's not necessary, I'm just looking for some ideas! Doesn't need to be serious at all, I mean look at my fucking signature ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    //end rambling
  2. Xx_420_kELlsc0p3_69_xX
  3. hati

    you know, because sköll
  4. [​IMG]
  5. kellsbells

    (because fwoosh burning in hell right?)
  6. Make a new account named just "Kell" and then rename this account "Kenan"

  7. Wait no

    "Bitch Don't Kell My Vibe"
  8. Lmao these are all hilarious 

    Hati is clever,  I like that! 
    And "bitch don't Kell my vibe" is fucking hilarious, I wonder if that fits within the character limit
  9. KellingMeSoftly?
  10. Kellsmith would be a nice username.
  11. You can create a nice user name if you want to make it on your own with any name generator site. You can refer to www.babynology.com, if you want to get a nice name.
  12. thanks for the suggestion! the hunt for a new username continues

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