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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. iiiiiiiiiiiiiii wasn't prepared to write another death message so soon

    even though i clearly should've been! The Brawlinator falls to the same fate as his beloved Tabuu -- to be ultimately destroyed by the masses of our community, much like Tabuu was eliminated by the forces of Smash. This is the end of his story, but our community clash continues!
  2. Let's kill the already dying.

    Hurt Dark x2

    * Keileon is an opportunistic predator
  3. Hurt Kuda x2

  4. k

    won't stop me from killing tho
  5. >tfw you just did an update and moon slides into the thread all slick the second after
  6. You wish you were this smooth, Eeboob :^)
  7. no i need her alive for now

    Heal Khya x2
  8. New day, time to kill off Dark.

    Hurt Dark x2
  9. Hurt Kaku x1, Hurt Jonno x1
  10. Hurt turbotaxer x20

    Hurt Glowbo x2
  11. playa you ain't just dyin'

    u already ded

    Yes, indeed. Our resident furry and tech admin has met his unfortunate end in our competition. Despite his death, we are hoping that the servers do not overheat and leave us without a medium upon which we can continue this utterly savage competition. We eagerly await future deaths for snippy and not-even-a-little-witty death posts such as this.
  12. @'Nebulon Ranger' - Bruh I woulda got u but u already ded by the time I logged on. ilu


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