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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Hurt blackout x1, Hurt Knightmare x1
  2. Hurt Masq x2

    I'd just like to note that you brought this upon him yourself by getting his health too high and making him a target
  3. Is it time to ruin Silver's day already?

    Hurt Masque x2

    heal Masq x2
  5. Hurt Masq x2 as an act of rebellion
  6. Workshop E-I: Azzan “Dark” Dmitryus

    As I looked through the ZEJ SC profile thread, I passed over Dark’s character for it and I feel like there could definitely be some potential there. I might just do this as a side project, and then eventually get around to posting the results of the Second Statcontest LOLLLLLLLLLL

    I think it could actually be something cool, to show Dark how to work with his character. Plus I need practice in profilen, and I kind of feel semi-inspired by the ZEJ SC profile’s VERY HAZY direction. Tank with high sustain.

    <Shadow>: Vampirism should either be a metaeffect (akin to No Life) or just reference the abilities by giving him a passive, small HP drain or something, or maybe passive HP regen

    <Shadow>: Maybe basing off "Ki" as a certain percentage of HP
    <Shadow>: And have skills gain added effects if he spends Ki alongside MP
    <Shadow>: ???

    <Eebit>: For the "Dive Skill" I'm going to have it as a starting skill that positions Dark immediately adjacent to his target, knocks the target up, and must be used out of Airborne
    <Eebit>: Then he can use the Ki Augmented Line Buster to push the enemy away
    <Eebit>: Rend and Rake is going to be a standard skill to sustain HP and maybe Ki
    <Eebit>: Lifesteal probably

    Name: Azzan "Dark" Dmitryus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 1545
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10
    Appearance: <appearance text would go here if it wasn’t ungodly space consuming>

    Job Promotion: Vampiric Lycan --- ??? --- ??? --- ???

    Profession: Vampiric Lycan - A member of a canid humanoid race from years beyond the present, the one who claims this Profession is a [Life Energy] [Bloodthirsty Predator] [Airborne Switch]

    * [Life Energy]: An additional field is added to ‘Statistics,’ labelled as Ki. Ki scales as a percentage (25%) of Total HP, and can be used to augment skills, which are given additional effects if Ki is used upon them. Upon reaching 0 Ki, the user can sacrifice ?? HP/MP in order to replenish their stock.
    * [Bloodthirsty Predator]: <filler>
    * [Airborne Switch]: The User may activate the Special Command: Enter Flight for free once on a given Turn, bestowing them with Airborne for an unlimited duration. While Airborne, this character may avoid certain obstacle Cells. The User may also activate the Special Command: End Flight on any Turn that Enter Flight was not used.

    Weapon: Natural Claws - Razor sharp extensions of the natural, feral weapons of a Lycan. Said to be able to slice easily through flesh. [+1 ATK]
    Armor: Shredded Khakis - Casual khaki pants which have been ripped and torn, probably in a struggle to put them on with wicked claws. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Custom Amplifier - filler text [+? Ki?]

    A-Ability: Ki Wolverine

    + <dive skill>:
    --- Augmented - <who knows these days>:

    + Forward Beam:
    --- Augmented - Line Buster:

    + Shield Aura:
    --- Augmented - Ki Bulwark:

    + Blood Sampling:
    --- Augmented - <kekku>:



    ~ Statistics ~

    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}
  7. Healbot protocol initiated

    heal Masq x2
  8. Ah, no. =)

    Hurt Masq x2
  9. another one bites the dust

    Masquerade Pants has fallen in our clash of the staff. He is succeeded by his two sons, @Silver Pants and Molesto Pants, who will carry on the family legacy. You are all heartless fiends for killing a single father of two.
  10. Hurt Brawlinator x2

    More blood must be shed.

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