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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.


    Hurt Eebit x2 still hasn't had a threesome with me

    Hurt Quackers x2

  3. Another staffer falls from grace...

    Fabled to be quite "yummylicious," Suvi was greeted at dawn by a hoard of angry ducks. Apparently they had not taken kindly to her usage of the word "quackers," or perhaps they had just not liked the way she had an all-lowercase username. But as fate would have it, our dear Suvi was bludgeoned by several ducks, and joins those in the Land of the Banned, eliminated from the competition. Who will be next...?
  4. Heal Masq x1, Hurt Zantok x1
  5. Hurt Eebit x2 b/c he's sexy, trust me, it makes sense
  6. Hurt Dark x2

    Heck, we're already almost there with ya. May as well keep pushing. :5
  7. Time for the Turbotaxer Revolution!

    Hurt Masquerade x2
  8. I'm normally a fan of hurt > heal because we will eventually reach a conclusion, but Eebit is falling at a severely alarming rate. I'm jumping on the "holy shit, save Eebear," bandwagon.

    Heal Eebit x2
  9. Heal Eebit Hurt Pokerus

    Because viruses are bad
  10. No, no, no, you guys must not understand. You must not know Eebit's true nature, because if you did, you wouldn't be healing him. He must be eliminated, for the good of everyone. For the continued existence of the human race.

    Shadow was merely a distraction he made to divert attention from himself. Eebit must be stopped.

    Hurt Eebit x2
  11. Hurt Poker x2

    Before it spreads.
  12. Heal Masq x1, Hurt Nebulon x1

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