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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Heal Flamezone x2
  2. Hurt Flamezone x2
  3. Hurt Rose x1
    Heal Rose x1
  4. What a surge! What a rush!

    What a battle! The pages and pages of "Hurt Keileon" and "Heal Khya" have finally reached their stunning conclusion with the inevitability that is Death. The mighty Keileon has fallen to the masses, showing us all that we must be mindful of our enemies and thankful to our friends for keeping us so alive for so long...! And, joining her in the void is our dearest The Kakuzato. Truly, we are rapidly approaching the stunning conclusion of this macabre game. Our final three and podium-mounting staffers remain! Who will emerge victorious...?!
  5. might also teach you that you should probably actually care when people are attempting to kill you
  7. Heal Rose x1 so that they can match, Hurt Flamezone x1
  8. Those are some high life totals to compete with, haha.

    Hurt Rose x2
  9. Heal Rose X1, hurt Flamezone x1
  10. Heal Rose x1 (nOW THEY MATCH AGAIN), hurt Flamezone x1
  11. Moon, m'love, you've already posted today friend. Sorry that I can't make them match for you today </3

  12. y do I keep doin this...........

    Look at the time, I think it's Redemption o' Clock........

  13. Hurt Flamezone x1 hurt Rose x1
  14. Heal Flamezone x2
  15. Heal Rose x1, Hurt Flamezone x1
  16. [​IMG]

    Eat the flames and lick your wounds as you Heal x2 Flamezone
  17. Hurt Flamezone x2

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