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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Hurt Blackout x1, hurt Zantok x1
  2. I'm not sure what current health is but

    Hurt Blackout x1, hurt Zantok x1
  3. Hurt Nate x2

    This was the first post made after Eebit's last update, meaning that this is what we're looking at stat-wise right now, if I'm looking into this correctly:

    The Staff Body: (Current Size: 9)
    Zantok - 2
    Jonno - 17
    Flamezone - 17
    The Kakuzato - 12
    Keileon - 13
    Rose - 14
    CodasterTheDisaster - 1
    blackoutEquinox - 1
    Irouk Inverse - 7
  4. You got it, Jonno! Thanks much for keeping track for me. I've been a mite busy with finals. Updated, though.

    Hurt Cody x1, Hurt Blackout x1...!
  6. Two can play at the sniping game.

    Hurt Zantok x2
  7. Now it's a party. B)

    Hurt Nate x2
  8. Oh boy, it's past midnight...!

    Heal Kuda x1, Heal Rose x1.
  9. Heal Jonno x1 and Rose x1
  10. Hurt Cody x1, Hurt Trevin x1


    EDIT: tfw Gold takes the kills
    I just wanted a Needlessly Large Rod
    Just Hurt Kuda x2 then ;-;

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