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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. doin' my best dude it's tough to care when there's a constant back 'n' forth of stubborn homies neutralizing hurting/healing you

    But nonetheless, I made an error when updating the date last time (should've been April 16th at like 1am rather than April 15th) because I know for a fact I updated Jonno's post with the video link (mostly because as an admin I see two posts and I had to make sure that he soft deleted one of them in order to know not to count it and not slap him on the wrist for double posting before the day's end), and also David's Heal underneath that. We're good now, I believe.
  2. Hey man David and Dark are healing me on their own I didn't even ask them to do this
  3. iunno man it seems almost too convenient that david just shows up out of the blue to heal u...! [/tinfoilhat]
  4. ay homie that link took a while to find, so I needed to make sure I kept it fresh with a newer post when I finally found it - sorry 'bout that. :5


    Hurt Irouk x1, Hurt Zantok x1
  5. Hurt Kuda x2

    Very soon I will have hurt Kuda in four countries. This is exciting stuff, guys! -shot-
  6. Hurt Knightmare x1, hurt Blackout x1
  7. Looks like this Knightmare is coming to an end...

    Slowly, but surely, we continue to whittle our staff body down to a more manageable size. Knightmare found himself trapped in a veritable nightmare of his own, devoured slowly by the sacrifice-demanding members of this wasteland of a subforum... cheery thought! Nine to go...
  8. Hurt Blackout x1, hurt Zantok x1

    Heal Khya x2
  10. Hurt Cody x2 lol
  11. You're totally right. The perpetually drunk shouldn't win tbh. :^)

    Hurt Cody x2
  12. Hurt Blackout x1, hurt Zantok x1
  13. Hurt Kuroi x1, Heal Kuroi x 1

    I'm not a tsundere.
  14. Hurt Irouk x1, Hurt Nate x1

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