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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Heal Mayari x2

    She can't die before the peach rings...!
  2. p sure mayari's already dead

    heal khya x2
  3. #riPeachRings indeed!

    ShadoeMayari is the next staffer to bite the dust in this competition.

    And with her banishment to the netherlands of the banned, we are down to our FINAL TEN staff members! What excitement! Let the games continue!
  4. Hurt Knightmare x2
  5. Hurt Blackout and Knightmare x1
  6. When Eeb has to restort to stealing your joke
  7. Hurt Knightmare x2
  8. Hurt Zantok x2

    What? :5
  9. Hurt Zantok x2

  10. Ban Silver x1, Heal Khya x2
  11. Hurt Knightmare x2
  12. If I'm counting right x1 should kill Knightmare (eeb keep this updated pls) but if not then just assume x2.

    Hurt Knightmare x1, hurt Blackout x1

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