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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. K I L L G I G A

    Hurt Giga x2
  2. Hurt Knightmare x2

    Hurt Giga x2
  4. @'Nebulon Ranger' -- Giga should already be out. Eebit just didn't update yet. :5
  5. Let's get him deep into the negatives then!

    Hurt Giga x2!
  6. Because we can. [/B^(

    you did it
    Our great ruler of darkness and seriousness has fallen in this competition. Ghasjokl; indeed! He must have slipped on his own death ray, or been abducted by aliens, or fallen off a cliff, or... something like that. Ahem. Anyway. Onwards and upwards, folks.

    Actually, Dark's most recent post was the one to do him in! :5
  7. Kill Glowbo.

    Hurt Glowbo x2
  8. Silver you cheated you posted twice yesterday

    Heal Khya x2
  9. @Copper Monoxide – Actually, the first post happened at 11:39 pm on 4/6/2016 and the second happened at 12:01 am on 4/7/2016. Because the timer resets at 12:00 am EST, I didn't cheat. :p

  10. @Silver he's referring to your post on page 18, which was posted on the same day as the first post in your spoiler.


    Hurt Glowbo x2 since Dark didn't kill him (he also posted twice in one day)
  11. Ahh! My apologies.

    . . .

    Hurt Kuda x2
  12. Hurt Knightmare x2
  13. Hurt Knightmare x2

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