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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Nyumi 413, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. RE: Twittering / Random Musings

    Ah, the good old days. How I love acts 1-4
  2. RE: Twittering / Random Musings

    I remember you were the one who got me into the thing lol.

    ... you got me into a lot of different shit Ms Kamantha I blame you for my incessant couchpotatoiness
  3. RE: Twittering / Random Musings

    dear rae not another one
  4. RE: Twittering / Random Musings

    one of us 
    one of us 
    one of us
  5. RE: Twittering / Random Musings


    not that it bothers you anyways, Kuda, I left you alone a long time ago
  6. Equius <> Nepeta
    I will go down with this morailegiance (somewhere in A6, I'll give the exact number when I'm on a computer)
  7. Finished the most recent update (009308 is the last page, right?). In other news: Vriiiiiiiiskaaaaaaaa (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
    Now we just wait for 4/13 or whatever according to the most recent news on MSPA.
  8. Bored- made a ZEJ group chat on MSPARP. Hohoho!
    Let's organize something suckas!
  9. [split] Twittering / Random Musings

    So that last upd8

    I feel like the final upd8 wasn't open-ended ENOUGH tbh. I wanted the final twist to be that somehow everything got fucked up and there was no alpha timeline, and the final flash is just an infinitely speedy loop of all the possible new universes randomly flashing on-screen, completely contradictory and arbitrary with no idea which the "real" timeline is.
  10. RE: Twittering / Random Musings

    That was very... anti-climactic? Especially with all the prior build-up? And I feel like Hussie really did a number on any/all characterization he'd given to his characters. Your ending certainly sounds frustrating, in a way, but much more interesting!
  11. I mean it was largely impossible for the final flash to have all that much characterization in it given that flashes don't have dialgoue. Which is fine because AbA6A5 or whatever was full of it
  12. Hussie said that he planned to do an epilogue. Maybe he can explain Act 7's turnout there?

  13. Ah, no, of course! Sorry for the vague-ness, I was talking more about the pre-flash panels starting from the end of the hiatus. Although I've always had this weird feeling in regards to Hussie's characterization of people.
  14. A lot of the characters (most of the trolls for instance) are largely extended jokes, but I think Equius is a FUNNY joke. And more to the point, it's not like the main kids never got any development.
  15. Equius was great!

    And that's true, of course. Another complaint I heard from a friend of mine, which I agree with, was the lack of action on Jade's part. It felt like, while she did a lot of major things (the ship, the frog), she never got as much attention or acclaim within the story. A big part of that was also my friend being upset that the extent of her appearance in Collide was:
    essentially watching the one fight, having a few frames of coming between them and teleporting them around, and then getting punched.

    Another complaint I heard was the opposite. If Jade was getting put to the side, then the Striders seemed to be stealing the spotlight. A lot of my irl friends who read Homestuck (whether to the end or not, and with different levels of investment and such) felt like maybe there was a little bit too much focus on the Striders throughout Homestuck, but especially towards the end. The big complaint for this one, I suppose the last straw for a few of them, was:
    When Roxy got her big "finale" moment and killed HIC. A lot of them were upset over this because she killed her with one the Strider's swords. While some people felt it wasn't a very big thing, most of us definitely saw it as least a bit distasteful to have Roxy's big moment towards the end have that much of an attachment to the Striders, and felt that it would've been better if she'd gotten her big moment through her own powers. She fought HIC with her cubes and pumpkins, but in the end she could only kill her with their anime sword. (a lot of people also saw the death as really abrupt and random, seeing how nobody's powers killed her but instead it was this random moment where somebody decided to use the sword, but that's a very different point)

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