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Guardian Angels - RP THREAD

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Spaughtyena, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Ryan was shocked and appalled at Quinn's seeming lack of resolve. Although he had a very valid point about the safety of Ericka, who was currently incapacitated with a broken arm from even managing to get the door open to reveal what the first real test in this sickening game that didn't seem dissimilar to The Amazing Race, it was a wrong stance to take by almost giving up entirely. Ryan had been in worse situations while flying commercial jet liners, having narrowly avoided a catastrophic crash by means of pure ingenuity on the part of both himself and the now-missing Jocelyn, his co-captain. He looked at Quinn with an air of disappointment in his body language. How could Quinn be so averse to soldiering on in the face of peril? Giving up here and now would surely defeat all that they should have stood for in this game. Ryan didn't want to lose. No, Ryan wanted to win and free those who had been kidnapped.

    "You're a real pillock, you know that?" he stated angrily, the insult obviously directed at Quinn, "If flying has taught me anything, it's that giving up in the face of danger is almost certain death."

    Quickly turning away to face the doorway in which Benji -- the mechanic he had met along with the others little over a few minutes ago -- stood, he could hear Alley beyond him first rightfully exclaiming that they should in general grab weapons, as it seems that they would be fighting out there from the exasperated tone of her voice, then yelling for help from the others. Ryan jumped on the opportunity to essentially show Quinn that being a pussy won't work out in this situation and made a dash for the doorway.

    "Coming, Alley!"

    [RYAN moves to E3! G3 -> F3 -> E3]
    [RYAN ends turn.]
  2. Ericka felt the pain radiate through her being as her arm was being put back together by Alley. She was grateful for what help was provided to her. She didn't know what to say, so stayed absolutely silent. Looking back towards the back of the room, she noted the corner away from the door. She needed to stay and recuperate. There was no possible way that she was going to be able to assist anyone in the shape she was in right now. Frantically, she hobbled over towards the corner and slumped down, which made her arm move once again, resulting in a horrendous scream ripping itself out of her throat. She openly burst into tears as she tried to curl into a fetal position to make herself go away. The pain needed to stop, yet there was no way it would. If only she disappeared... Then she wouldn't have to suffer anymore. But Jessica came back to the front of her mind. She was reminded of what she needed to do. Still in tears, she was determined to bite through the pain and make sure that she pulled through to see her sister once more.

    [Ericka passes turn!]

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