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Guardian Angels - RP THREAD

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Spaughtyena, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Sunday August 5[sup]th[/sup], 1992.

    Windemile was the city of songbirds, so said the locals. -- It was a beautiful community with an abundance of culture and colors. It was everything a person could want. The streets were paved a smooth ivory, and the grass was lush and green. It was a place where every one was known by name, and a yard-sale was just another opportunity to talk with your neighbors, or make a few dollars before taking them out for a picnic in good-health.

    It was a cultural mosaic, and had good foods, good people and good money. The economy was largely dependent on the countryside – however it wasn't a problem, considering it had the good fortune to be surrounded by fertile soil, somehow managing to double the expected crops year after year. However, the real reason Windemile was sought after by young-adults and elders alike, was its health-care system. Some would argue that Windemile over-funded, and had too much focus on Health rather than laws and protection, but anyone who's lived in Windemile knows that everyone who is a part of the community is never without help. Never does a day go by that the news channels don't flock to Windemile's local hospitals to get the latest scoop on a miracle, or new discovery.

    Recently, the city had begun researching into mental health, and support for the disabled. Much like always, the taxes were spent much wiser in that area than much of the world, and progress maintained high. It remained high for almost 2 years before it was declared that no further study could be conducted due to new standards in tax laws, which brought disappointment to much of the community – if not only to be a brief moment of depression.

    However, with summer nearing it's end, the city has always maintained the tradition to throw a fair in honor to the good fortune the city has received in its lifetime, and to give the children something to look forward to before school came rushing around the corner – not to mention the fair had many interesting games and activities that were open to anyone of the community to either oversee or participate. They also had barbeques and funding drives dedicated to the local fire and police departments, as any good city would.

    The fair itself was located in a large park in the western side of the city, shared with many of the derby and racing arenas. It was a pleasant setting, with the sounds of laughing children and the smell of good food could be detected all all ends of the park. It had many rides and games free of ugly stereotypical carny rats often seen in such a setting. On the rightmost side of the park was a stage, where a local band played simple, home-grown rock n' roll, often playing whatever shout-outs were given, as well as supplying much of the beer and other such drinks for the barbeques.

    The leftmost side was filled with various kid rides and fast food of all types. Small roller-coasters, silly-houses, and even simple duck-picking games. However it was the dunk tank that got most attention – not surprisingly, a small line of boys and girls ranging from 6-13 years of age eagerly awaited their chance to dunk one of the local firemen.

    The chip trucks were lined up nicely, each having their own abundant supply of poutine and assorted sweets such as cotton candy and gummy bears. At the end of trucks, each wearing a matching worn-white, was a refreshing sky-blue truck with a red-nosed clown handing out ice cream to many parents and love-birds who were eager to try the new installment to this year's fair.


    “Mommy! Mommy! Ice-cream!” Looking down, Alley smiled at Sam, who pointed with a stubby, orange finger towards the clown as he handed out a cone topped with blue to a fairgoer. ”Oh, I see – little Sammy wants some ice-cream eh? Okay, let's see what mommy can do.” Alley said with a slight laugh as she pushed Sam's stroller gently over small hills of grass as she headed over to the ice-cream truck.

    It was pleasantly warm, enough so that she didn't have to worry that little Sammy would overheat, but she checked anyway. ”Are you hot honey? Ice-cream will help you cool down.” Sam shook his head, ”No, not hot mommy, I just want it.” Alley looked down again with a smile as she reached down and patted his head. ”Ok, I'll get you some.”

    She stopped at the truck and waved at the clown, because to her, he wasn't a stranger. ”Hello Tom, how are you? Little Sammy here saw that you have some ice-cream for sale.”
    The clown smiled politely as his gaze drifted to Sam. ”Hey there little buddy – do you recognize me?” Sam shook his head in confusion. ”Aww, well that's ok – He sure is getting big Alley.” He said returning his gaze.
    ”Yep, sure is, ain't that right my little cutie-pie?” she said affectionately as she knelt down and nuzzled his nose. ”Ok honey, what kind do you want?” she said in a slight whisper. ”Chocolate mommy, I want chocolate!” ”Ok – Tom, could I get a small chocolate cone? Like, really small – he's just a little guy.”

    ”Sure thing - here you go.” He said scooping a small amount of chocolate into the cone, and trading it for a small amount of change. ”You have a good time now.” He waved as the two left, the little canine eagerly lapping up the chocolate, despite leaving much more on his face than on his tongue.

    Alley pushed Sam over to a small spot of grass and let him out of the stroller, holding him in her arms, snuggling him as he enjoyed his ice-cream. ”You gonna tell daddy about how much fun you're having?” ”Yeah – mommy, guess what...” ”What little Sammy?”
    ”I like chocolate.” ”You get that from your daddy.” She said as she rocked him gently, lifting her nose up to the air and closing her eyes slightly.

    'It's a good day for socializing...'
  2. "Dammit Jocey, I told you I don't want to go on that."

    These were the first words that resonated from Ryan's mouth near the lone coaster in his immediate vicinity. He was resisting going on it -- he'd been on it several times before, and pilot opinions notwithstanding, 'Free Flight,' as it were called, sucked, at least in his everyday opinion. However, Jocelyn, his friend and copilot, would have none of it.


    Jocelyn stormed off in the direction of the line leaving Ryan to his thoughts. She seemed right mad, and for good reason. This had been the third time he'd refused today. Ryan was now faced with a dilemma; Ride Free Flight and exit the coaster bored out of his mind, or don't and incur the wrath of Jocelyn later. The answer was obvious. As much as he didn't like the ride, they were friends and he had agreed earlier that he would ride it with her at least once. He didn't want to seem like a douchebag, so he ran after her.

    "Jocey, wait up! I've changed my mind!"

    Jocelyn peered back in his direction.

    "Really? You're not pulling one of your famous 'joke moments?'"

    "Nope, let's do this."

    And so the boredom began.
  3. "Ericka, you need to calm down a bit. It's only a fair, I promise.

    "I know, I know, but I'm just so excited! It's been a long time since I've done anything with you!"

    "I know, but you still need to calm down, okay? You might scare someone." The younger sister giggled a little at this.

    "I know, I know. You don't have to tell me what to do all the time, Jessie." Ericka smiled and winked at her sister.

    Ericka and Jessica Davenport. The two people in that nondescript town that had almost the same name, and exactly the same looks. As children, they were inseparable, mainly because Ericka was attached to her sister. The other way around, however, wasn't so true. As the two walked towards the entrance arm in arm, one could tell that one was less happy than the other, though no one could tell exactly who. Ericka excitedly bounced.

    "Let's get some food!"

    "Already? But you just ate!"

    "I don't care. I'm always hungry!"

    With that, the two waltzed toward the ice cream cart where a little boy who suspiciously looked like Sammy and his mother Alley. Ericka waved at the pair as they went on, and wasn't sure if she waved back. It wouldn't hurt her feelings too terribly much...
  4. From afar the crowds stood a calm, collected figure with her arms crossed and a pair of estatic eyes observing each passerby. She knew mostly everyone participating in the fair, mostly neighbors and store clerks running around either setting up stands or buying some tasty goods themselves. The woman who observed the crowd was at her highest focus and vigilance for anything out of the ordinary. Lips puckered softly and eyes narrowed to the point where anyone who'd give any passing eye contact with her would pass by feeling a bit paranoid and careful of their own actions thereafter. With the bright sunlight shining and a calm breeze pressing up against her fitting red dress, the woman raised her hand up to shield her eyes as she attempted to look ahead and past the crowds. Behind her she felt an arm wrap around her neck rather roughly.

    "Tate?" A voice interrupted. The woman waved her other hand and grunted in dissmissal. She was focused, almost determined to find something. However, what was it she was looking for?

    "Tate, damnit this ice cream's gonna melt and fall on my new pants c'mon kiddo, hurry!"

    Tate, as she was named, let out a slight chuckle and turned back to swipe the cone from the man behind her. He looked similar to Tate, almost identical with his equally as brick-red hair, red eyes, and small nose. Unlike Tate, this man looked aloof and jittery. All that energy radiating from the sound of his voice to his smile was opposite to Tate. She didn't mind, though. All she needed to do now was..

    "Oh I hope it's my flavor of ice cream from my stand of choice, George." George nodded and stood up straight in agreement. "Indeed it is. Hey, I saw little Sammy and his mother heading to it for ice cream too. Such a cute little fella."

    Tate's eyes lit up, looking at the fine ball of vanilla on her cone briefly. "Hm, I haven't seem him around much lately. Maybe I can stop by there if they're still around, that is."

    "I'm sure he's still there!" George exclaimed, "Let's go, Tate! It's better than standing around all day to guard!"
  5. The line for the roller-coaster was rather short. It wasn't particularly long, in fact, the ride was mostly meant to amuse young teens, however, there was no restrictions on height or age. The man overseeing the coaster was one of the local farmers; a young man with black straggly hair and bright green eyes. He was quite skinny and pale for a farmer, but retained a youthful glow. ”Hello – if I remember your name is Jocey... sorry if I don't remember your friends name – fairly new here, well, that is to say – new 'here.' I don't come into the city often.” He turned around and pulled out a couple stickers, each having little plane-logos that matched the ride, and slapped them onto the backside of the pair's paws. ”There you are – enjoy the ride, the whole five seconds of it” he said, giggling a bit. The metal gate opened and the train-cars were revealed. They were small, only fitting two people, and it was evident that it was going to be a tight squeeze, either that or any riders above four feet would have their knees uncomfortable bent upwards.

    Meanwhile, Alley and Sam remained on the grass, Sammy enjoying the now half-melted ice cream as he wiped his paws on his shirt, staining it with chocolate. Uh-oh... mommy, shirt got messy...” Alley looked down and rolled her eyes playfully. ”It's okay, we'll get you a new shirt after, I can-- OH hey!” It was then that Alley noticed the pair moving towards her. She immediately recognized Tate and her older brother, and her ears perked up. ”You wanna go say hi to Tate Sammy?”
    ”Yeah, yeah!”

    With that, little Sammy was lifted up onto Alley's hip as she began moving towards the pair. Sammy laughed as Alley tickled his ears with her nose, making silly noises for the child's amusement. Soon Alley and Sam were in reaching distance of the pair. ”Hello Tate, George.” Alley started, ”I see you two bought ice-cream too – You want to find a seat?” She said as she gave a slight look behind her shoulder. Behind her she saw Ericka, who had her back turned and seemed to be heading for the food trucks. Alley opened her mouth to yell, but instead of her voice sounding off, something very different occurred...


    Somewhere in the farthest reaches of the park, a gunshot echoed, followed by a scream, then 3 more gunshots. The shots were loud booms that could only be made by a high-powered pistol, something that Windemile never had access to.

    In only a few moments, the fair was in chaos, people ran screaming and rides were evacuated. The roller coaster pedaled itself back faster than normal, and the train cars were exited. The black haired farm-boy was no where to be seen, nor the clown who served the ice cream, although within minutes the park was over crowded, and even yelling couldn't be heard through the screaming of the crowd.

    To make matters worse, the edges of the park, namely the exits, were cutoff by a strange, thick fog. The fog remained contained at the exits, regardless of the windpower, and reveling themselves from the smoke were strange men in white outfits, wearing gas masks, toting briefcases in their left hands, and long needles in the other. They kept themselves at the exits, stopping anyone who tired to leave giving them a quick shove – and for some reason, the people didn't get up...


    Alley was distraught. Her instincts took over as she held Sam tightly against her, shielding his face. ”Mommy – I'm scared, what happening?” Sam said sobbing, dropping the soggy cone.
    ”I don't know baby, but we need to get out of here. – Tate, do you know these people? Why are they blocking the exits? Shouldn't they want us to evacuate if there's gunfire?”

    Alley took a few steps closer to Tate, before giving a quick yelp of pain, and raising her leg. Embedded into the back of the vixen's calf was a small needle. It had a bright yellow feather on the end, seeming to have been fired at her. ”What in the world--” Was all that escaped Alley's muzzle as she collapsed limply to the ground unconscious, Sam falling with her.

    And she wasn't the first to fall. Systematically, and seemingly synchronized, other members of the fair began dropping like flies. No warning. No sound. Worse still was the strange white-suited men that seemed to materialize from in the crowd, dragging the fallen individuals through the smoke without rhyme or reason.

    'Go to sleep little children...'
  6. Ryan looked a bit displeased with the man. He couldn't fault him, though. If he didn't visit the town often how was he to remember everyone's names very easily. "Ryan. The name's Ryan." he said, a tad disgruntled, "But that's okay. Can't expect people to remember names that easily -- everyone's different, after all." He went to get on the coaster with Jocelyn but before he could get in fully, the sounds of gunshots and screaming resonated in his ears. "What the Hell?!" he exclaimed. Thinking it was an ordinary crime as those on the TV news, his first thought was toward the end of "Crime? Here?". Then he noticed something strange -- he seemed to be the only one getting in. "Jocey?" he called out, desperate to find out where she'd gone. Turning around, what started as strange turned to beyond crazy; the exits were blocked by a strange fog, with strange individuals clad in white. The coaster moved back -- which was in itself weird as it wasn't designed to do so -- and let him out. He got a better look at the odd fog. It didn't seem to be fog at all, in fact, it was localised entirely within the fair exits. It looked like heavy smoke of some sort. The strange individuals were pushing those who tried to leave to the ground, but what really set off his suspicions was that they never got up afterward. These were not normal people. No, something far more sinister was going on.

    Ryan didn't even have time to think before the same fate befell him as the others who were struck by the strange darts, and it's doubtful those still awake would have noticed him fall to the ground with a yellow-feathered dart in his hip and slowly get dragged out like the rest.
  7. Honestly, if it was a birthday party, a graduation, or EVEN his own funeral, Benji showed up late to any event and the fair wasn't an exception. For over half an hour, Arty had been waiting for his "dearest" brother to show up, yet there he was waiting. He didn't understand why his brother was like...well, himself. Unlike their father or his mother, Benji's attitude was foreign to the family and contrasted him as well. Though, this did not hamper their family as a whole, it just made anything more exciting, but he didn't want to admit that aloud. Out of his current thoughts, he heard a familiar tune and turned around to face his only living family.

    "Hello, Benjamin, nice of you to finally join me," Arthur told his older brother with a minor scowl on his face. Sure they were family, but he'd been waiting for THIRTY MINUTES doing nothing. He pinched the bridge of his nose before speaking again. "Now, why were you late this time? Black cat cross your path, or a traffic accident blocked your path?" If he got a dollar every time his brother made up a ridiculous excuse, he'd be richer than Bill Gates.

    Staring at his younger brother, Benji flashed his signature smirk that usually causes Arty to facepalm. "Now, now, Arty, I told you to call me Benji like everyone else," He started as a visual tick mark appeared on his little brother's forehead. How he enjoyed messing with his brother's mind, it was fun to him. "Well, when I was walking to the fair I began to think, and somewhere along my travel I got lost on the path of life." At this statement, he saw his brother shake his head with a small smile on his face. "Now, let's see if we can get some food, I'm starving!" He began to walk toward the food area, not even looking back to see if Arty was following.

    As the pair of brothers walked to a hotdog stand, several loud noises echoed throughout the fair, causing everything to stop for a moment before everything went straight to hell. Everywhere, people were screaming and running to find the exit to escape from this potential murderer. For once in his life, Benji didn't want to run to the center of trouble. Instead, he wanted to flee from this place, not wanting to know what was within the fog.

    "Benji!" Benji was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a familiar voice scream his name. It was Arty. He turned around to where he heard the voice, but no one was there. He looked all around, but he couldn't find his little half-brother.

    He was about to scream for his brother's name, until he heard a thud behind him. Again, he turned around to see several people falling to the ground, needles embed within one of their body parts. White-suited men appeared out of the fog and began to drag the unconscious people to an unknown destination. "Damn, I need to find Arty and get-" Before he could finish his sentence, a yellow dart was shot into his waist and he slowly collapsed onto the ground like the others. Before he lost consciousness, he felt his body get dragged like the others by the suited men.
  8. It wasn't without trying that Tate began to stiffen up with caution upon seeing the exits blocked after the gunshots. The young cop and her older brother spread their feet apart in tactical positions and surveyed the falling masses and thick, suffocating fog befalling the ruined event. Brilliant cherry eyes from both upholders of justice connected to each other in an uncommunicative gesture. The exchange of looks allowing both to spring into action and decide that they must sacrifice an otherwise day of fun to intervene. "Tate-- Care for Sammy and his mother, " George softly commanded, reaching for a pistol and slipped it out of it's holster. Tate grunted to herself in agreement and slid her form in front of the mother and son. She looked back momentarily at George running off towards the exits just before turning her head to Alley and Sammy.

    To her horror, she caught the figure of Alley falling from the corner of her eye just a second before a sting engulfed her foot. The slumping mother embracing her son was one of the last things Tate saw before her limbs went numb. The only thing Tate was able to do was let a mere unfinished word escape her lips. Then slowly watch the figures in white drag her from the ground in a blurry and twisted perception of reality.

  9. Ericka walked with Jessica to the food stands. She beamed at her when she got them each two scoops of chocolate ice cream. Sammy had some and it looked good, so she thought maybe it was okay for her to try it as well. She smiled as a cone was put into her hand.

    "Thanks, Tom!"

    She smiled at the ice cream man and gave him a small curtsy and she took off with Jessica's in her own. Laughing like a small child, she went and found a bench. She plopped down gasping for breath as she had laughed nonstop for the last five minutes. Jessica gently joined her on the bench and she looked at her sister in amazement.

    "I don't know where you get your energy from, Ericka!" Ericka smiled at her sister.

    "Silly Jessica, when will you learn that I'm just ready for anything?" The two laughed as gunshots rang out. Jessica gasped and screamed. Ericka screamed as well as she felt a prick in her neck, but something was off. She was feeling drowsy. Jessica looked at her sister, who was falling asleep.

    "Come on, Ericka! We need to get out of here!"

    "Hnng, nnkay..." Jessica hauled her sister up and the two began running, or in Ericka's case, stumbling. Jessica noticed that there was a small, pink feathered dart in her sister's neck. Hurriedly, she pulled it out.

    "Ericka, don't fall asleep. Don't fall asleep." An odd grey fog had descended over the ruined fair, and Ericka began to feel heavy and leaden.

    "I'll... try, sisssss..." She was having a hard time moving, and by the time they got to the exit, Ericka couldn't hardly stand. "I'm tired... I think..." That was the last of her resistance. Ericka slumped to the ground, her hand limp in Jessica's. An odd, white figure began to drag Ericka through the exit that the two had come through. Jessica held, but the figure was much, much stronger than her. Ericka's hand slipped from hers, and all she held now was a silver ring. As the last of her foot passed through the barrier, she screamed for her sister.

  10. One by one, each fairgoer was dragged out. And not long after, a man dressed in white made his way behind Ericka, and clasped his hand over he mouth, before giving her a quick sting of pain as the needle was driven into her back, knocking her out cold in seconds.  In only twenty minutes, the fair was vacant, and only small bits of trash, a few forgotten backpacks and the ghost-town atmosphere remained...

    Chapter 1: Wake Up

    The sounds of a metal fan awoke the group. The floor was metal and cold, only big enough to fit the individuals with a small amount of space in an unused corner in the south of the room. A large metal door made of tight-knit wire, far too thick to be broken separated the group from a larger room, that seemed to dip into the floor, having the same wire-mesh like material for flooring. The rooms were illuminated by fluorescent lights that were build into the ceiling. In the small room; Alley, the black haired-farm boy, who manned the roller coaster, as well as Ericka, Tate, Ryan and Benji all lay.

    Slowly, Alley rose up, holding her head as she looked around the room, in a mixture of confusion and exhaustion. ”Sam?” She said in a tired whisper, ”Sam?! Oh my god, where are we?!” Alley's anxiety was quickly escalating, as she desperately looked around for her son, going to far as to try and budge the metal gate that penned them in.

    Not long after, the farm-boy awoke, giving a long glance at the surroundings before pulling at a strange garment that everyone seemed to be wearing. ”What the...” It appeared that everyone in the room had been outfitted in yellow sports pinnies, which confused the farm-boy. Alley's ears shot back, hearing the farm-boy's voice. ”Who are you? Where are we – please, give me some idea!” The farm-boy pushed her away in slight surprise. ”Gah, what the hell?! Get off me, I don't know shit okay? Calm down...”

    Alley didn't seem to calm down, but instead moved herself to the empty corner and closed her eyes. Trying desperately to make sense of the situation. ”At last you've awoken.” said a calm voice. The voice seemed to be projected from a small speaker in the wall of the room, and the voice was calm, and medium pitched. ”You've been out cold for few days now – take it easy, get your bearings. The voice sounded elderly, most likely a man in his late fifties.
    ”Where's my son?!” Alley said, practically screaming into the speaker.
    ”We took him.” The man said simply.
    ”You sick sonofabitch, if you touch him I swear to god...”
    ”On the contrary, we've already 'touched' him by pure definition. If you want to see him again, do as I say, when I say – or he will die. Immediately. Same goes for your friends.” He gave an audibly sigh. ”Listen, I want to help you – I'm just as much a part of this sick game as you all are – they've told me to act as the narrator. Or I will die, and so will everyone else.”

    The farm boy stood up and spoke, his voice seeming to be calm and collected, despite being angry. ”Sir, this is no game – it's just sick, now where's my girlfriend? Where is she?! You say you're here to help, why don't you just let us go?!”
    ”I'm sorry, but that's not how it works.” He began, ”Before I let you out of this room, rules need to be established.” He took a breath. ”First: this is a game. By definition a game is an activity in which the outcome can be changed by other people or actions – if you think about it, life is the biggest game of all. Secondly: Your loved ones have been taken to a helicopter pad on the other side of the city – You have four hours to get there, or they will die. In addition, you are playing against other teams – they are fighting for the same goal, but only one team can win. Each team's loved ones are scattered in different areas, depending on where their start location is, and so far, we've already lost red team – they committed suicide just outside your door In essence, they forfeited – their loved ones are dead due to this. Only Blue, Green and your team – Yellow remain.”
    ”But--” The narrator interrupted
    ”As a bonus, you will come across various mutated individuals, you will kill them. And, perhaps hardest of all, are the other contained loved ones. If you come across these, you are encouraged to pull the plug – killing them will give you an additional half-hour to get to the helicopter pad. But the most common is door challenges. When you see a door – much like the one locking you all in, I will give you a challenge, or task before I can open it for you.”

    The farm boy nodded in understanding, almost in tears. ”Well, what are you waiting for? Tell me what I need to do to open the door..”
    If you insist...” The narrator said, fear evident in his voice. ”Place your arm in the slot – it will break it.” A small square slot opened beside the door, just large enough for a forearm to fit. ”It only gets harder.” The narrator said.

    'No pain – no gain – right?'
  11. The sound of a fan rang into Benji's ears, awaking him from his slumber, but he chose to lay on the ground due to his passive nature. Listening closely with his refined hearing, he could hear shifting coming from all around him, showing that he wasn't alone in the room. The first voice he heard sounded motherly, yet troubled and sounded familiar. Benji opened his eyes, squinting at the lights until he regained his sight. All around him were people Windemile, specifically the ones who were at the fair, and the one who spoke was Alley.

    They were only five of them in the room, and sadly, Arty wasn't part of the small group. Sighing as he lifted himself off the ground, Benji looked at the other occupants of the room. "Well that makes two of us, Alley." He said, somewhat interrupting her attempt at questioning the farm-boy, whose name he couldn't recall. "I can't find my little brother, Arty either, and I'm about to start ripping shit apart, but we shouldn't lose our shit, it's too troublesome." Benji was going to continue to speak, but a new voice emerged in the room, coming from the small speaker that he hadn't noticed till now.

    With every sentence the mysterious voice spoke, Benji's temper began to rise as he narrowed his eyes at the object presenting the voice. "Listen here you ass! You can't--" Just like Alley, Benji was stopped short as the 'Narrator,' as he called himself, started to explain more rules of this 'game' which could resemble something out of a horror, sci-fi movie.

    After the Narrator replied to the farm-boy, a small slot appeared next to the door. With several years as a mechanic and lazying around watching horror films, Benji knew that something was off about the sudden appearance. "Hey kid, I guess I'll call you John for now," He started somewhat oddly before continuing on. "Are you sure you know what you're doing? For all we know, once someone puts their arm in that, that person or all of us could die. I'm not that smart, but even I can tell if something seems odd."
  12. Ryan jolted awake, if not from the cold sting of the metal floor, from the sheer lack of space making him think he was in a cockpit. Only a cockpit was not what he saw when he opened his eyes. Looking around to survey his surroundings, he noticed five of the people he'd seen earlier at the fair -- Alley, Benji, Ericka, Tate and the farm boy -- were all in the very same cramped metal room with him, but four others were not -- Jocelyn, Sam and the others seemed to be missing. He then heard the supposed narrator mention something about a supposed game and how he was a part of it. "I would give you Hell about it, but two things:" he started, "one; I don't know who you are or if you got here the same way we did, and two; if one team already forfeited, that technically increases our chances of 'winning,' if only by a negligible amount." He looked to the others upon the mention of a helipad, and by extension, a helicopter, "I may have been trained primarily on commercial jet liners but how hard can a helley be? Someone else has to open the door, as either way, steering with one functioning hand is impossible."

    He surveyed the others, trying to decide who should break their arm to open the door. It was a sick prospect, but so was much of this so-called "game." 'Hmm, Ben is a mechanic, and a damn good one at that, so he can be ruled out...' Stopping, he posed a question to them. "So... who's going to open it? The faster we leave this shit heap, the faster we can get to winning this twisted 'game.'"
  13. Tate's eyelids perked right open after a deep slumber. Her muscles felt weighed down and heavy, barely able to move until she willed herself to sit upright and look around the room. This wasn't right, she thought quietly. Red eyes scanned almost relentlessly for George from each corner, each inch. She had barely remembered that she last saw him running off to investigate, so perhaps he was elsewhere requesting backup or arresting whoever did this. That thought in Tate's mind remained for a minute as a lingering false hope under her confinement. The young cop knew much enough to gather up the conclusion that she was ambushed and nothing more. And so Tate began recalling back to the fair and envisioning each strange event that followed to begin piecing together a better understanding.

    Tate's lips parted just at the moment when the "Narrator" began to speak and explain. "A...a game, is it..?" flashing a look of worry, she gets off and stumbles to Alley; the only truly familiar face she knew. Hearing the narrator struggle to even explain himself, the tone in which he spoke made Tate's brow lower. "Son of a bitch what the fuck is going on..."

    "Listen, you." Tate hissed hatefully at particularly nobody. "You did a rather stupid mistake capturing an officer of the law. In no time they'll come looking for me-- Oh! I'm pretty sure they will come and hunt you sick pricks down. You want a show? You'll have one when the police and I drag you to the depths of /hell/"
  14. Ericka felt the vibrations of the fan beneath her. The haze that took her over at the fair was beginning to fade. Muffled voices were beginning to come through as if they were coming through a pool of water. She tried to open her eyes, but she was not strong enough. One by one, she heard the voices awaken and become frantic. They all sounded familiar, save for one. Ericka could not quite discern it. She opened her eyes to find that herself, Alley, Benji, Ryan, and a boy she could not recall the name of were in a small room. There was a small slot and a thick metal door directly in front of it. Ericka was intimidated by the thing, and she hardly breathed or made a sound. She just let the others so the talking. Ericka didn't see Jessica in there with the group, and she was not happy at all about that. Her expression darkened as the "Narrator" explained the definition and the rules of this Game. Quietly, she watched as the others noted how they were too valuable to make a sacrifice. This was most likely true, but the sheer audacity of the selfishness behind that reasoning was what bowled her over. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. At least she would have kept her mouth shut if she didn't want to do something that difficult. But what did it matter? This needed to be done. She silently glared at the man who called himself the Narrator Narrator contempt in her eyes. It must have been his fault that she was taken away from her sister. She would go to the ends of the earth if she had to to find her sister again. And the Whitecoats most likely knew that. They all probably knew each and every on of their inner workings. Bastards. She stood up, her calves shaking from the unexpected strain. She clicked towards the slot and looked at her new team mates. She made sure that they knew it was her sacrifice that moved them along to the next step. With a final look to the narrator and not a word coming from her lips, she braced herself and stuck her arm into the slot. Instantly, the slot closed on her arm. At first, it was tight, but then it kept going. Where the pressure was on all sides , it didn't just break her left arm; it was shattered. Ericka let out a bloodletting scream and slumped to the floor, her arm being held in place by the slot. A faint click could be heard near her, but she could not pay as attention to it. Tears streamed down her face faster than a speeding bullet. She overcame the selfishness that was attempting to invade the group and took a hit for Team Yellow. Would Ally be able to fix this? Only time can tell...
  15. Alley begins at E3!

    The clearing of the narrator's throat could be heard through the intercom as Tate mentioned the police, and how much of a threat they would pose in her eyes. The narrator however, was unshaken. ”Believe me when I say that a forced upholding of the law would be appreciated here.” he started, ”But I'm afraid this work was funded by your taxes, and has many other contracts that leave this social experiment quite legal – I am... sorry, you know.”

    With that, the chef placed her arm in the slot, a quick, metal press added such force, that the radius and the ulna could be heard breaking, as the tension overpowered her body, and shattered her bones like glass. As the chef's arm was withdrawn from the slot, it bore massive bruising, though the bones did not penetrate the skin. The door opened promptly as the narrator spoke. ”Good, that was test number one – the game begins. You have three hours and fifty-seven minutes to get to the helicopter pad, or you lose.” the sound of sipping liquid could be heard from the intercom, prior to the narrator giving a final piece of advice. ”I would advise you to search the remains of the red team, they may have useful equipment for you.”

    Then abruptly, the intercom shut off, leaving the team in silence as they were presented with the small, rectangular room, smelling of blood and sweat from the anxious yellow team, and the carcasses of red. Not long after, Alley emerged from her corner, horrified by what the press had done to Ericka's arm. ”My god...” she said, immediately going to examine Ericka's arm. ”What kind of challenge is this – two internal fractures is not something you can walk away from...” Alley looked to Ericka with dismay, ”Ericka, I know it really hurts – and I'll be honest, this is far worse than people make it out to be.” Quickly, but gently, Alley removed Ericka's pinny – and began tying it as a makeshift sling, while still maintaining Ericka as part of the yellow team. ”Keep the arm elevated to reduce swelling – I don't have any medication to soothe the pain, nor can I fix this without surgical supplies, even so – if we leave it for too long, I'll have to re-break it assuming I ever get the chance to fix it.” Alley took a breath, making the decision to speed up explaining and give a general overview of the wound. ”The bones will not heal properly, and if the bones reseal,  it will be incorrectly – you won't be able to twist your palms and such – unfortunately you need surgery immediately, but I can't do that without supplies...”

    Alley gave a small, gentle tug on the pinny, keeping it firmly in place as a sling for Ericka's arm, taking a step back and peering into the room ahead of them, her mouth agape. In the room layed four bodies, each being torn apart by small, bloodied creatures that could've once been people. Alley pointed in horror at the creatures, watching as they eagerly set their claws on a corpse's skull and peeled it open, and stuffing their maw inside. However, beside each corpse was an item – each guarded by the small red creatures. ”What... the fuck...”


    BattleTheme. (Link)

    Goal: Defeat all enemies.
    Defeat: Players are defeated



    1: Lilosc (Sm. Pipe)
    HP: ??
    Adr: ??
    DR: ??
    2: Lilosc (Sm. Pistol)
    HP: ??
    Adr: ??
    DR: ??
    3: Lilosc (Sm. Knife)
    HP: ??
    Adr: ??
    DR: ??
    4: Lilosc (Wooden Pole)
    HP: ??
    Adr: ??
    DR: ??
  16. Benji starts at F3!

    This 'game' as the Narrator had called it was getting worse and worse by the second. Out of the six of them, the only one he didn't know was the farmboy, one of them had to stick their hand into an unknown hole without knowing what the outcome would be. Benji was just a simple mechanic, he could always fix things up or maybe even create some gadgets with one hand. He was about to volunteer himself until he saw Ericka walk forward and stick her hand into the hole without consulting anyone. His heart dropped when he heard a crunch and Alley rushed over to help the disabled Chef. His suspicions were almost true about the machine as the door opened to another room.

    Benji stepped next to the door, leaving Ericka to the Medic of the group, examining it's design. "If it weren't for this game and this time limit, I'd probably be examining the mechanics to this thing more thoroughly." He admitted, despite his lazy nature he knew a lot about mechanical objects and would stay up late taking things apart and rebuilding them. He let out a small sigh, regaining his thoughts about the problem at hand. "That Narrator guy said something about a Red team, right? Or there corpses at least..." Benji was about to continue talking until Alley took a peek into the room, her face changing to an even more horrified look.

    The Mechanic took a peek over her shoulder, seeing these...things...tearing apart the remains of some bodies. Being the lazy genius that he somewhat is, Benji put two-and-two together and swore under his breath. They had to get pass or fight these creatures, and this team wasn't really much of a fighting group, except for maybe Tate. "This is troublesome...I think those things are guarding the bodies of the Red team, Mr. Voice told us about." He stopped talking pointing at the creatures, so the others could see what he was talking about. "There's only four of those creatures, so Ericka stay behind all of us for now, since you're injured and John-Yes I mean you farmboy! You stay with her and make sure she's safe. The rest of us will try to distract of kill these things...before more of them show up..." Benji dropped his lazy facade and looked more serious, this day was becoming more troublesome by the second.
  17. Ericka starts in I2!

    Ericka let the tears come as the pain radiated through her arm and all through her body. She wasn't going to say that it was fine. It wasn't. She could then hear the door open. The Narrator informed the party that what she had done was only test number one. They had a bit less than four hours to get to the end of this game and win. Could they do it? Ericka wasn't sure. She was also not sure if she would ever get her arm back... She moaned as the pain kept washing over her. Alley came to help her. She explained about the wound, not that she could quite comprehend any of it. Within minutes, her arm was bound so it wouldn't move. She wished that she was still at the fair... Why did this have to happen? As she was being treated, she thought about her opinions from earlier. She thought that they were all selfish for not going and sacrificing themselves. Maybe this was a little harsh... Alley had come over to her aid almost immediately after the injury. Certainly they weren't bad... After all, she had known all of them, save for the farmboy in the back, since she was a little girl. She knew that they were all good people. She was glad that she had said nothing she would regret. Benji came forward now and was speaking and giving directions. Ericka was not going to object at this point. What could she do, anyway? She couldn't cook very well with one arm. It was a two-handed job. She got up with a small wince and tear marks running down her cheeks. She clicked behind the rest of the party, hoping that maybe her injury wouldn't be as bad as Alley had described, though she knew that Alley knew her stuff. She was a doctor, after all...
  18. Ryan starts at G4!

    All he heard after the others got themselves prepared for what lay ahead was the macabre sounds of a skull being opened and something sticking its head in to eat whatever was left inside. He scarcely wanted to think about what the things doing the eating could possibly look like and why they were fighting such disgusting things first, however, as all he could think about was finding some way to make sure they didn't see him first.

    So instead of coming out in the open as the others had done, he hid behind a wall out of sight of the enemies. There he waited to see who would make the first move -- Alley or whatever lay on the other side of the door.
  19. Tatyana starts on H3!

    Test number one? Was this seriously going on? Tatyana winced upon the thought of the game. The thought of an already fallen team who couldn't keep up with the sick rules placed. Try as she might, Tatyana forced herself to stay quiet and reserved, taking the time to observe ahead of her; every sound, sight, and smell. The academy taught her to approach situations with caution, after all. And loosing her cool to simply rush into things would not only be stupid, but it could cost the entire group something dear. Now wouldn't be the time to commit such idiotic mistakes. 

    Despite the sound of something being ripped open, the young cop held her ground. "If all else fails, I can be the backup of any of you when you need help. I'm..not a bad fighter."
  20. ~Player Phase One~

    Alley's heart pounded as she concluded that the creatures would have to be disposed of. She knew little of combat, which was probably also true for the majority of her other companions, as they all sat cramped in the small room. On her neck, she could feel someone's hot breath, causing her to turn and see the culprit. Behind her, taking a glance over her shoulder was Benji. Soon after he spoke about keeping the farmboy and Ericka together as the rest of the team distracted the creatures, or killed them. ”My name is Quinn.” the farmboy said irritatedly.
    ”Shhhh!” Alley hissed in fright, turning her voice to a whisper. ”I'm going to go and... distract them; Because my son needs me.” she said, suddenly gaining an air of confidence. ”Never forget our goal – if we fail, the ones we love fall with us – and they deserve better!”


    Alley moves to D1. {D3,D2,D1}


    Now standing in the room, Alley faced the creatures as the began to slowly take notice of her presense. Each one turning their heads, emotionless yellow eyes fogged over, and sharp razor-like teeth chattering as they gazed at the female anthromorph. Alley's gaze went from one creature to the next – then onto the weapons they guarded, intentional or no. She considered telling Tate to go for the pistol, but thought that someone less skilled in melee should take it – and Tate probably knew her way around a fistfight. Instead she looked from pole to pipe questioningly. ”Someone needs to get that pole – it has the longest reach!” she yelled, which suddenly riled the small red creatures  as they stood slightly, becoming about the height of a small child as they made guttural shrieks and gnashed their teeth.

    Gazing onward in terror for her life, she beckoned the others. ”I can't do this alone, I need someone out here – I don't know how to fight!” Witnessing what could potentially be an all out assault by the creatures as they continued their disgusting vocalizations, Alley pressed herself into the corner, and got into a defensive stance.


    ”Alley Guards! -- No more actions can be taken!”

    Quinn is in I4!


    Meanwhile, the farmboy – now identified as Quinn, stood in the rightmost corner on the room in a mixture of fear and anger. His head turned as he watched Alley walk out into the other room – soon after he heard the screams of the horrid creatures, emphasizing his need to stay back. ”I can't do this alone, I need someone out here – I don't know how to fight!” He heard Alley yell from the other room.

    With a confused shrug, the farmboy shook his head looking t the other team members. Hey, don't look at me – I was told to stay back here with hurt-girl! I can't risk the safety of two people to save one can I? The ratio just doesn't add up!” With that he scuffed further back into the room until he could go no farther, his black hair concealing his eyes as he looked at his shoes, It's just too hard – we're gonna lose...

    Quinn Ends Turn!


    BattleTheme. (Link)

    Goal: Defeat all enemies.
    Defeat: Players are defeated


    HP: 10
    Adr: 11
    DR: 0
    HP: 10
    Adr: 10
    DR: 0
    HP: 7/10
    Adr: 11
    DR: 0
    BadEff: Broken Arm:Melee combat/Crafting -2
    HP: 10
    Adr: 12
    DR: 0
    HP: 10
    Adr: 10
    HP: 10
    Adr: 11
    DR: 0
    1: Lilosc (Sm. Pipe)
    HP: ??
    Adr: ??
    DR: ??
    2: Lilosc (Sm. Pistol)
    HP: ??
    Adr: ??
    DR: ??
    3: Lilosc (Sm. Knife)
    HP: ??
    Adr: ??
    DR: ??
    4: Lilosc (Wooden Pole)
    HP: ??
    Adr: ??
    DR: ??

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