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DISCUSSION General Wiki Discussion

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Eebit, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. ^ Anyone? ...anyone? -echo, echo, echooo-

    If I were to create a "manual of style", what formatting rules should be standardized?
  2. An hypothetical navbar of the sort would really just contain the "Big Three" we've discussed multiple times. We can make a few additions to include concepts that are often brought up such as souls and Prana, but anything else would really just be supplementary in nature.

    I'm not sure if we have enough content for a Meta: page in the style of a glossary. Though speaking of Meta pages, we could instead use them to implement your idea of having an "instruction manual" for creating content in the Manaverse, with as much spoonfeeding and handholding as you'd like. Things like design philosophies for Domains/Soul Phantasms would go here, as these still seem to mystify everyone around here.

    Is there even anything that needs to be standardized in the first place? Our universal editing style seems to be very consistent so far.
  3. Honestly, I think what I had in mind for the previously-discussed "Manaverse instruction manual" or "Beginner's Guide" would be best suited to the forums as a setting. It being on the forums allows it to attract the attention of people who are already here. If it does its job well, it gets people to care about the Manaverse more and, consequently, gets them to check out the Wiki. I am also most familiar with the formatting of the forums, which is admittedly a factor for me (since I imagine that I'll be doing the majority of the legwork on the guide, just based on past endeavours of a similar sort).

    If/when I do make a Manaverse guide, I'll be sure to include a glossary for the common terms (both in- and out of character).

    Mostly what comes to mind is stuff like what gets put into boldface, what gets italicized, what constitutes a roleplay versus a canon (for example, in a couple planet pages, the "Primary Canons" field has roleplays listed), when to redlink, when to list things with bullet points and when to condense it into a paragraph (as is the case with character pages and the Inherent Abilities section), the overall "tone" we are going for... Rulings on various technicalities that have arisen.

    An overall "manual of style" would, I feel, double as a guide for editing that could also include informative/useful things, like Giga's "How to Table" thread.

    Although as I think more about it, maybe I'm trying too much to splinter the methods for discourse about the Wiki. We do already have the Talk pages, the IRC, and this subforum to discuss these things... and all channels are somewhat starved by each other. Particularly, the IRC absorbs the majority of the discussion because it's the easiest and is in real time.
  4. Side note to people who have character images to upload or already uploaded: please try to credit the artist if you found the image on dA or Safebooru or something.

    Several files here do not have artist credit:

    I don't really care if you credit me for my work or not, though. Being that I'm part of the Wiki project and all, I'm more concerned about some artist on dA yelling at us and trying to threaten copyright because we didn't think to credit. (I don't think they can actually do anything, but yeah)
  5. How do we define the difference between races and sapient animals? Sapient monsters?

    Primarily asking because I realized how arbitrary it seems, in terms of Euthora and Vindrgard (on Euthora, I mark the Lupynn and most dragons as races and the Phoenix as an animal, even though all three are sapient- on Vindrgard, the dragons are completely sapient and aware, but are considered monsters)
  6. What are the parameters that define a monster or animal? What are the parameters that determine a race?
  7. For monsters, we don't know because Shadow's reworking the definition of a monster.

    For races, I've been using the assumption that a race is a sapient species with a society or culture, but Lupynn don't quite fit the "society" part. Nor do Shapeshifters, even, they just assimilate into the cultures they choose.
  8. Alright, we'll let Shadow deal with the monster thing then.

    As for races: A race can be defined as a sapient creature with the propensity to exist within a society. If a race doesn't forge it's own society or culture but it still can exist within a form of society then it still is considered a race.
  9. On that note, I feel like the monster thing should be dealt with sooner rather than later. Although the "need" hasn't really arisen recently, it seems to me that if @Shadow is still in the process of slaving over a "reworked definition" then maybe we should bring that discussion into a public setting. If only so the burden doesn't just lie with one person.
  10. Noting @"Ziolang"'s recent edits to Ziolang Hirasu's page, are we going to adopt the name Vodera for widespread use? If so, then we should probably move the page and make some changes to the CoU-related pages, as well.
  11. Yes, all instances of internal uses of the word Demon are being changed to Vodera. [Internal as in the pages directly detailing Vodera things]. References to them as Demons is fine in external instances because that's how those people/places would see them as.
  12. Would it be worthwhile for me to start posing some general "thought-sparking" worldbuilding questions in various planetary threads? I think that it could help develop some worlds or maybe incite an interesting train of thought, but I would only want to do that if people were interested in responding/playing along. If I'm just shouting these questions into the abyss then it somewhat defeats the purpose, I think!

    But I do think that this section of the forum could use some development. I know that the "Talk" pages serve similar purposes, but for some reason the forum feels like it lends itself better to the "conversational" nature of dev discussion things.

    So yeah. If you guys would be interested in having me pose some questions in your thread(s) informally (like a planetary AMA) to get the creative juices flowing/to inspire you to write down some information that's already in your heads, let me know and I'll do it.
  13. Here's a neat little "lecture" tutorial about mapmaking principles. I thought it might be interesting for anyone who is planning to make their own map for a planet.
  14. @"Nebulon Ranger":


    How does one delete the bots here?
  15. Planning to do work on the Dracomancy page- mainly updating and putting up some aspects of dracomancy I've neglected to really mention outside of a PM conversation
  16. Note; we need to go through all the pages at some point and do some maintenance/standardization of categories
  17. I keep forgetting to bring this up, so I might as well do it now. What do you have in mind for the standardization of categories? Do you think we should have navigational categories for pages that are Stubs (or other meta information for the Wiki)?

    I'll probably split this into its own thread so we can all kind of weigh in on it...
  18. Meta categories would be cool.

    And I mostly mean that we give the articles all the categories they need. A lot only have a few, if they have any (and I may be slightly lazy with that myself as I don't know offhand what categories we have to play with. An on-wiki list would be nice.)
  19. http://manaverse.zejroleplaying.org/index.php?title=Special:Categories

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