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Q&A General Manaverse-Worldbuilding Q&A

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Eebit, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. I figured that, instead of posting questions directly into people's threads, we could do with a general thread where we all are able to post open-ended questions for one another to answer, for the sake of developing our worlds or explaining various things.

    So, in essence, I envision this thread being a place for such broad questions. Maybe the odd planet-focused question interspersed here and there. For example, "what is your personal favourite thing you've developed about your planet?" or "what is an alcoholic beverage I can find on your planet?" Stuff like that should allow us an avenue to both discuss our planets and prompt each other to think about these little nuances that maybe we wouldn't have otherwise thought of. That's the hope, at least!
  2. I asked this on Discord a couple nights ago, but only Flim, Cerby, and Cody had any real answers, so I'll ask again here.

    What sort of fairy tales or folktales do your planets have? You can give specific examples or blanket statements of what kind of stories are told.

    and I'll probably answer this myself when someone else posts and it isn't 3:30 am
  3. Pastebin of our various responses.

    I don't want to steer the potential discussion too far away from the original question, but as I say in the Discord conversation, I want to capture the essence of a fairy tale (notably those of the brothers Grimm, since they're more twisted) for my planet that's still in development, although it's not the easiest to articulate what that essence is. I have a few notes on the subject which I'll leave below, but if anybody has any input, or also likes the Grimm fairy tales and wants to try and describe where they think that comes from-- what they really like about them-- I'd be happy to hear it!

    Darkly whimsical, and quirky but ominous.

    Immoral characters are punished by the end, with almost no exceptions. Sometimes this might even include the figure who was the closest to being the main character. The punishments are often shown in a satisfying or neutral light, but in reality are particularly cruel and unusual.

    Antagonists are often somewhat two-dimensional-- they are ruthless, wicked without ostensible cause, and are given no chance for redemption.

    The wondrous things are often sought after or guarded over or ultimately perverted by the terrible people.

    Often the conflict comes about through coincidence-- protagonists most often stumble into or are forced into the conflict.

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