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[Freeform] Puke RP

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Cid, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. PUKE RP

    Alright, so here is the thing. You are all dorm mates, and all of you have the 24-hour flu, A bug that has been going around. Now, each post you make will be an hour in RP time. Each post must be describing your puking scene as detailed as possible. How you are feeling, the colour of the puke? All of this wonderful stuff and more in PUKE RP! I'm sure it will be a hit.

    Note: Gender is optional.

  2. ...

    ... No offense, but you are joking, right?
  3. ...

    Shadow, hand me The Award pls.
  4. oh yes i am joining this ok
  5. Better than Oblivion Phantasy.
  6. I'm entirely serious. Cant you tell how long and detailed the post is about the RP?
  7. If this is a stab at us trying to get you to improve your post standards, you're just coming across very badly.

    (especially as this would be a pathetic interest check if it was serious)
  8. guys guys

    Did you know there's something called

    a joke.

    shocking right
  9. wutshadowisdefendingmewhatisthis
  10. Cid, you messed the memo: April Fool's Day, your intrinsic holiday, was four days ago.
  11. As I may have mentioned before, vomiting makes me laugh, so... sure?


    The fuck is this...
  12. Jesus Giga, what a boring blue prune you are.

    Archived forever.

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