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[Freeform/Original] The Barren Mother

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Cid, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. The Barren Mother

    After many miscarriages and stillbirths, the mayor of Sclera turned from his beloved in order to produce the child he'd always wanted. Born from such sin, the mayor attempted to rear his only son to follow in his footsteps in his own household. His wife, angry and outraged, stole out into the night, taking the son with her. She ran through the streets of Sclera, letting the child's face skid along the pavement, tearing flesh nearly to the bone. By the time they had reached the outlying forest, upon where the angered woman intended to abandon him, the boy had already passed away to another life, the downpour leaving the corpse chilled. Before the spiteful woman could leave the clearing, a spirit manifested before her, stealing her life and damning her. Corrupted by her own jealousy, her spirit was never able to depart from the woods, cursing the forest in her wake. Now each year on that same day, the mayor's wife is said to return, stealing all the bastardized children of Sclera, and slaughtering them in her forest. As the story goes, any person wandering in the woods can find the corpses of a thousand infants, and children littered across the forest floor.

    Modern Day

    With Summer break having just started, the children of Sclera are full of energy, and have plenty of time on their hands. Small and technology starved as the city generall is, they are out and about, often spending their time outdoors playing, or going on their own adventures. One such group of friends have found themselves fascinated with the old legend of the Barren Mother after the particularly gruesome death of a classmate, and on a whim have decided to head out to the forest to scour for evidence of truth to the tale.

    So recently I've really wanted to do a mystery/horrorish roleplay, and I thought "Why not just create one?". The roleplay is based off of a legend I heard a long time ago, around when I was 13 or 14 near Halloween, and I really hope it gets a little bit of interest. This roleplay will require a minimum of 3 people in order to actually function/run. Everyone who participates in the RP will be playing a person within the group of friends, preferably between the ages of 10 - 14. 
  2. Ever since L'inno della Morte ended up not happening ages ago, I've had a hankering to join a mystery-slash-horror RP, and this really fits that bill to a tee. Interesting, harrowing storyline based off of actual lore? Sign me up! Hopefully this one is able to go places.
  3. I would like for it to be able to, but sadly so far no one else has expressed any interest.
  4. Sounds interesting. Some parrs of it kinda visualize in my head like the game Binding of Isaac. I'd be in though I hate making drawn- out RP posts.

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